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What is rotten tao hua in fengshui?

Updated on August 31, 2017
Rotten tao hua luck can cause you trouble.
Rotten tao hua luck can cause you trouble. | Source

The weird tao hua luck of a friend of mine has prompted me to write this hub.

In her early 20s, all those interested in her were elderly men, some old enough to be her grandpa. This kind of romance luck is called “rotten tao hua” (烂桃花), which is very common in present-day society.

In Chinese culture, tao hua or peach blossom represents romance. The term “rotten tao hua” refers to having romance luck but not the kind of romance you wanted.

Romance luck can be broadly categorized as two types – good tao hua and bad or rotten tao hua. Good tao hua usually means the romance luck that can lead to a marriage or a long-term love relationship. Bad or rotten tao hua, on the other hand, can result in Tao Hua Jie or Tao Hua Sha, which can be disastrous.

Location of tao hua

Each Chinese zodiac animal has its own tao hua spot, namely:

Pig, Rabbit & Sheep – North

Snake, Rooster & Ox – South

Tiger, Horse & Dog - East

Monkey, Rat & Dragon – West

Rotten tao hua

Most unmarried females would love to have tao hua, but if it is rotten tao hua, then it can be frustrating and troublesome.

Single women who repeatedly have rotten tao hua tend to have the following characteristics:

· Although looking for a steady boyfriend, they do not mind having lots of male friends around them.

· Cohabiting with boyfriend for some years but still waiting for the guy to propose marriage.

· Maintaining a romantic relationship with a man, even though aware that he is already married or has a girlfriend.

How to rid unwanted tao hua

Listed below are some of the ways to cut off rotten tao hua:

· Locate your tao hua spot. Clean the place and keep it free from clutters. Put a brass rooster there, with it facing outwards. (Note: A brass rooster that has been blessed would yield better results.)

· There is a peach wood sword, known as tao hua zhan (桃花斩), used mainly to cut off tao hua. Buy one and hang it at the tao hua spot.

· Alternatively, place a new pair of scissors on the tao hua spot.


· On the wall to the right of your bed, hang a brass bagua mirror. Ensure the mirror is not facing you or other family members. Also, the mirror should not be in a position that it takes in the bed image.

· On the left side of your office desk, home study desk, or living room, display a dragon figurine. The colour and material of the dragon will depend on what element you need or is favourable to you. For instance, if you need Wood Element, then get a wooden or green dragon; if Water Element, it will be a white dragon, and so forth.

· For those whose spouse is having an extramarital affair or having too many friends of the opposite sex – put a brass rooster on both sides of the wardrobe but without being discovered by the other party.

· This method requires more work to be done:

Put a pot of plant that has lots of flowers (e.g. chrysanthemum, grass jasmine) at the balcony or in the house.

Prepare a tea-tray with seven small cups. Place them at your tao hua location in the living room.

Buy a packet of red dye and mix it with water. Other materials can also be used, as long as it produces red-coloured water when mixed.

Pour the red-coloured water into the seven cups.

Sprinkle the red-coloured water from the seven cups on a new pair of scissors. Use the same scissors to cut one to six flowers from the plant. Leave the cut flowers in the pot.

Repeat the process for seven consecutive days. On the last day, bundle all the cut flowers into one of your old garments (preferably old panties) and tie the bundle with a red thread.

Throw the bundle into the river.

Discard the pot of plants.

(Note: If you are doing it to get rid of your spouse’s tao hua, then his or her tao hua location and old clothings have to be used instead.)

Rotten tao hua feng shui

Beware of the following kinds of situations that can cause rotten tao hua:

· A big, empty vase is displayed in the house.

· The presence of roses, cactus, creeping plants, etc. in the bedroom or outside the windows.

· The house is facing a V-shaped road. Symbolism plays an important part in feng shui. V-shape looks like the parting of the feminine legs. Such kind of feng shui is strongly suggestive of rotten tao hua.

· The main door facing a bathroom door is another kind of feng shui that is prone to rotten tao hua. If the occupation of the house owner requires him or her to be frequently in the company of the opposite sex, then rotten tao hua occurs even more easily.

Look out for the tao hua Flying Star for each year. Make sure nothing to trigger off unwanted tao hua.

Tao hua bazi

For those people who often experienced bad romance luck, the most probable cause is in their bazi, the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Some bazi have tao hua such as Wild Peach (遍野桃花), Cutting Peach (插枝桃花), Naked Peach (裸体桃花), Six Matching Peach (六合桃花), King Peach (霸王桃花), Dark Star Peach (暗星桃花), Autumn Leaves Peach (秋叶桃花), Pomegranate Peach (石榴桃花), etc.

Each type of tao hua has its own characteristics and has influence on our romance life.

© 2012 pinkytoky


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    • pinkytoky profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Nancy

      Please read my two other articles on tao hua. You may be able to find some tips therein.

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      7 years ago



      THANK YOU,


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      8 years ago

      Thanks for the tips pinkytoky, pls write more tips. keep it up and good luck!


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