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Truth, The Ultimate State

Updated on June 2, 2015

What Is Truth?

Osho says that it is a different matter if a seed is unable to grow into a tree, but every seed has the intrinsic capacity for becoming a tree. Every seed has this potential. That is does not become one is an entirely different matter. If it does not get fertilized, does not find any soil, does not get any water or light, the seed will die, that is possible, but the seed did have the potential.

That is why you should first of all drop this idea from your mind that to become enlightened is the special privilege of only some people. To become enlightened is not the right of any special people. And the people who have spread this idea are only doing it to feed their egos. If someone says that it is very difficult to become enlightened and possible for only very few people, it nourishes their ego. This is just a way for some people to fulfill their ego. Otherwise, everyone has the potential to be a sage, because there is space and opportunity for everyone to experience Truth.


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It is another thing if you don't experience it. For that, only you will be responsible, your potential will not be responsible. All of us have the power to wake up. You discover your powers by making them active; you don't know them until you use them. For example, if you are just sitting, you don't know that you have the capacity to walk. If you look inside yourself, even you will not be able to locate this capacity to walk. You will not be able to find it. You will only know whether you have the capacity to walk after you try to walk. And only after you go through the process of trying to become enlightened, will you know if you have the potential or not. Those who don't try will definitely feel that only some people have the potential. This is wrong.

So the first thing: you have to understand that to attain to Truth is everyone's right, it is everyone's birthright. In this respect no one has any special rights. And the second thing which has been asked is: "What is Truth? And is it possible to know it partially?"

Truth cannot be known partially, because Truth is one. It cannot be broken into parts. This means that it is not possible for a person to know a little bit more, and then a little bit more. It does not happen like this. Truth is experienced as one. This means that it is not a gradual process. It is experienced totally, it is experienced in an explosion. But it can only be known totally, you will feel a little apprehensive because you feel so weak, how can you possibly know it totally?

When a man climbs up to the roof of the house, he reaches it all at once, yet he has climbed the steps to it one at a time. He does not reach the roof in one step. When he is on the first step, he is not on the roof and when he is on the last step, he is still on on the roof; he begins to approach the roof, but he is still not on it.

It is possible to move closer to the Truth gradually, but when you arrive at Truth it is total. This means that you can gradually move closer to Truth, but the attainment of Truth is total, it is never in parts. It is never in fragments. With the help of meditation, you will move closer to Truth and at the last step which is called 'the emptiness of the emotions' too, you experience Truth. But then Truth is known in its totality.

The experience of the Divine does not come in fragments, it happens as a whole. But the way to reach the Divine is divided into many parts. You also will be able to know Truth because you only need to walk on the path for a short distance at a time. You cannot walk the whole length of a path at once. But the destination is always reached as a whole.

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How to express Truth?


There is no way to say it in words. It has been impossible to say it in human language and it will never be said in the future either. It is not that in the past we did not have a language rich enough to say it, and that we will be able to say it in the future. It will never be said.

There is a reason for this. Languages developed for the purpose of communicating with other people. Language was created in order to communicate with people, it was not created to express Truth. And it is unlikely that any of the people who created language had known Truth. This is why there is no word for the Ultimate Truth. And the people who knew Truth did not know it through language, they knew it through silence. This means that when they experienced Truth, they were totally silent, no word existed there. So there is a problem: when they started talking about it after the experience, they found one point, Truth, which there was no way to describe. It is not possible to provide words for it. And when they provided words, the words were incomplete, they fell short.

On the basis of these words alone, conflicts arose - based on these very same words! Because all words are inadequate, they are unable to express Truth. They are just like hints. It is as if somebody is pointing his finger to the moon and if we grab his finger thinking that this is the moon, then there will be trouble. The finger is not the moon. The finger is just an indication. Whoever grabs hold of the indication will be in trouble. You have to let go of the finger so that the thing to which it is pointing becomes visible. You have to drop the words, and only then will you have a glimpse of Truth. But someone who grabs hold of the words will miss the experience.

There are methods to attain Truth, but there are no definitions of Truth. It cannot be said, it can only be experience and it will be your experience. The method can be given, but the experience of Truth will be your own.

Silence is the only way to say it. Those who have known Truth have become silent. When Truth is talked about, they become silent. If you can be silent, you can know it. You can know the Truth but you cannot make another person know it. This can be known individually.

Welcome to the Inner World...............

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Learn the truth from inside. No addiction on everything. Maybe your next wonderful lens is all about "Nirvana" :)

    • akumar46 lm profile image

      akumar46 lm 6 years ago

      Truth is not seen by another person but it is to feel the truth.