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How to use Tarot as a means to reach your goals?

Updated on July 14, 2014

Achieving Goals

Procrastination and Goal Planning

Do you procrastinate in setting up goals? Are you great at goal planning, but fail at executing them? Have you ever wonder what is blocking your endeavors? Setting goals used to be easy for me, but carrying them out to fruition would constantly escape me. This frequent result caused me to seek another way to carry out goals. How to do this, though was anyone’s guess? Being an avid tarot reader, it was not unusual for me to create a spread designed for a particular issue. I have always enjoyed pairing up cards and exploring them, in a different direction. It was at this point that I discovered the layout.

The Magician and Wheel of Fortune were part of the formula, because they both broke down, numerologically to the number 1. The Magician in Tarot is #1 and the Wheel of Fortune is #10. In numerology 10 is broken down as 1+0=1. The number one is indicative to new beginnings. A Tarot spread, which has the Magician in the beginning and then has the Wheel of Fortune at the end could offer valuable information. To obtain this information, I decided we need to add three more cards, and place them in between the two Major Arcana cards.

The archetype of the Magician represents all forms of communication. This is vital in writing down our goals. .

The archetype of the Wheel of Fortune is the outcome of the Magician’s goal setting. It is the cause and effect of how you implemented the Magician.

Simple enough, yet it offers us very little information, without adding the three cards between them. Those three cards will open the flood gates, with valuable information. This information is only privy to you, and you can always make changes, as you approach the Wheel. It is a way to keep yourself from procrastinating. This spread can be used as often as you need.


Understanding the Magician

The Magician’s archetype possesses the skills to communicate. It utilizes all the elements, earth, air, fire, and water. Everyone has this archetype within them. It is important to embrace your Magician and use those skills, of emotions (water), passion (fire), clarity (air) and manifestation (earth), on the physical plane. It can inform us on how we do communicate with others, and ourselves.

Our archetypes self-talk will aid us to procrastinate or move full speed ahead. We can learn to use the Magician in a positive way, though it takes time and practice. Compassion for ourselves, as well as a steady hand, can move us through our fears.

The Magician contains, inside it, each minor arcana Ace. These four cards cover each area of communication, so they can make great talismans. You can use them in meditation. You can carry it with you during your daily activities, and put it under your pillow, at night. This acts as a reminder that you are currently changing your form of communication. If your communication skills leans heavy on fear, the Ace of Cups can sooth your emotions. It can help you to learn to dance through these fears. If you are over-analytical, the Ace of Swords can help break this defeatist attitude. If your communication is lacking inspiration, the Ace of Wands will help with passion. If you see the goal is overwhelming you, carry the Ace of Pentacles to bring your communication into the present moment. You might discover there are a couple Aces you will need now, so carry them both, or all, if it is needed.

The Magician is the force, willpower behind your goal. It can aid you in aligning this force with the outcome you desire. It can push you out of procrastination.

Wheel of Fortune

Understanding The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune, in this hub only, is depicted as the archetype of cause and effect of how we carry out our goal. It is the end result. The Wheel of Fortune is about to take us to our next goal, or sub-goal of our major one. It will shine light on the cards that are sandwich in-between it and the Magician. It is not a positive or a negative. Its only purpose is to show us, if we are ready to move on to a new area. With this said, there is an alternative method of using this card, in your reading.

If one or more of the cards you pulled indicate you will not succeed, you can than pull three more cards, and stack them on top of the Wheel of Fortune. These three cards can offer you a realm of information, regarding your past, in this lifetime, or if you wish past- lifes. These three cards can show you what your core beliefs are. This, in itself, will be a gold mine. You can pull those weeds out, and even make greater strides with infinite possibilities for your goal. I am an equal opportunist, so naturally have done this, to view what useful skills I have brought from this lifetime, and others. The skills can often aid in healing those cores that bind us.

Ocean sounds are great for meditation

The Spread and Meditation

Preparing for the Tarot Spread

I have provided you with sounds of the ocean to use if you wish, while doing your spread. This is great for relaxation and focus.

The Goal Spread Layout

The Goal Spread

This is a five card spread. It is in a single line from left to right.

Take out the Magician and Wheel of Fortune, and set aside.

Shuffle the cards and fan them out. Pick three cards from the deck.

Magician is first, followed by the three cards you have picked and last the Wheel of Fortune.

Reading the Spread

Magician represents your goal.

The next card is the 7 of cups, which indicates you do not have a clear focus on your goal.

The 3 of pentacles though shows this will soon be remedy through the help of a person or group.

The 10 of cups does show success in your goal, and gives you the clue to why. Cups are the emotional component of Tarot, and you are holding a lot of positively emotionally charged thoughts in your head.

This will be what the Wheel of Fortune will bring to you, because it is cause and effect.

This basically was a positive reading. Be creative with this spread. It does offer many variations. There is one book that I would recommend because it offers great advice on each tarot card. The name of this book is Tarot Your Everyday Guide by Janina Renee.

I do hope this hub and spread will help you in your everyday living. Please feel free to comment on this hub.

The Tarot Spread

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