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Veggie Tales: Top 10 Silly Songs

Updated on April 17, 2015

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Christian Children's Entertainment

Veggie Tales is, with out a reasonable doubt, the greatest childrens series dedicated to teaching children the endless love of God.

After debuting in December 1993, Veggie Tales has grown a strong and loyal following, including myself! I adore this series, having watched many of the episodes in Sunday School, because of it's light-hearted approach on some serious topics, like lying, spreading rumors, and being selfish.

I particularly enjoy a segment entitled, "Silly Songs With Larry", "The part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song." Larry, the cucumber, is one of the main characters in Veggie Tales, along with Bob the Tomato, Junior Asparagus, and Archibald Asparagus.

I've compiled a few of my favorite fun counter-top ballads that I'm sure you'll love as well! Now turn up the volume and enjoy!

#10 "Dance of The Cucumber"

Who knew cucumbers spoke Spanish? I didn't know vegetables were bi-lingual! Bob the Tomato translates, as Larry the Cucumber sings his first and only silly song in Espanol! Que empiece la fiesta!

#9 "Sneeze If You Need To"

Poor Bob needs to sneeze, but he's just not able to! Don't you hate when you can't seem to be rid of that funny little tickle? But don't worry, the sneeze doctor is there induce some relief! Did you know the average sneeze travels 100 mph?

#8 "His Cheeseburger"

This cheesy love song by Mr. Lunt describes the pain and anguish of not being able to enjoy the most delicious of sandwiches, the cheeseburger.

#7 "My Baby Elf" from Lord of the Beans

This elf and Elvis impersonator sings to his lovely lady elf, even though she can't stand his guts! But that doesn't seem to bother him! Now watch that cucumber shake it!

#6 "I Love My Lips"

Ever been asked what your favorite physical feature was? Clearly, Larry's favorite feature is his lips! That cucumber has an unimaginable fear of his lips leaving his face, and I must agree, it sounds frightening! Luckily they're not going anywhere!

#5 "BellyButton"

That's right, it's a silly song about a bellybutton, or lack there of! Mr. Lunt, sadly, doesn't have a bellybutton, as he explains in this R & B ballad entitled, "BellyButton."

#4 "The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps"

Who else would you rely on when your beloved pet is ill? I wouldn't trust anyone else to treat my pup other than Larry, the Yodeling Veterinarian! It doesn't hurt that his nurse, Pa Grape, actually knows how to fill out a prescription.

#3 "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"

In case you haven't already seen the awesome movie, let me introduce you to the Pirates who don't do anything, Larry, Pa Grape, and Mr, Lunt. Larry, the laziest of all, spends the entire song wrestling with his Lazy Boy recliner. I guess that's a pirates' life.

#2 "Pizza Angel"

"Tomato sauce and cheese so gooey!" Reminiscent of 50's Doo Wap , Larry sings to his Pizza Angel, longing for it's tasty pie. His hopes are crushed when his Pizza delivery guy leaves a box without a trace of pizza left. I feel his pain.

#1 "Where Is My Hairbrush?"

Where is it?! Poor Larry just wants to find his hairbrush, even though he lacks a single strand of hair! Larry, in his bath towel, is visited by friends, trying to help him find his brush, only to find out that it was given away! How utterly devastating!

The End:

As you can see, Veggie Tales has made some improvements over the years, but "Silly Songs with Larry" are just as good as ever! If you enjoyed watching these clips, check out some of the great DVD selections offered on Amazon.

God Bless!
~ Laura


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    • Samantha Gold profile image

      Samantha Gold 6 years ago

      My kids just love the Veggie Tales! Although my children are getting older, they still watch the videos and occasionally they play the CD. God Bless the Big Idea company for all their hard work!

    • samboiam profile image

      samboiam 8 years ago from Texas

      When my boys were younger we watched Veggie Tales on a regular basis. My all time favorite was The Toy That Saved Christmas.


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