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vists from heaven

Updated on July 1, 2010

Pennies from Heaven

 LOL, I have seen dead people....well I have, but I don't think I am Haley Joel Osment from the Sixth Sense. I just have been blessed to have has encounters with people that I love that have passed.

 What brought this whole topic up, was that I was watching 20/20 on ABC last night, and they has a show on widows and other family members that have seen their loved ones that died in the 9/11 tragedy. It made me think that, they aren't the only ones that have felt a presences like that.

  My mother died when I was 16, and I happened to be the one that found her. My sister says she can still remember the scream of trying to wake my Mom up, but sadly she had died in her sleep. I remember the night after, as I looked at her wedding picture on the wall, that I thought that I would never see her again and just how much that hurt. I went about my life, missing her, but as when anyone dies, you try to move on as best as you can. Until, April 4, 1995, close to a year until the anniversary of her death, our family home burnt down, I was in it at the time.

  I woke up the morning of the fire to finding that my sofa was on fire, a lamp had been knocked down on it by my cat Darla. I put the fire out with help from my sister and Dad. They told me to go back to my sister's room and my room and go back to sleep, which I did. They woke me up a few hours later to say they were going to work, I was staying home, sick.

  I woke up again, feeling like someone has pulled my up by my shirt collar, I think it was around noonish because I saw Susan Powder's show on. She is that diet and fitness guru that says, " Stop the Insanity" I turned my head toward the door to see that smoke was starting to come in. My reaction was, "What the hell?" My dog Sandy got up with me,as I opened the door, to find that the hallway was filled with black smoke, I could hear things burning. I knew I couldn't go that way, so I pulled Sandy back, and I went out the window to a neighbor.

  I was in the hospital for the night with 2nd and third degree burns to my right hand and smoke inhalation, being told I was lucky to be alive, that if I had not woken up, woken up later, went out the hallway, that I might not be here, or sad to say, wish I wasn't here. I remembered a few weeks later why I was lucky....It was my Mom.

  I was watching a show on dreams and I remembered my dream from that day, I was walking out of my bedroom, the same one I was asleep in, and I saw that, at that moment, that the kitchen and the living room were on fire. My Mom was kinda hovering above the fire telling me, " Wake Up Kathy" and she just kept saying that. Well she did her job, I woke up and I am okay today because of her.

  My Dad on the other hand, I haven't had something that vivid happen with. I often smell the smell of Irish Spring soap, the soap he always use to use to bath with. Right after his death, my sister and I found tons of pennies everywhere we went, in the oddest place. In a Burger King parking lot, we found these huge puddles of pennies, that ended up totaling like a couple bucks. We have 2 penny jars filled with them.

  I have felt both their presences, I think maybe I see them, I just feel pretty lucky. I miss them both like crazy, but I know they are both okay. And much like they said last night, if you don't believe in this sort of thing, well, all I can say is I do and it has helped me, so I don't care what you have to say on the subject.


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