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5 W's of Using Gospel Tracts

Updated on August 17, 2014

What Every Believer Should Know

I guess I was blessed to have grown up in a church that had a gospel tract display in their foyer. It seemed normal for me to pick one up each week as I passed through the entrance of the church. What I realized years later was that I read the tracts, but didn't give many of them away. Instead, I had a large pile of tracts I collected over time that never made it into the hands of an unbeliever.

When I came to pastor a church I instilled a policy in our church that we have tract Sunday every month. The second Sunday became Tract Sunday in which we would place one tract in every bulletin for our congregation to give out during that week. Twelve years later I am still giving out tracts, but now on a larger scale and more than one a month.

Why should Christians ever use tracts? Do they really work? When or where is the right place to use gospel tracts? Let me briefly share with you 5 ways you can effectively use tracts. It will help you become more of a doer of the Word of God, and not just a hearer.

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The 5 w's of gospel tracts.

  1. What is a gospel tract?
  2. Why should I even use gospel tracts?
  3. Who should use gospel tracts?
  4. When should I use gospel tracts?
  5. Where should I use gospel tracts?

Read it

Make sure you read the tract first.

Buy here on Amazon
Buy here on Amazon

#1) What is a gospel tract?

First of all I should define what a gospel tract is for those who are not familiar with them. In short, they are little leaflets that can vary in sizes that have a message about the Lord Jesus in them.

The messages can be the prayer of salvation, messages of love, hope, grief, heaven, hell, depression, addiction, sadness, unforgiveness, adults, children and the list goes on. Basically, a gospel tract can cover any topic in the Bible, and any issue a person may experience in life. There are even gospel tracts about gospel tracts.

Click on photo for details.

Alloted Areas Only

Post your information legally.

Photo by the
Photo by the

#2) Why should I even use gospel tracts?

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32)

As a Christian, it should be our desire to lead others to the truth about God's Word. After all, someone cared enough to tell you the truth about God didn't they? Gospel tracts are another tool we can use when it comes to sharing our faith.

Some people may be a bit shy, but are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Using gospel tracts gives them an inner boldness and helps them to be obedient to God's Word when it comes to being a witness to others and proclaiming the Good News of Christ Jesus.

Using gospel tracts isn't a cop out, but yet another way to share your witness.

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Be polite.

Leave only 5 -8

tracts at a place

of business.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

#3) Who should use gospel tracts?

Well, if you are a Christian, you. Does it matter what age you are? You might be surprised at my answer, but, yes.

If you are planning to get your three year old to hand out tracts for you because they are cute, don't. However, if your three year old really does understand what it means to be a saved, born again person through faith in Christ Jesus, then let them do it on their own and share their testimony.

The BIble tells us that we are to always be ready to give an answer. Sometimes that is difficult, and a tract may be able to answer some questions better than you could at that time. Be ready, be prepared and keep gospel tracts with you at all times.

Photo credit courtsey of Pastor Cher

Don't Abuse the Right

Don't abuse the privilege of placing tracts anywhere.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

#4) When should I use gospel tracts?

I could tell you to use gospel tracts all the time and anywhere, but that would not be wise. Just like anything in life, there is a time and a place. Before you use any gospel literature, always go before the Lord in prayer. Ask God when the right time is for you to hand out a tract.

It would be a poor testimony if you shoved a tract in someone's face when they were grieving and said, "Here read this, God has all the answers." No, at that time the person may need to talk or just have you sit with them. They may not be receptive to the gospel and actually get angry with you thinking you were not compassionate.

When should you use gospel tracts? Whenever possible, but only with the leading of the Lord. If you are obedient to Him, He will let you know when and your actions will have a long lasting effect. Our job is to be obedient and tell others about the gospel. It is not our job to save them; only the Holy Spirit can do that, but we are to point them in the right direction.

Use your tracts are often as possible. If God tells you to give out ten tracts in one day, give out ten tracts. If He leads you to only give one, then don't give two. God is the only one who knows the heart of man and whether or not they are ready to receive. Just be a willing vessel He can use, and you won't miss an opportunity He passes your way.

Photo credit courtsey of Pastor Cher

Only display tracts where they are permitted.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

#5) Where should I use gospel tracts?

Now this is where it can get a bit sticky. Some believe that you can just put gospel tracts everywhere and it's ok. Well, it's not, and further more, it's not a good witness to leave a tract where you are not permitted to do it lawfully.

Be sure to get permission to leave a tract or gospel literature in the locations where you want to leave them. For example, some doctors offices, veterinarian clinics, hospitals, senior homes, libraries or information centers permit you to leave Christian literature and even welcome it. However, they may have a specific place in which they allow you to leave them.

Only display tracts where they are permitted and remove or change them out each month. Never leave old literature in places hoping the owners or caretakers of the business will dispose of your unwanted materials. It is bad manners not to return to the scene and leaves a bad mark on the honor of Christ.

Be courteous and polite. Make yourself known each month and you will see how far your tract testimony will go.

Photo credit courtsey of Pastor Cher of Public Library

DO NOT throw out other people's literature even if you disagree with it.

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Bible Bookmark - The Gospel of Jesus Christ - Package of 10 - 2"x6"
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Buy at

Do you have a tract carrier?

I carry mine in my purse, that way I am always prepared to give out a tract when I am led to do so. Inside there is enough room for a few business cards and some cash.

They are very inexpensive at about $1.00 each in packets of 35. A nice gift to give to each member of the congregation, family or to a friend.

Also check out the Plexiglass Tract Rack. Keep one in your home or office for people to take a tract as they leave.

Click on photo for details.

Photo by the buy now
Photo by the buy now

Pray how to use your tracts for God.

Silent but effective evangelists.

Tracts are for the most part, silent evangelists, so it is important we know how and when to use them wisely. Be sure to pray over the tracts your are handing out and for the person who may be receiving this silent witness.

"Heavenly Father, please use me to get this tract into the right hands.  Help me to be the messenger you need to reach those in need that your word might be fulfilled in someone's life today.  In Jesus' name I pray, Amen"

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What other people are saying about gospel tracts.

Gospel Tracts Websites & FREE Tracts Samples

I hope that this brief guide will help you concerning gospel tracts. - I appreciate your stopping by.

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    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Very nicely put together here - blessed by a SquidAngel.

    • profile image

      coolmon2009 lm 5 years ago

      Nice lens never seen an article on the tracts topic before.

    • profile image

      sheezie77 5 years ago

      Nice lens, well done! Thumbs up!

    • JoyfulPamela2 profile image

      JoyfulPamela2 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      I've always been shy about handing out tracts, but your tips are very helpful. Thank you! =D

    • chas65 profile image

      chas65 5 years ago

      Thanks from a fellow believer and rocketsquid. I know people who came to know the Lord through tracts.

    • IMKZRNU2 profile image

      IMKZRNU2 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      This can be a great way to witness if used correctly. Thanks for sharing!