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Where Was God at Sandy Hook?

Updated on May 22, 2013

Where Was God When Twenty Children Were Murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School?

"Where was God at Sandy Hook?"

"Why didn't He prevent the tragedy if He really exists and really knows everything?"

"Why didn't He stop the bullets?"

Sandy Hook was a tragic event, there's no way to paint it otherwise. But the questions come from a secular point of view because a true Christian knows the answers.

It's a strange kind of lunatic logic this nation's people possess. We respond to mass bombings and shootings with outpourings of empathy and charitable contributions while shrugging our shoulders at the shootings and car accidents that happen daily in our own communities.

And always with the increasingly frequent mass tragedies, those same questions.

God hated what happened at Sandy Hook. He wept. Just like He hates every single tragedy anywhere and weeps for every one. But God didn't need to do anything. He looks at things from a bigger perspective.

There was no way He could have intervened because intervening would have destroyed the entire plan of salvation. It would have destroyed the concept of walking by faith. And it wouldn't be fair play. If he saved the many children in one instance wouldn't he have to do the same for the child drowning alone in a lake? Or for the child dying in a car accident? Or of cancer?

Or are you saying that a single child's death is somehow less severe to that child's family than it is individually to each of the many families at Sandy Hook? And if He saves every child that ever faced tragedy he'd need to save everyone and anyone in every perilous situation. And at what point does God showing up to prevent every possible tragedy in person cause the very condition He requires of us here on this earth, living by faith, to no longer exist?

What faith is required if we suddenly see God stepping in to prevent every tragic circumstance on the planet?

No, for reasons partially unknown to us right now, our path on this earth is to be one of faith. The Lord gave us our free agency, our ability to make our own decisions. Hopefully we decide to choose the path that leads back to His glorious light.

Unfortunately some people use their free agency poorly: to harm others, to allow known mental patients access to weapons, to pass laws that demolish the mental health care system that once cradled people who are unable to think and reason properly. And Satan has his own ways of getting his hooks into the mind of the weak and using them to further his aims. All of those things played a part in the Sandy Hook tragedy and other recent school shootings.

The God I love and serve is a God who cares. He feels deeply for those affected. He weeps for those mothers and fathers who lost their dear children. And certainly, as sure as I'm writing this, He is there to comfort anyone affected by any tragedy, who will let Him.

I've heard that some of the children in recent school shootings heard voices telling them to hide. I've read that several adults heard promptings that put them in place to prevent certain things from happening: to get to the scene faster, to be in places they wouldn't have normally been. I believe those promptings came from God.

The God I love is a God of restraint. It's a good thing because if He did move swiftly against "bad people." we'd all be struck down along with the murderer who did this cowardly act. We're all sinners who fall short of His glory.

Over and over in the Bible He's depicted as a long suffering God who doesn't turn on a dime. He doesn't cater to every whim nor does He respond swiftly to mete out punishment. I believe He would have loved to have lifted His mighty hand; to command His angel armies to swoop down and gather those children at Sandy Hook Elementary before the shooting started.

But He couldn't do that without completely destroying faith.

I do know that as those small souls left their earthly bodies their hearts were pure and could fully withstand His light. He quickly pulled them in close and will protect them forevermore.

He is loving on those children with a greater love than they'd have ever experienced here. They are safe. And their parents do have a clear and blazing pathway of hope to see them again. Jesus is standing at the foot of that pathway with His arms wide open and beckoning them to heed His call. If they do, this horrific incident will soon simply be a minor and completely erased blip on their temporary timeline as they happily dwell with their children in His presence for eternity.

And know this: God is a God of judgement. And because He is perfect it will be a perfect judgement. Anyone who played a contributing role in these tragic events will be held accountable. He may find the shooter was so out of his mind that He is not responsible for His actions. Or He may find the opposite. Or somewhere in between. He may find others were also responsible and they will pay for that. It may well be that some politician in an office who disallowed funding for the mentally ill so he could enrich his buddies or himself will be judged to have played a hand. I would not want to be in that man's shoes on judgement day.

Whatever the outcome, He and He alone can and will provide perfect justice. Everything will balance out as it should be in the end and all souls will witness the awesome work that has been transpiring here when many thought He didn't exist. Or when others wrongly assumed He was callously standing by doing nothing. As if the most intelligent, most compassionate being, literally our Father in Heaven, could even do that.

Yet on the world turns and those who were blessed with a tiny bit of smarts more than the next belittles He who is hundreds of times more intelligent and wise than they could ever hope to be. They belittle His followers and in so doing simply heap the burning coals onto their own heads.

Physicist Stephen Hawking says, "I've concluded scientifically there is no God, there is no need for Him," deceiving many. Even though Hawking has zero qualifications to state such a thing, eager minions of the "enlightened, educated" people eat it up and spew the repeated vitriol of their mouths. "Where is your God?" they mockingly scream with glee. They will choke on that vomit. What fools. What utter fools.

But then again, why wouldn't they be a little jealous? The God I love and serve doesn't seem to think much of them. He is the most intelligent of the intelligent, yet in the flesh He didn't say He came here to save only people with PhDs, or to save wealthy people, or to save the famous, the powerful, or any of that. You'd think He would since He is the ultimate example of each of those categories, standing head and shoulders above in intelligence, in power, in fame.

Most folks like to hang with others of their status. Shouldn't He value the intelligent, the famous and the wealthy? Shouldn't He value the things they mindlessly pursue? Shouldn't he suck up to the rich that give Him the biggest offerings? Shouldn't He join their exclusive clubs and shut "the little people" out like they often do?

Do the elite have a nagging feeling their pursuit of science, beauty, muscles, power, riches and such is all for nothing?

They should. Because in the end, brother if that's all you got, it is.

No, He doesn't respect those traits the worldly value much because His vast intelligence is far from everything He has. His compassion far greater.

The recurring theme in The Bible is that his preference was the opposite of what we'd expect from a King in this world who would likely hobnob with the jet set. It's totally crazy, totally awesome, and totally why I love Him and bow to Him and only to Him: Jesus preferred to hang out with poor people, the uneducated, the people afflicted with disease, the people who weren't particularly bright, the mentally ill people, people who were forced to beg.

He liked to break bread with the downtrodden. The shunned and shamed outcasts of society He loved. He singled them out, called them His friends and welcomed them into His kingdom. This powerful, intelligent, famous man-God preferred to hang out with people so broken and beat down by this world that they had no hope.

He gave them some.

Glory to God, Hallelujah, He gave us all some!

And man, He loved the little children.

The last shall be first and the first shall be last. When you boil the Bible down to the things Jesus actually said, His wisdom is nearly unfathomable. I believe no mere mortal said those things or originated the concepts that have resonated so loudly and clearly through the ages that over 2,000 years after His death 87% of the people in this country far from His birth, the United States of America. self-identify as His followers.

The last shall be first and the first last? The widow's mite is a greater offering than the rich man who gives thousands?


It means we're all heading toward a place where many who are despised, meek, poor and lowly are to be exalted for all time above many of the rich and powerful of this world. In short, Jesus doesn't care about what you look like; how meek you are; how many times you attended church to "be seen" like it's a social event; how scarred you are; what color your skin is; how much muscle you have; how much money you've methodically given to the church over the last thirty years; how famous you are or how big your 401(k) is.

He cares about your heart.

How big is your heart?

How pure is your heart?

Satan may have his way in this world at times, but he does not have his way in the next. I think I would almost feel pity for Satan, anyone else or for all the armies and demons of this world and not of this world, if they should attempt to do further damage to those Sandy Hook children.

For where they dwell now God is not constrained. He is in command and He will hold back nothing to protect those who are His. He doesn't turn on a dime but He does turn. And knowing that, the evil ones who intentionally harm anyone, especially children, should tremble for they are soon to know what He, Jesus Christ, The Lord of Lords and the King of Kings meant when He said in Luke 17:2, "It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he be cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

It may be accomplished with a simple raise of His hand, it might be a huge flood sweeping them away or it may be trumpeters calling out legions of angel-warriors riding in golden chariots to burn them to stubble with fiery arrows, I don't know... but make no mistake, God lives. He holds those children, His children, close. And He will absolutely destroy those who ever again even think about harming one hair on the head of any one of those little innocent souls.

Cry Out To Jesus - Third Day

Have No Fear

God has you now.

You are enveloped in a love greater than any of us on earth could give you.

You are protected by someone more powerful than all the armies of this world combined.

And those who loved you on this earth have a clear and open path to see you again. There is an open door they are invited to enter, to stand in His light and dwell with you, free of the evil forces loose in this world.

Rest In peace forever, my child.

The Bible: The Epoch Miniseries! - Items To Help You Stay On The Christian Path

It was exciting to hear about The Bible miniseries as it played on The History Channel. The millions of viewers it drew, how it ranked higher than network offerings, the glowing reviews were all amazing. So, because I don't get The History Channel anymore, I couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD.

But it was $50 at the discount price and it seemed to be the going rate until I found it at Amazon for about half that which seemed a small price to pay for several evenings of entertainment that strengthens faith.

Get it here, get it there, but get it! It bends Biblical facts a bit, but it is so well done and the stories are so interesting you'll be compelled to watch.

I'm thinking most of the original miniseries viewers were already Christians, it wouldn't be my first choice for converting anyone, I'd place it in the "great Christian entertainment" category. I do believe the later episodes depict the love of Jesus pretty clearly.

The Bible: The Epic Miniseries
The Bible: The Epic Miniseries

Some movies are bad, some are good once. This is the great movie you buy to watch again and again. At the lowest price anywhere!

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

Of course the naysayers will try to convince you "beyond and back" experiences are nothing more than adrenaline release and neurons firing in your brain as you expire. But this man is a neurosurgeon and he says his experience could absolutely NOT be due to that. Powerful!

To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story
To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story

Beyond and back experiences tend to have a lot of similarities but don't always line up with what some demoninations teach.

This one may challenge you to expand your definition of heaven and who ends up there.

Jesus told the convicts hanging on the crosses beside his that "Today you'll be with me in paradise." Perhaps after death we all simply go to a place where souls wait for judgement, not heaven eternal?


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    • Writingmystory1 profile image


      5 years ago

      Awesome to know God is the final judge!


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