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what the gods were doing on 9/10/01

Updated on September 11, 2012

all the gods were terrible busy during the evening of september 10, 2001. they sent feelings of foreboding to many people and for some, they sent minor illnesses that prevented them from wanting to go to work, or to take that flight the next morning. for those who persisted in spite of bad feelings and upset tummies or headaches, the gods worked on through the early hours of the morning, setting up traffic snarls, and delaying mass transit. they caused forgetfulness and arguments that delayed many more people from reaching their flights on time, or getting to work during the crucial minutes that could have taken their lives.

the world trade center normally has over 50000 people in it. less than 20000 actually showed up for work on time that day, ignoring or oblivious to all the signs the gods put in their way. the airplanes had seating for more than 1000 people each, quite a few seats were empty on all four flights that day.

the gods rode those airplanes, standing ready to support their people. mars and athena, thor and the morrigan soothed anxieties, and instilled the people with courage to meet their fate bravely. those who chose to fight, it could have been al of the passengers for all we know and thats what i choose to believe, the gods stood by them, offering them support and channeling away their fears. valkyries escorted the flights to their destinations to help the gods life the souls at just the right time to the afterlife of their belief.

when the planes struck the towers and the pentagon, the gods were there, striking fear into those who had time to flee they would run faster, and cradling the spirits of the ones who died. they sat beside the wounded, soothing them until rescue came - and urging the rescuers to hurry.

when the planes struck the towers in new york city, the buildings did not collapse immediately. they stood tall and trembling, held up by the hands of many gods so as many people as possible could evacuate the buildings - not just the towes, but the buildings nearby, too. when the towers were so fragile the gods had to let go, they pushed the walls inward, so the towers didnt fall across the city and cause even greater damage. they collapsed neatly in on themselves in as small a space as they could.

and when the damage to the pentagon and the towes was done, the gods spent time supporting each rescue worker and volunteer as they tackled the grizzly backbreaking work of searching for the wounded and retrieving the dead, giving them strength and determination, keeping despair at bay. other gods, among them powerful quetzacoatl and loving amaterasu and tender glioca, cherished the shocked souls of the citizens of the two cities, giving them the courage to face another day in a ravaged city, the courage to go back to work, the courage to smile again. and still other compassionate gods: jesus, kusn yin, krishna, demeter, hera, buddha, and the jade emperor of heaven, guarded the wounded souls of the friends and families who searched for and waited for word of their missing loved ones, ready to support them through the grief when they learned it was their loved one who was dead, and cheering with them when one was found alive.

all around the country, the gods rallied to their poeple, sending power to heal the spiritual wounds to those who had the knowledge and desire to use that power. prayer circles and healing circles dotted the land, candles burned on shelves, and bonfires blazed in tribute to the fallen, and in praise of the living. love, love from the people and love from the gods, were balm to the wounded heart of the land.

only a tithing of those who should have died that terrible day did. each person who died paid the price of life for their coworkers and fellow travellers. what the gods planned is unknown to me, but i know each soul was tenderly cherished as it left its body. the gods were terribly busy then.

and they are busy still. pause and feel the power of the gods thrumming through the air. hear the words of the gods through the voices of their people. see the work of the gods all about you. the power of the gods is in you and of you - and you are not alone.


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