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What is Mount Zion?

Updated on February 9, 2018

In the last days the mountain of God will appear in the top of the mountains

Old Testament prophecies give many hints about what this mountain is but religious leaders have deliberately changed it from a spiritual event into something they can better understand, such as the physical mountain pictured. In reality it is a place where people will learn the truth about God and why they are here, It has an explanation of the plan of God and who and what the spiritual children of Israel are

Following my reincarnation and passage from life to life it was the job ahead that was most pressing. In darkness with the Spirit of the Universe my next life was shown to me as a line stretched up and pitching up and down to show highs and lows that would be faced during the course of it. There was also a date. The numbers 45 stood out from the others in a way that announced that this age would be when something special would occur.

At that time the Spirit came upon me with such force that I could not move a muscle as the commissions were given to do the job and complete it in this lifetime.

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The Spiritual Commissions

The Job that was given to me to do

It was two months past my 45th birthday when the need to retire early due to bad sinus pain drove me to bed. For some reason I took the bible with me. It was a book I had purchased at age 16 and it was still in its original covers as I could never read it. It opened at some point in the middle and a few words were read when suddenly they became unreadable.

Reclining back onto the pillows the power struck with such force that it was impossible to move a muscle. Very much aware of its presence the loud voice in my head said: "Tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people and bring back the young."

Three quick visions followed. In the first was a figure resembling that of Jesus Christ preaching to a crown on a mountain, In the second I had replaced him. In the third my face was a screen like the one you are reading from now. With great presence of mind I asked that the sinus be healed. It was something that had plagued me from the age of three and there was no cure for it or relief. It was instantly gone and has never returned.

Overwhelmed by what happened it was completely acceptable because of the vision given to me between lives.

My last life was in the body of a man and the corpse I looked down upon was around 45 years of age. In my next life I looked down on my parents as they were married on a date that is recorded and it was one month before my birth. With awareness and knowledge from day one there are many things in my early life that come readily to mind and which are told about in the book the link for which is above.

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Spiritual Teaching Leading to the Truth

How most religious reading material opposes the truth.

My first commissions were quickly followed by another. A man on a cross appeared to me and looked me in the eyes and called my name, "Norma". Inside I heard "Take me off the cross."

The image he presented has never left me as he represented loss, confusion, rejection, pain, and helplessness. It is a look seen in many people's faces who are in a trap from which there is no escape. Now it was given to me to discover how and why the man on the cross is important to Mount Zion revelations.

Over the coming months the learning was intense and the program given to me left no room for other things. If you read the book on my reincarnation you will discover why. The bottom line is that God had to become the man on the cross to appeal to the young in spirit. They are the ones searching for answers and a closer connection to the Spirit.

The visions accompanying the learning were vital to understand why the Spirit is in the predicament of requiring someone else to do this work. It is a humbling yet worrying task to know that I am the one selected to do it. That's why I asked to be shown in the bible where it says that I will do this. In fact, I was shown several places as the Spirit pushed me to the ground and called me 'daughter of Zion'.

In Micah Chapter 4:10-13 it explains how and why it is this way. One important command given to me was to "read nothing as I am teaching you."

The God of the Old Testament

The Spirit of the Universe

Genesis 1:2 declares that the Spirit moved upon the face of the waters. Isaiah 45:4-8 declares that God is one and there is nothing beside it. It alone forms the light and darkness and creates good and evil. That seems clear enough so why does the New Testament talk of a Trinity God who has suddenly arrived out of nowhere?

These were the mysteries that were given to me to solve. No one would look upon the puzzles before me and think they would be easy to resolve, most certainly not I.

After the man on the cross appeared in a vision another vision showed me these words standing in the air before my eyes in large capital letters: CONSTANTINE IS 666. Driven to the encyclopedias for answers it opened at a page where Constantius was shown to me. He was Constantine's father but what did he have to do with the puzzle.

The report on Constantine showed that he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea. Then I was led to the Assyrian alphabet and it had a lot of numbers attached to the letters. Applying them to the Caesar name it came up with a number far removed from the goal. Then the book opened again at Constantius, This confused me until the realisation that both names mean constant in English. That is the chief language in today's world and the one used most on the Internet,

When it was applied the answer is 664 but if both were of the same name that surely the second one is Constant II. That is where the 666 comes in.

The next question was why does the Assyrian alphabet have a bearing on this puzzle. Before long the answer came forth but first a lot more research was necessary.

Babylonian Symbols in Christianity and Muslim Religions - The Religions born of Babylon

Sent to Babylon for Answers

Babylonian Sun Worship and the origin of Islam

It took a lot of work and much research including a university degree before the picture of the plan of God came to be known. It has taken all of 30 years, in fact, to complete the tasks given to me. Even now new things can still crop up that alter some aspect of it.

On the whole the story begins with Adam and Eve. It was shown to me in a vision of a line stretched out in front and reaching far into the distance. Where I stood a bright light, brighter than the sun, suddenly rose up and arched over the line to the other end, which I took to be the beginning of it. There in large capital letter was EVE. In the middle was NOON and my position is EVENING. The two ends were well lit but in the middle it was almost dark and there a man on a cross stood above a large crowd of people who were reaching up towards him.

The bible opened at Isaiah 59:10 and I read that they grope for the wall as if blind for they are in desolate places as dead men. The wall is the one of my commission and it is to be removed so that the truth can flow.

My experience is of the outpouring of the Spirit at this time and many are finding God in a different way to what the religions teach. The power of the Spirit is enormous as people are healed, filled the Spirit and are singing wonderful songs of praise. That is how it was at the start of the day, according to the vision. It shows that some were seeded with the breath of life and were placed in the book of life at that time,

Eve was not a woman but the Spirit of God and Adam was not a man but a group of worthy people. Genesis 5:2 states that God made men and woman and called THEIR name Adam in the day that they were created. The other story about Adam and Eve is false and was put there so that women would be blamed for the sins of men and would provide an excuse for the horrible actions of some against them.

Later came Is-mal, the son of Abraham. By this time the Spirit had shown me how to take words apart and that each portion of a term has specific meaning. [i] means [eye] and it relates to the sun, the eye of Mother God. [s] is an old term for 'spirit', [l] or [el] means 'god' and [m] or [ma] means 'mother'. 'I-s-ma-l' means 'eye of light-mother god' and it is the beginning of sun worship as the eye. In another form it is 'Islam' which is a corruption to camouflage the origin of it.

The sun-star of Babylon was seen through an aperture at the peak of the ziggurat or when light passes behind an object. Another vision showed it to me as the seven beautiful colours of the rainbow and central to it was the right-angled cross. It's symbol is the five pointed star that sits on the flag of Islam cradled in the crescent arms of the moon. It was called 'ma-r-i' or 'mother's powerful eye' and that is Mary in English.

Men thought they could marry Mary, the origin of the term, by dying on crosses at dawn and rising up using the circle/cross as a kite to get there. Much has been written of it in my other lenses, listed below.

The Spiritual Children of Israel

who they are!

The Spirit called the children 'I-s-ra-el' which means 'eye of light-powerful god' and it means those who have power with God and have a link to the Spirit. During the course of the day they have been subjected to the fires of refinement. They have been built up and smashed down as those who opposed them used all forms of torture, hate, violence and death against them.

Soon after my commissions were received and while the learning process was beginning in earnest I asked the Spirit to send me to the ones in charge of the churches first. That was because I felt that many of them are trying to serve God in a rightful way and deserved to hear the truth and act on it. This was honored and before long the messages to visit this priest, that pastor, that minister or that whatever came. Some were receptive and some received healing as the spirit acted through my hands.

It all fell apart, however, when taken to a week-end healing group who were meeting in Goulburn, On Saturday morning a minister from Tasmania was addressing the meeting in the library of the Bishop's house where we were housed. He had barely started his talk when the Spirit interrupted by pouring tongues out of my mouth. Tongues are the language of the Spirit and are usually followed by a message. As the foreign words crashed around the room the looks of horror from the audience struck me.

The minister resumed his talk as soon as they had ended. The the message welled up inside me and a battle began as I begged the Spirit to give it to someone else. There was no one else as they had no link to the power. Finally words burst forth and the room was once again silenced by them. Hardly had half a dozen of them poured out when the minister sitting next to me stated that God would have time to speak later,

Swallowing back the message was like a huge football sitting in my chest. As soon as I was able I fled to the room which was shared with another lady. Writing in agony for some time as torturous visions were given the tears and hopelessness was clearly demonstrated by a sight shown of me on a cross. Yes, these people would readily crucify me if they thought that what I have to say would alter their views.

It was then that I realised that much of the horror of those few hours saw me reliving past lives and deaths. How many times had I stood before crowds and tried to explain how wrong they are when it comes to understand who and what the real God is? In this life, however, they cannot kill me as now the Spirit has placed me in a safe-situation and my knowledge is delivered through the Internet.

This is the Mountain of God and it was brought about so that the job can be completed and that only those with a will to hear and a mind to see the truth will react to it. The media is not involved and many are taking the information and making it into books and web sites and supporting the building of Mt. Zion in ways they may not even intend, The goal is to win back the Children of Israel who are those of the Spirit seeded at the beginning of the day of the lord.

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Mount Zion is a New Teaching

The Spirit is not a Trinity and was never on a cross

The middle of the day was in darkness and there was the image of Jesus Christ, The Spirit showed me that Constantine is 666 and that he established the Catholic Church, In Revelation 13:13-18 it states clearly that he invented Jesus Christ based on the religion of Babylon. He put Mary in his church as the Mother of God. He built the Vatican as a parliament to help control his empire after he manipulated his way to sole rule. He built the first Christian churches. Before him there was no Jesus Christ and so there were no Christians.

The truth is that it was Chrisha (Krishna) of the Vedic Trinity of India that has been the one people who were called Christians were following. They threatened the power of the Caesar who considered himself to be the highest god in the land. To overcome the threat Constantine set up his own so-called Savior who he knew was no threat. His edicts are still in existence ordering the torture and death of those who would not worship the cross, the most sacred symbol of Babylon.

Revelation 17 describes Mary and the Church as Babylon the Great and the mother of harlots. These were things that came out in my research.

The occupiers of Babylon were the Amors. They were a violent, murderous, raiding and conquering band of a fearsome nation. After Babylon they built Mari, a city whose remains are found 11 kn northwest of Abu Kabel in Syria. Their next city was Roma (reverse Amor). Constantine was a direct descendant and he built his religion based on what he knew, the Islamic religion of Babylon. It has the same symbols, the same gods, and the same everything that the Imperial Roman Religion had because Jerome took those things and gave them over the Catholic Church.

It was Jerome who compiled the New Testament on the orders of Damasus, the Bishop of Rome. He states in his diary and letters how he collected all the writings from around the empire and decided on what should be included. He then translated the Septuagint from the Greek and altered parts of it to make it align. Some of those writings were given to the children of Israel to help them to find their way back at the end of the day, The lord over the day has been Ismal and he put up the wall and Constantine reinforced it.

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