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what would have been the fate of Osama Bin Laden if he accepted Jesus Christ the day he was killed?

Updated on May 13, 2011

What would have been the fate of Osama Bin Laden if he accepted Jesus Christ the day he was killed?

In our journey in life, we shall be faced with some conflicting teachings, theories, doctrines, and laws. Many of these conflicting theories sounds good and each begs to be accepted consequently it becomes difficult to make a good and right judgment of the truth or likely truth. The most difficult of these theories or doctrines are the religious doctrines. This is because men have used religion as weapon or a reason for conflicts. In my unpublished work in which I journeyed with an unborn child, I got different facts and reasons why humanity has denied themselves religious peace. Some people still maintain that religious peace is impossible.

There are various teaching on salvation and the means to make heaven. The early Christians or tradition Christians have their doctrine of salvation even some Christians share various views of salvation. For instance some Christians belief in atonement of sins while others belief that once anyone just accepts that Jesus is the son of God then the person is saved and will make it to heaven just like the thief that repented on the cross. Some still belief that there is need to be baptized before heaven is possible.

These theories are interesting because each group has proves to support their claim. Some felt it is not justified for someone to go unpunished after committing sins and that it is an easy escape to use salvation by grace alone in Jesus as a means to heaven. Others think that Jesus paid the price so anyone that beliefs in his name is saved no matter the crimes committed. There was even a time in human history, from the catholic doctrine, when prayers are made so that a sinner in hell can move to heaven. Whichever way it goes I think it takes courage for someone to accept his own responsibilities. The interesting thing about those that go against salvation by faith is that they claim that after one has accepted Jesus that does not make life easy and blissful. So the struggles that still follow after repentance are as a result of past sins, which they call the process of atonement. I think the theory maybe mysterious for an ordinary man to understand but we cannot deny the fact that accepting Jesus does not make life easy because if it does, then there will be no need of preachers as everyone will willingly accept Jesus. Is there anyone that does not want a life free of pains? But another question is for how long is one expected to atone for the sins since struggles seem to never end?

There is need for one to wonder when presented with some dilemma despite a conviction previously held. That is why we all have the right to think, reason, and act not minding outside influences. Consequently we have the right to an opinion and for that reason anyone can contribute in this issue.

We know that classified operations are not usually made open consequently we should not expect to get complete details of how the operation that led to Osama’s death was carried out. But let us assume that Osama Bin Laden just repented and accepted Jesus as his lord and personal savior that morning before he was killed, as he was about to tell the world that he was a changed man. Let us also assume that he repented when he was shot as he realized that he was about to die so he gave his life to Christ. If any of these assumptions are true or by any other means Osama Bin Laden repented and gave his life to Jesus just before he died, will he certainly go to heaven just like the thief that repented on the cross (this is only an assumption because we know that Osama Bin Laden held strongly to his belief even to death)?

Certainly, going by the bible record of the thief that repented on the cross, Osama would make it to heaven if he repented and believed in Jesus even with his last breath. Then it means that even though those he killed did not have the chance for repentance, maybe because their death was so sudden, they shall stand to face judgment in heaven while they watch Bin Laden enjoy his reward in heaven for accepting Jesus. Even those that were good men, innocent, and righteous but they did not belief in Jesus Christ but believed in other religion or none shall they also be condemned to hell only because they did not belief in Jesus Christ before they died? How will they feel to see the man that sent them to hell enjoying in heaven while they lived a righteous life except that they never believed in Jesus as the only path to heaven? If they are sent to hell can we say that it is justice or selfishness by the judge? Is that justice?

We know that a man like Osama bin Laden will never change from his religious conviction even at the point of death because he believed it is the right part, even though others say it is wrong. There is need for the mortals to ponder because there are things we can never explain and it is wrong for us to continue persecutions, hate speeches, killings, among others. We have to learn to accept our religious differences and live in peace.


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