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where is God and his presence?

Updated on March 8, 2011

On 04-03-11, I read news on CNN about a minister (pastor) that was found died, and his old associate wounded in a church. I then recall other similar incidents, for instance I have heard of armed robbers that came to a church, after Sunday service, and stole the money received on the day’s offering. I also read about a criminal that was caught with a gun hidden in a bible. I was once in a house that was robbed, and funnily one of the robbers took a big bible. He stole it as they searched the man’s house in the presence of the man, and your guess can be as good as mine is. I wondered what he was going to do with the bible: go to church with it or sell it.

It is also now know that some Muslims extremist use the mosque as their planning ground and do hid their weapons in it which they use to attack innocent citizens. The comments I read on the news posted by other readers online suggests that people have witnessed similar incidents. I can still remember the days, even till today, when one is not expected to do unwelcome things in the church or other sacred places. A preach or priest would say, “You don’t do that in the presence of God or “don’t you know you are in the presence of God?”  Such utterance may seem to suggest that such places like a church is the presences of God. There were days man had some respect for God, and his sacred places. Men were awed by the mysteries in the presence of God just like the Israelites exclaimed when God roared like a thunder.

The current happenings in human history and surge of evil has caused man to make a mess of virtually all known sacred places that we have to ask ourselves “ where is the presence of God?” (For those that believe in God) Some people wonder, how evil is done in the sacred places, and God would keep quiet and watch such a thing happen in his presence?

But even those that built a temple for God knew that God is bigger than those temples and so he does not dwell in temples, neither does he dwell in the scriptures else men would not hidden guns in them. God is believed to be everywhere including in the temples built for him, and he is a witness to all things that happens under the sun.

No wonder, when some people say, “let us go and see God in his temple.”  Other would say, “He is right here with me.”  But I say, “A time shall come when men shall stop believing in God and start living in God. Only then shall man ask man, “Who are you?”  And man would answer, with absolute certainty,   “I am that I will I am. “

Man has made a mess of the sacred places, by their deeds which they commit without fear or respect for God or at least for their fellow man, which they can see. But I know that some people know that God does not dwell in those temples, and such people have made their body the temple of the living God. They are, continually, in the presences of their God and they live a life that would reflect that.  Yet, the point is that, it is a shame for man to disrespect that which others hold sacred. Therefore, let us learn to respect others and their sacred things as we would like to be respected.  No man, has the right to take the life of another man, let allow kill some one in the church. It is time we think again because it is truly time.




N. K. David



Author of the book

“It is time we truly know why Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus”

 Published by author house UK Ltd and it is available worldwide online stores and on the publishers website.

It’s a most read for all humanity.



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