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Venus Aspecting Saturn In Transit

Updated on October 18, 2014
"Love or Duty" Castagnola, Gabrielé, 1828-1883, artist.
"Love or Duty" Castagnola, Gabrielé, 1828-1883, artist. | Source

Venus Transits

Transits are one of the most commonly used methods in predictive astrology. A transit is the phase a planet is in over the course of time. It may be creating an aspect with another planet. Below I discuss some of the most common aspects used in predictive astrology. These aspects are very similar to what an astrologer would look at in your natal chart to catch a glimpse of your personality. Different planets work together in different ways. These transits cause aspects. An aspect is the relationship between a planet, or wandering star, between other important points in an astrological chart. Wandering stars is a very poetic name the ancients gave to the planets in astrology.

Sometimes no planets are aspected by a transit. An astrologer determines whether a planet is influencing another planet by calculating it's orb. The degrees of an orb can vary from astrologer to astrologer. Everybody has their own unique way of predicting the future. Most astrologers select orbs of 10 degrees or less typically in astrological readings. Planets further away are not thought to be aspecting each other.

Some transits last longer than other transits depending on the orbit the planet has around the Sun. Venus is a personal planet and one of the fastest moving ones in our solar system. It is never more than 30 degrees away from the Sun. Generational planets move much slower. They can also be referred to as the outer planets. Saturn in traditional astrology is the most outer planet. In Modern astrology we have the generational planets Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus. These planets move much slower than Venus. In fact, Pluto can stay in one sign for about 20 years.

The effects of Venus in transit are short-lived, but pleasant. Venus is a planet all about enjoyment, love, and indulgence. Unless you have Venus prominent in your chart these transits are relatively minor. They do have some impact. Normally this impact only lasts for a couple of days. Saturn in your natal chart is what we are relating Venus to in this article.

Saturn used to be the slowest of all the planets before the discovery of the outer planets. It takes about 30 years to circle the Sun. The slow moving action of this planet associates it with things which take a lot of time and patience. Saturn represents the taskmaster in the zodiac. It doles out the lessons we need to learn in our lifetime.

In order to understand the transits of Venus to Saturn you will need to get a natal chart constructed. To construct a natal chart you will need an ephemeris and the knowledge of your exact birth date, time, and place. Many people do not have adequate records of the time of their birth. In this case you would construct a solar chart. A solar chart is useful in astrology, but not nearly as accurate as a natal chart. To understand the below aspects a natal chart isn't necessary. The points we are looking at are between 2 planets. We don't need to know our ascendant or houses to glean a bit of information from these studies. A natal chart is always best when we want the most accurate predictions. It would tell us more accurately which area of our life is affected by these aspects and transits.

Venus is a feminine, passive, and yin planet. This means it's influence draws things to you in a passive manner. Venus represents love in it's pure form. There is nothing forced about a Venus transit. Venus reflects pure enjoyment, and sometimes over-indulgence. When Venus aspects Saturn the idea of duty towards our loved ones and financial responsibilities comes up.

Conjunction Symbol

Venus Conjunct Saturn

Venus conjunct Saturn restrains love. Sometimes a romantic relationship may start on this influence. It will be a long term alliance. There may be a lack of passion and concerns about matters of a practical nature. Restraining love is not as difficult as it might sound, but occasionally signifies a break up. In some cases it might mean time spent away from a loved one. The love is present in the situation, but practical matters are inhibiting something in your life.

Venus is often a planet of indulgence. When this transits occurs you are disciplined and able to exert sound judgment. This is one influence where Venus is under your control. You will feel more able to stick to a budget. Practical matters will be attended to as the first priority. Venus is a planet where enjoyment is the first priority. When mixed with the seriousness of a Saturn conjunction your work will be the first priority. Enjoyment will come later.

Alienation is often a feeling which accompanies this influence. You may not feel as affectionate and sociable as you normally do. You may feel cut off socially from even your closest friends. This is a very short lived influence due to the rapid movement of Venus in the zodiac.

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Trine Symbol

Venus Trine Saturn

This influence gives us a stable way of looking at matters. Relationships started under this influence may be more pragmatic than romantic. This influence is not about being swept off our feet by a whirlwind romance. The relationship is one of practical concerns.

Our minds are able to objectively examine our relationships. This is a good time to air any conflicts that might be occurring. Your sense of reality is strong. You are able to look at the people in your life with the understanding that they are human and make mistakes. With this compassionate outlook and clarity of vision you can tackle what needs to be addressed.

Your maturity is apparent at this time. This gives you an advantage in business relationships. You reflect an attitude of pleasantness while also appearing highly responsible and on your game. This is a good idea to pitch ideas of a serious nature.

Sextile Symbol

Venus Sextile Saturn

This influence means you will put the needs of your loved ones ahead of your own. Sacrifices will be made happily because you want to feel loved. It hardly will feel like a sacrifice. You might be putting on blinders in this situation for the sake of approval. You might later regret making compromises, but overall this influence is benign.

Attention to detail is heightened. A great day to create visual art or work at beautifying your home.

Relationships can be started with a mature individual on this day.

Opposition Symbol

Venus Opposite Saturn

This transit encourages a conflict between warm feelings and a sense of duty. Your affection towards your loved ones might be challenged under this aspect. You will feel alone no matter who you are with. Under this influence it is best to keep your negative opinions to yourself. You are feeling demanding towards the people in your life. Exploring the ways your needs are not being met by yourself might help you to understand your own personal desires. These demands may cause a quarrel or hurt feelings.

This is the most difficult transit of Venus to Saturn. You will feel very edgy and not connected to those around you. A temptation to fake your feelings might erupt. It is best to spend some time alone for the time being. Wait until later to make changes to your relationships.

Square Symbol

Venus Square Saturn

This influence will make us feel very lonely. It might be best to avoid socializing at this time. Time spent reflecting on your own personal needs might be more fruitful. There is a tendency to be critical of the people in your life. You need to accept that you are seeing them under a harsh light right now. Saturn is a tough taskmaster. It may impose it's rigid standards on those we love and care about.

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