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Why Trust in God in All Situations: Job 13: 15?

Updated on February 18, 2018

This morning I read the book of Job 13: 15 “though he slays me, yet I will trust in him”. Then I wondered why Job would say that. Then, it reminded me that in the time of struggles and pains, it takes courage to maintain trust in God.

Job said that he would continue to do his part not minding what he faced. Therefore, as I said in my Book “It is Time we Truly Know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus” by N. k. David, all Job was concerned about was that the situation would not make him change his ways.

Therefore, I say to those who lost their loved ones in various natural incidents and alleged terrorist attacks; please let us know that everything might have happened for a reason. We should pray that we enter not into a temptation we cannot bear.

I take this excerpt from the book, “It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus” by N. K. DAVID
“We know that John wrote in the Gospel of Saint John 11:35 “Jesus wept”. We also know that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not the weeping prophet. Many people have placed little or no emphasis on the verse “Jesus wept”. Many people have failed to ask, why must the shortest verse of, one of the most sacred books, The Holy Bible be “Jesus wept”?

We have not asked, what was so different or unique about Lazarus that Jesus wept? Let us remember that in the Gospel of Saint Luke 7: 11-14.Jesus did not shed tears in the city of Nain, where he resurrected the only son of the widow. Jesus Christ of Nazareth even told the widow “weep not”. Then why must Jesus weep in the case of Lazarus? …Wake up from your sleep and slump, oh ye men of the earth.
Wake and know the much you can because no matter how much you may know you will always be ignorant of many things.
John 11:35 is so short that many overlook it.
Just as narrow is the gate that leads to life and only a few find it.”
Therefore, it is essential that we continue to trust in God no matter the situation we may find ourselves. We do not only have to love God in good times and hate him in bad times. It is because if he is our God then we must learn to trust him and adore him at all seasons and no matter what may come our way.

It is also possible that God wants to be sure that we do not only love him because of the blessings we receive from him. That is why even when Satan tried Job yet Job said, “I will trust in him.” It takes courage and unfailing faith to say such words in challenging times.


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