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Venus Aspecting Venus

Updated on November 9, 2014

The Planet

Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It has no Moon, nor any other sort of satellite and completes a rotation around the Sun every 225 days. It is named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. After the moon it would be the second brightest body in the sky. The light from Venus is strong enough to cast shadows.

Venus is a terrestrial planet and is often said to be a sister or cousin to planet Earth. Of all the planets in the solar system Venus is closest to the Earth in terms of size and composition. Both planets are mainly comprised of a rock body. Venus has the surface of a desert and is the hottest planet of them all. Any oceans on Venus will have long evaporated and there will only be a bit of volcanic activity changing the surface at all. The diameter of Venus is 12, 092 making it only 650km smaller than our own planet.

The Goddess

The planet Venus is named after the Roman Goddess. Venus is the Goddess of beauty, love, sex, fertility, and prosperity. The Romans adapted Aphrodite's attributes into this new Goddess. In Latin the noun venus means 'sexual love' or 'sexual desire'. In myth both Aphrodite and Venus were born of sea foam.

Venus was a very important Goddess to marriage rites. Brides would offer Venus a gift some time before their wedding. The flowers of rose and myrtle are signs of Venus. Bridal bouquets were made of these two flowers. Worshipers of Venus would wear crowns of Myrtle.

Transiting Venus

Venus transits are briefly felt. They typically last just a couple of days. Venus is a fast moving planet in our solar system. It's affects are typically pleasant and easy to deal with. Even the harsher aspects tend to be relatively benign. Venus is a yin planet and negative in polarity. This planet's transits do not involve taking action on anything. Pleasant things will naturally flow to you of their own accord during a Venus transit.

Venus can signify an attraction between 2 people. It can represent a creative influence in your life as Venus is a significator of beauty. Most artists have Venus prominent in their birth charts. Venus is truly a profound expression of love. People can sometimes be brought together in a passive manner during a Venus transit. It represents all things indulging, soft, and luxurious. It is also a very social planet. Planning social events around the transits of Venus is a very good idea.

Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living

Venus Conjunct Venus

This is your Venus return. It is the start of a new beginning of an astrological cycle. Venus travels very close to the Sun. It's effects are very brief, but pleasant. Venus is located in the same spot in the zodiac as it was on your birthday. From year to year this can vary. Venus does not travel at the exact same speed of the Sun. It may be in a totally different sign on the same day of a different year.

When Venus is conjoined Venus it is a very positive influence on relationships. Your romantic relationships will be enhanced. It is a good time to tell somebody how you feel about them. Your romantic relationship might blossom after the expression of some feelings. On some occasions this may signify the start of a new friendship. It takes stronger influences for a romantic relationship to develop into something long term under this influence.

Venus conjoined Venus shows us the beauty in life. We might want to buy some new possessions for our home under this influence. Our artistic sensibilities will be aroused. We can purchase items of luxury and enjoy them at this time.


A harmonious aspect when the planets are 120 degrees aart.
A harmonious aspect when the planets are 120 degrees aart.

Venus Trine Venus

Venus trine Venus is a positive influence because you are in a relaxed state of mind. This means negotiations with people run smoothly. Your charisma will win people over, but you are not likely to forfeit your own demands. You do not feel at all tense. This allows opportunities to float to you as if by some kind of fortuitous luck. The luck lies in your own attitude and calm demeanor. Your behavior is likely to be warm, gregarious, and kind during this transit. This relaxed state of mind let your guard down. You are able to take advantage of situations which under a different influence you might be too tense to accept.

Objects of beauty are appreciated by you at this time. If you are artistic it is a time of great inspiration. Your ideas will come out smoothly and beautifully. It is also a great time to do any interior design work on your own home. Money spent on beautiful objects will not be wasted. These objects will be worthwhile investments which will come in handy later.

Venus Sextile Venus

Venus sextile Venus lends warmth to your personality. It is a day for enjoyment. Enjoyment would be preferred over hard work. This is a good day to take a short trip or go shopping. Objects acquired at this time prove to be good investments.

If you must work your disposition will make it all the easier at this time. You might find yourself with enhanced negotiating skills. Business matters involving work with other people will run smoothly. Your pleasing social manner means that the connections you make might come in handy in the future.

Your mind will be on romance and beauty at this particular transit. It is a good sign for a blossoming romantic relationship.

Venus Opposite Venus

Venus opposite Venus produces lazy feelings and the desire for self-indulgence. This is a bad day to schedule serious labor on. It is a bad time to go on a spending spree. You are feeling too much of a desire for self-gratification. You may feel that you deserve a reward, but you are better off reflecting on your relationships.

Negotiations could go very poorly. There is a tendency to demure yourself under this influence. Your negotiation might come through, but you will still feel as though you have lost. Self-assertion will not be pronounced at this time. This is a time when you will back away from a fight. Not all fights should be backed away from. You might later resent people for the sacrifices you make under this influence by merely not asserting yourself.

Venus Square Venus

Under this influence your social skills might be under scrutiny. It is not a good day to schedule a party or any sort of get together. There might be conflicts with women particularly. You are likely to have your good nature taken advantage of. You are too willing to compromise with others for the sake of peace. You may also feel unappreciated by people who you are in a relationship with. This is a good time to examine how well your needs are being met in a relationship and try to better define them.

This influence means that you don't feel like working. The work you do may be of poor quality on this day. You might rush through a job assuming that cutting corners will not be noticed. It will be and if you stick to a self-disciplined attitude your efforts will be rewarded. It is also a bad day for overspending. You should make sure to stick to a budget.

Don't lavishly overspend on luxury items on this day. You are motivated to cheer yourself up through luxury. You will later regret this overspending.

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