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What is the time saying to us?

Updated on December 11, 2011

Do you look at your clock the same time each day and the number sticks in your head?

Ok this is weird and I know I am not the only one. I have this thing where I tend to always see 10:10 on my clock. Well of course I see other times too, but I always look at the clock at 10:10 each day in the morning and at night. Is someone trying to tell me something?

Should I play those numbers in the lottery? What does that mean?

Why does this happen?

Well heck if I know - it just does. Everyday when I glance at the clock I always seem to see it when it is 10:10 - like something makes me look at that time. Now I grew up in New York where there is a radio station I use to listen to called 1010 Wins and for some weird reason I remember that - Am I brain washed? I do not even live in NY anymore. I never even won anything from them. BUT when I see 10:10 I have to say 10 10 Wins - weather out loud or in my head. Now my kids say it too - boy that radio station would love us. So of course my kids wanted to throw me a party on October 10th at 10:10. Another strange thing is that my sister bought me a new coffee pot I wanted and on the clock on the box - it said 10:10 - so of course I cut that out and made a magnet for my fridge. So what does all of this mean? Am I crazy? What is wrong with me?

Do I contact the radio station and say "Look what you have done to me?" Hmmm Maybe I should - I am brain washed by a Radio Station I have not listened to in more than 25 years - how can this be? Is it just coincidence?

Have heard of this Radio Station?

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So is it Coincidence?

Who knows - maybe - maybe not. One saying I remember being said by John Edward Psychic Medium was this "If something seems like a coincidence, it probably is not." Ok great that is one opinion - so what does that really mean? Probably nothing yet. I Guess maybe I just have get used to my so called 10:10 issue and just learn to live with it and maybe just maybe something good will come of all of this and answer my question - "Why do I keep seeing this number and why does this radio station after so many years still have a hold on me?"

Does this happen to you?

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10:10 Again?

10:10 Again?
10:10 Again?

Should I buy Satelitte Radio and start listening to this station again or will it make things worse?

Ok it is a thought of mine - maybe if I get one of those satellite radios I can tune back into that radio station and try and win something - heck the stations where I live are lame and I hardly have any to choose from. Ok this is thought, but will it make things worse - I Dunno.

What is Satellite Radio? Satellite Radio - Satellite radio creates the broadcasting of static-free music all the time. Digital signals are sent from space, through satellites to supply a wide variety of problem-free radio stations for those who have the necessary hardware and services.

Do you have Satlelitte Radio?

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Maybe I just need some more very Cool Clocks around the house


So do you like Digital or Old Style?

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So what pops up as I am looking at clocks? This one!!!

So what pops up as I am looking at clocks? This one!!!
So what pops up as I am looking at clocks? This one!!!

A very smart Squid: Rock_The_Ice emailed me and said this:

10:10 is the time used in advertising timepieces. It's used because the way the hands point at 10:10 looks like a smiley face - WoW who knew?

Should I be looking into Numerology instread of just Buying Clocks or a Satelitte radio?

Ok well maybe I will look into it and see exactly what these number could mean. What can it hurt. Ok I found this page: Numerology and What The Numbers Mean - I figured out what it can hurt - "My Head!!!" Ok I think that is not it for me - too confusing.

Hey this page is kinda cool though if you dream about numbers: Numbers dream interpretation

Here are some books on Numerology and Dream Interpretation if that is your thing on Amazon

Ya know what?

I give up

Ok I guess I just have to say "It is what it is"

Too much thinking about this just hurts my head. What harm is it doing anyway? So I blurt out "10 10 wins" two times a day - it could be worse right? I could blurt out worse things other than that. Maybe it just shows the effects of good advertising - how a radio station can get you with a jingle that stays with us forever. I know many of us have Jingles and Ad Sayings stuck in our heads - ok well most do not say them everyday. Am so bad to have that happen? I do not think so. Weird, Yes - but aren't we all - just a bit?

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    • profile image

      TScott1225 5 years ago

      The same thing happens to me but I always see 9:11 both morning and night and it's just so weird to me.. I just hope something good comes out of it

    • profile image

      RVJones 6 years ago

      I have a friend who was saying the same thing the other day, it happens to him also, since school, he said. I can't remember which time it was when I said hey it's ___ he explained just what you did. I'm interested in time and clocks so this phenomenon caught my attention. Great lens subject and nicely readable.

    • profile image

      Joan4 8 years ago

      I do not believe in coincidence at all. Everything has a purpose. I do think, tho, that you could "assign" a meaning to your 1010. Allow it to call you to focus on love or a special goal or dream. Use that to raise your own vibrational awareness. There are many things we will never totally understand. It's up to us to put a positive slant on them sometimes, right?

    • nebby profile image

      nebby 8 years ago from USA

      As soon as I saw the time 10:10 I thought of 1010 Wins. However, I think I may have listened to it years and years before you. At the time it was home to Murray the K and The Swingin' Soiree ( yes, Murray Kaufman - the 5th Beatle as he was often called) and Cousin Brucie. You've jogged my memory - thanks!

    • Tagsforkids profile image

      Tagsforkids 9 years ago

      Loved the lens. Oddly enough, I went through the same thing years ago, only the time I saw was 11:11. Not only on clocks, but it started appearing everywhere, store receipts, gas pump etc. so I started celebrating 11-11 day! I was somewhat surprised to see someone already added it to the list!

    • MatCauthon profile image

      MatCauthon 9 years ago

      I really hate clocks... they kind of control you by just hanging on the wall. And if you don't notice them that's when they start ringing to get attention. Must have a life of their own. 5*

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      is that 10:10 in the morning or evening? Great lens

    • ArtByLinda profile image

      Linda Hoxie 9 years ago from Idaho

      PS: On a side note, 10-10 is a "fight" in the ten code police lingo in the area I'm from...just food for thought.

    • ArtByLinda profile image

      Linda Hoxie 9 years ago from Idaho

      Party, your a goof, and I mean that in the best of ways. You always make it fun and entertain me with your lenses. I really appreciate WHO you are! 5* (wish I could give 10 tens :-)Linda