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Vedic Sanskrit tradition: A False Story!

Updated on August 23, 2014

Sanskrit, as I have explained in several articles, is comparatively modern language. We cannot find its physical existence in any ancient inscription till 150 AD. It’s a myth that has been propagated by Indologists and linguists that Vedic Sanskrit is an ancient and mother of all languages. I also have explained that it would be fatally wrong to conceive a notion that particular language being a root from which it branched to take different directions. PIE (Proto Indo-European) group of the language is a myth that suggests a group of people speaking same language was settled at one place somewhere in the north in the ancient past that migrated to different locations in bands for some unknown reason, thus spreading the language.

This theory creates lot many problems. Linguists, just like physicists, try to find simple solution to the complex problems. The way Physicists believe that there was matter and forces unified in highly dense form in ancient past that exploded for some unknown reason to make the universe of, linguists are no exception. They too believe origin of the language belonging to an ancestry having singular source. Indo-European group of the languages mostly work on this hypothesis. The similarities in the words those find roots in PIE, in fact, shows the theory mostly wrong than correct, because the list of dissimilarities are too larger than the similarities.

Still linguists keep working hard, even today, to prove how origin of the Indo-European languages belongs to a single ancestry. They still try to prove how original roots were retained along with phonemes in the words those can be traced in almost every language that is called Indo-European Group of the languages.

We will discuss at great length on this in forthcoming installments, but the main issue here is to discuss why the concept of “Single Ancestry”, right from cosmology to anthropology is popular amongst the scientists? Also the fact must be noted that except PIE other group of the languages has hardly been discussed as they are treated to be the shadow-languages, thus making PIE a superior class of the languages.

And here we make a point. This is nothing but a case of superiority complex that exhibits its traits in the name of science. This is another way of establishing cultural hegemony. The similar attempt was made in nineteenth century by proposing Aryan theory. The racial theory proved fatal giving vent to the hidden superiority complex through fascist thought to cause racial mass-massacres. Still the theory is alive enough to create divide between so-called Aryans and so called Aboriginals in India.

Superiorists keep on using every tool to establish cultural command over others. Linguistic branch is too a tool that has marred innate force of the human nature that in fact is creator of the language independently at different geographical locations in the course of the time impacted by local geographical traits. When science denies the science to prove unscientific theories we must be alarmed and try see the hidden agenda.

Sanskrit, I have proved with ample of the proofs that the language didn't exist prior to first century Ad, how it could be claimed by the linguists being mother of all languages? What proof they had? Only a myth of Rig Veda that is believed to have been preserved by oral tradition? Did anyone try to check the claim? In fact we can trace evolution of Prakrit languages to Sanskrit from 350 BC till 150 AD from the ample of epigraphs of that period. This evolution of the language itself proves non-existence of early Vedic Sanskrit's existence.

Rig Veda consists of ten volumes, having about 10155 rhymes. They are not in order of their composition. The oldest part is compiled in third to seventh volume and later parts in the rest. The time span for entire composition per Indologists is about five centuries. There are about 350 composers from ten Rishi families those have completed this huge task over the mentioned period.

How oral tradition can place certain verse in certain order over and again with addition of the new verses is the question that never ever been posed. Let us not forget here that the composing went on for almost five centuries. Then how is it that we do not find any significant linguistic changes in the Vedic language those were bound to happen? No language can be so static for such a long period. In itself it is impossible.

Still we tend to believe that Vedic Sanskrit is origin of IE group of the languages. If Rig-Vedic tongue can survive for several centuries without any significant change, how then other branched PIE languages took so diverse and unique turn is another question that has not been ever answered.

In India Sanskrit has been used as a tool of cultural dominance from Gupta era (sixth Century AD). We have recorded evidences from coins to inscriptions that there were no existence of Sanskrit language ever in this sub-continent prior to second century AD. Most of the Prakrit literature was transliterated in Sanskrit during Gupta era. The fact is evident from transliteration of Brihatkatha of Gunadhya and Gatha Saptashatee of Hal Satvahana. Most of the original literature was perished when translations were done with.

As I have stated in earlier articles, Rig Veda was never ever composed in Sanskrit, but in regional vernacular but modified form of ancient Sindhi language to suite lyrical form. Oral tradition is a myth. Had it been so the order that presents Rig Veda would be impossible on any count!

But the linguists made the case otherwise. They assisted Superiorists by positing illogical claims in the form of PIE. Indian scholars hailed Sanskrit as a divine tongue, making other languages corrupt form of the Sanskrit, making other languages inferior, spoken by the illiterate masses.

The attempt was and is to establish false cultural supremacy. Almost entire world has been fallen for it. Why history always is written the way it is written? Why we are forced to believe superiorists want us to believe?

If Vedic Sanskrit is not origin at all of any language, entire linguistic theories proposed so far can collapse. We need to find real origin of the languages. So far all the theories have eluded us from the truth of the origin of the language…


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    • sanjay-sonawani profile imageAUTHOR

      Sanjay Sonawani 

      5 years ago from Pune, India.

      Buddhaanalysis, I dont beleive in the ASryan Invasion theory. Kindly read my latest article that throws light on the reasons of similarities. Thanks.

    • profile image


      5 years ago


      Do you deny that Aryans did not come to India along with Veda? Sankrit has more words of Latin or any other European countries. Aryan invasion may be partly false but it is possible that aryans that owners of veda settled in north India by having small wars and now we can say how they dominate Indians by using vedas and having total authority of scriptures.

      You can see that brahmins have large proportions in northern India.And there are many remains found by archeologist in afgan-pak border too which gives information about vedik practices of animal also sacrified usually.

      If you say that other indians also have foreign genes .It's not issue of debate. Issue is that what they call that they are poor blooded who maintained unbroken leangege from rishish.

      Actualy there are several foreign clan ruling in north India. For example .they are not actually aryans but they are huns which are known by agnivanshi rajputs by these hindu priests.

      That hegemony still practiced in form of cast system in India.

    • jainismus profile image

      Mahaveer Sanglikar 

      5 years ago from Pune, India

      Great analysis. Truth is bitter.


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