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wake from your sleep oh men of the Earth

Updated on April 24, 2011

Have it in mind that most of us are together in a struggle, which we can call our cause. Please, let us look back in history and try not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Only truly few men had placed the interest of many other people, above their own personal interest. Our faith, belief, and concept may be so precious to us. Yet, true justice, peace, unity, and our love for one another, among other similar virtues are what would be of benefit to much humanity and even to our future generations.

After I wrote the book, “it is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus” by N. K. David, (available worldwide and on or, which I recommend for all positive minded people to read and understand the concept and inspiration hidden in that simple book, despite the below mentioned note. Many people may continue to wonder, why some men were persecuted, and killed in the past because of their belief, faith or standing in life, even when such individuals or group did not pose any threat to others. Just as could be said of the past religious persecution in diverse places, and the denial of equity to some people, among other issues of similar standings.

I found the answers in that simple book, because men are always certain of their own personal certainties. It was because of these certainties that led to racism, slavery, war, denial of human right and equity, among others. It is also because of the certainty of some men that it was (is) difficult to end human right abuses, slavery, racism, religious intolerance, among others. Therefore, it is important that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past because of our own certainties. This can be achieved, if we maintain our ground and try to live in mutual peace and respect with others that may not share our views, thereby disagreeing with us. However, this same mutual respect and peace maybe difficult to maintain because most people do not only disagree with others, but they also use all means to subdue or frustrate others of opposing ideas.

Then again, many may I wonder the solutions to these hurdles, which had denied us, mutual respect, understanding, and peaceful co-existence. The answers and origins are many to be said in this communication. Most people had held that man is conflictingly made. Yet, the answers would be known in due time. Some one said, after he heard about my book, “I did not know that ‘Jesus wept’ is the shortest verse of the bible and if it has a deeper meaning then the longest verse would have its own meaning.”

So I ask

1) Why was ‘Jesus wept’ made the shortest verse of the Holy Bible?

2) Which verse is the longest verse of the holy Bible?

Finally, let me end this communication by asking the same question, which I had asked at various times for some months now. How did Abraham Lincoln knew that slavery was wrong at a time it was mostly held to be right? I answered this last question by saying that, Abraham Lincoln simply measured himself in the situation of the slaves. Then he got answers most men of his time failed to understand. This time I expect to hear your own answers to this question, especially, the last because it would help us to learn how to measure all things. Once again, let us wake up from our sleep and learn the much we can because no matter how much we may think we know, we shall always be ignorant of some things.


It may be a fact that all literary works are not 100% perfect and mine is not an exception, although I have my writing style. I truly regret any mistakes in the book. I rushed the publication because I wanted it ready before the outcome of the 2008 USA election. I felt what the election result would be and like I said, men fought and died for such cause. Therefore, the mistakes were the prize paid for such rush. Yet, it is my desire to make the necessary corrections before the next edition. However, the mistakes did not stop the book from being understood, so I say the content is greater than the mistakes. We do not have to be perfect before we can express our views and ideas for as long as it would be understood. This is one reality most people have to realize. It is my 1st published book and I can only assure all my readers that I can only get better.

We learn from our mistakes and I accept full responsibility because I did not involve any editor so I am responsible for the content and nobody told me what to add or remove because I do not need it in such work. For instance the 1st publisher that had the chance of editing and publishing the book read the 1st three chapters of the book and after some delay in reaching a decision, which was difficult for them to decide on the book. They said, the book is not inferior but they would like to publish thrillers or suspense because religious books were not moving, consequently the ones they published did not sell well. I had others stories to write or publish but I determined to publish the book because I know it is truly the time for a new beginning. More-over the book is not completely a religious subject. It is a mystery only few can unfold.

Therefore, I moved ahead and published the book without letting anyone discourage me, so as to enable me send my message to humanity without further suggestions. Once again, let us look back. Only then shall we exclaim with tears of joy and partial accomplishment, “oh, we have truly come a long way!” And it was (is) men and women that helped humanity to get this far and age of greater freedom, love, unity, peace, justice, and equity. Yet, there is more for us to do because it is time.


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    • davidkaluge profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks, the stages of Me. I trust it is an interesting book.

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 

      6 years ago

      Christian books sell in the house of the Lord and in the voice of you ~ and they sell in the message to those open to hearing it ~ so continue to use your voice for this is but a moment in time and one day only HIS word will be available ~ peace


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