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Updated on January 29, 2009

Memoirs & Warnings of an Ex-Satanic High Priestess


This is probably the gravest post I've ever posted. I hear my writings are long, so I'm going to try to condense it as much as possible, but I want to put the important things in, so it will be somewhat lengthy. But it will be informative, helpful, and a bit frightful, so readers beware! I had another membership on Xanga earlier this year, but I eventually deleted that account. There were a lot of Wiccan witches and Satanists who did not like what I was talking about, and I was threatened by a few of them. They threatened to put spells on me, but to no avail because greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Some years ago my dad successfully did an exorcism, and some of the powers that were too weak to get through to him tried to (and perhaps successfully) get to me for a while. So I have had a bit of experience with witchcraft, but still not much at all.

But back to the current day, I am an avid reader. I LOVE to read. I read all day several books a day. Almost once a week, I buy a spiritual/Chrisitian book. Today I went to Barnes & Nobles, and I believe that many times, God leads me to a book that will be very beneficial to me and to others who I write and talk to. I was led to this book called, "He Came to Set the Captives Free" by Rebecca Brown, MD. There were three books I was interested in, but I decided to buy this one and a related one called "Prepare for War" by the same author.

The cover of the first book is mostly black. There's someone in a loose, hooded black robe with a red braided belt on his or her waist. The person is crouched inside a circle with a five-point star inside with a lighted black candle at each point of the star (you can't see one candle because it's behind the hooded figure). Under the circle and star are flames on top of brimstone or coals. And inside of that are a pair of arms reaching out with the fingers tightly gripped around a bunch of chains that are wrapped around the hooded figure. But the good news is that the hooded figure has the chains that are binding his uplifted hands cut asunder by a white, shiny sword in the hand of a bright, shiny arm with a red, stained hole in its wrist.

This book is about a former high priestess and bride of Satan. She was dedicated to the occult in a coven called The Brotherhood as a child when her mother gave a tube of her blood to a head nurse who was also in Satanism. The woman's pseudonym is Elaine. She was born with a severe cleft-palate, hare-lip. Her poor mother gave the nurse the blood because the lady said that she could get the mother the resources to get the surgery needed for Elaine. The mother unknowingly gave her the blood, but didn't know the terrible harm she had done. That happens a lot in the occult. People don't know the truth about what's going on. Many of the members subconsciously or consciously want to feel love and acceptance, and the cults "offer" that to them, so they join and have no idea all the mess they are getting involved with.

This woman was a high priestess and bride of Satan so she actually had sexual intercourse with Satan. She said that after she became his bride, she soon realized that he did not love her as he proclaimed. (Of course you can't believe the devil because he's a liar!) Elaine said that there was a family in the neighborhood who was converting the Satanists, and the devil told them to go "astrally" (not in their physical bodies), to kill the family. When they left to do so, they said link angels (angels that are shoulder to shoulder holding hands) were surrounding the house and that they could in no-wise get through! They said at first the angels were laughing at them and somewhat daring them to try to get through, but then after the Satanists kept trying, the angels gave them this look that knocked them over backwards! Elaine said for the first time, despite all she had been taught in the occult, she began to think that maybe the devil was weaker than Jesus Christ and God. One of the angels told her that the devil actually hated her and that Jesus loved her and wanted her to get saved, but it took two years for Elaine to get saved after that incident.

It was interesting what happened after she got saved (and please believe that the devil and her demons tried to stop her from leaving the car and getting inside the church door). She said when she was at home, the devil came with his most powerful demons. Now usually, he would punish her SEVERELY when she betrayed him. And when he was pretending to be loving to his bride, he would touch her shoulders. But she said that after she got saved he would stand far off from her. The protection of Jesus radiating around her kept him at bay!

Believe it or not, she said werewolves and vampires exist. She said they are people who are 100% sold out to the devil. Other Satanists don't even like them because they are very impersonal and are loners. That I did not know! She said they did human sacrifices a lot (usually with babies, hitchhikers, betraying Satanists). Elaine said that's one thing she could not get with, so she suffered a lot of punishment from the devil for it. She said he gave her cancer four times, and she had to go through the horrifying chemotherapy for her disobedience. She said she would find some excuse to leave the room when they were doing human sacrifices. She said that most high societies are Satanic, but that only the people on top know. The people at the bottom of the society don't know yet.

She said she could do some pretty amazing things with the powers she got from Satanism. Here are some of them. She could light a candle from across the room. After she had "consummated" her marriage to the devil, one of the women tried to start something with her, and without her hands, she slammed the woman into the wall (literally into the wall, and she had to be cut out). She said that she was in a competition, and she was the last competitor, and this man shot six shots of a .357 Magnum at her. Before he did, she had waved her hand in front of her body to make her demons create a shield between her and the bullets. She said the bullets stopped in front of her and were spinning on the ground. (Reminds me of that scene in the Matrix).

But I'm not at all trying to make her powers or their powers seem enviable. God is more powerful than every demon and the devil combined easily! She said that she found out the devil had been lying to her after a particular incident. She said that she had two demons indwelling her named Ri-Chan and Man-Chan who protected her from other Satanists' demons who tried to compete with her. But one time, four demons came to beat her up. She found out that even though she would not tell on Ri-Chan and Man-Chan for what they did, they told the devil what she had done. So they stood to the side while the four demons beat her within an inch of her life. She said her husband the devil came in and did not try to help her. She said after that incident, she knew he was a liar who did love her.

A few times, she speaks directly to people who are involved in Satanism. She warns them that the devil does in fact hate them and that he is lying to them when he says that he has defeated Jesus. Jesus Christ and God are infinitely more powerful than the devil. That's why after she got saved, the devil would talk all crazy to her, but he would not step near her! I think two days after she gave her life to Christ, the devil came to her, and he was threatening her. She said some curse word to him. Then he told her, "See you're not really saved because Christians don't curse." That showed me how weak he was compared to God because he used to have her beat up when she made him mad, but now he settled for trying to make her think she wasn't saved. So pathetic.

Rebecca (the author) and Elaine (the ex-Satanist) named some activities that were doorways to let the devil in. Some of these may be some things you are doing. Don't get offended if you do some of these things. You just have to make the decision to stop immediately; I used to do some of these things myself before I knew better. Horoscopes (I was guilty of this), fortune tellers, tea leaf readers, tarot cards, palm readers, seances, studying books on the occult arts, ouiji boards, ESP, psychics, astral projection (leaving your body), mediation (of ANY kind - I was guilty of this), water witching, divining for oil or minerals by using a dowsing rod or pendulum, any magic like levitation (I was guilty of this [light as a feather, stiff as a board]), telekinesis (moving objects with your mind), using mediums, spiritists to locate a missing object, any martial arts (I was guilty of this [jujitsu]), spells, incantations, etc. Any of the aforementioned things WILL OPEN A DOORWAY TO THE INFLOW OF SATANIC POWER AND DEMONS.

Also, use of recreational drugs (guilty!), repeated drunkeness, child abuse, any severe emotional and/or physical trauma may allow evil in. Sexual fornication is another big doorway (guilty!). Demons ARE passed from one person to another through sex. The author of the book said rape and violent sexual assault, especially in children, is a doorway she sees repeatedly used to come into people's lives. She said it resulted in some of the strongest demons she's ever met. She also said that incest and any homosexual activity ALWAYS leads to demonic infestation. Also any of the corrupt sexual practices condemned in the Bible and used in porn.

Biofeedback (guilty!) also trains people to gain control of areas of our minds and bodies that God has not ordained us to have control of. Biofeedback is modernized Yoga, satanic meditation, and witchcraft. Hypnosis (guilty!) and acupuncture are forms of demonic healing. All Eastern religions are various forms of demon worship. People don't know that the needles used in acupuncture are blessed by various leaders of the Eastern religions. Some Eastern religions are T.M. (Transcendental Meditation) and Yoga. Instead of doing Yoga, you should do Pilates which is similar and without the spiritual ramifications. Using hexes or spells or "voodoo" can even affect Christians. You have to be careful who you cross and who you associate with because they might get revenge on you in this form if you offend them. I had a friend in college who found out that a dude she was sleeping with had a girlfriend. Of course, she was hurt, so she said she was seriously considering having a lady who worked with her who knew voodoo to put a spell on him! I'm glad she reconsidered. Also, some demonic stuff is inherited if you don't get with Jesus. Even if you are a Christian, you need to close the doorway to any ancestors that have done witchcraft with the blood of Jesus. Elaine said that some babies were possessed before they even were born because of some deals their Satanic parents made.

She said one of the biggest tools Satan uses in the U.S. is the occultic role-playing fantasy games like Dungeon & Dragons. She said this is especially occurring in the West Coast. This next one will probably offend a lot of you. She said rock music was a carefully devised and executed plan of the devil. When she became the high priestess, she got to meet the famous rock stars. She said they had signed a contract to the devil for fame and fortune. If you look it up online, most of the famous rock stars die at age 27. I always wondered if it was because their contract ended at that age. Even the ones who didn't die at age more than likely have signed contracts. These rocks stars are teaching untold millions of youth to worship and serve Satan. I even heard that 3 6 Mafia (who used to be one of my favorites) are involved in witchcraft. Look how famous they have gotten with such silly music?! They have a Grammy! 3 6 could very well stand for 3 sixes (666). I listened to one of their songs slowed down, and you could hear them saying incantations in the background and in the chorus.

Elaine attended special ceremonies at various recording studios throughout the U.S. for the specific purpose of placing satanic "blessings" on the rock music recorded. She and others did incantations which placed demons on EVERY record and tape of rock music sold. At times they also called up special demons who spoke on the recordings - especially in the various backmasked messages. Also, in many, many of the recordings, the satanists themselves were recorded in the background (masked by the over-all noise of the music) doing chants and incantations to summon up more demons every time one of the records or tapes or videos is played. As the music is played, these demons are called into the room to afflict the person playing the music and anyone else who is listening. To all the rock fans on Xanga, I recommend you read the book The Devil's Disciples - The Truth About Rock by Jeff Godwin published by Chick Publications, Inc.

If you are guilty of getting involved in any of these practices, you must close the doorways. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to clease us from all unrighteousness." I John 1:9

You can close the doorway by a prayer such as the following:

"Father, I confess to you my involvement in __________. I recognize that such (a) thing(s) is/are an abomination to you and detestable in Your sight. I humbly ask Your forgiveness for my sin in this/these area(s). I ask you to lift out any demonic entrance as the result of my actions and to cleanse me from my sins and close the doorway(s) forever with the precious blood of Jesus. I ask for this and thank You for it, in Jesus' name."

Then you can say this one also out loud to the devil and his demons.

"Satan and you demons, I have asked my heavenly Father for forgiveness for participating in _________ and have received it. I now by faith close the doorway of that area of my life to you forever through the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross for me. In the name of Jesus I command you to go away!"

If you have stronger demons, you will probably need another person or other persons for deliverance like Elaine did. Either way, you should say these two prayers out loud and God will help you and give you directions about what to do.

I plan on writing more posts about this topic. It is very serious, and your earthly life and/or eternal life can depend on it. I'm not the kind of person you may see on college campuses who go around passing out pamphlets saying, "If you go to football games, you're going to hell!" I'm not that kind of person at all. I teach forgiveness, acceptance, and love. But when it gets serious, you have to warn people about things like this. This post is the most serious one I've written. I wrote another one about the exorcism my dad performed a couple of years ago. It's called "My Daddy Saw the Devil Incarnate, Seriously". Soon I will post about the 27 Club which are mostly famous rock musicians who have died of mysterious or tragic deaths. These rock musicians might have very well signed a contract with the devil for their fame and fortune. Stay posted for my following notes!


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