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Who is The Real God?

Updated on January 5, 2015

End Times Prophecy

We are arriving at the end of the day of the Lord and now a lot will happen that will see things change forever. To begin with there is the mountain of God that has risen above all the mountains and it is speaking to the world without charge and direct into their face. It is happening through the Internet and then through the media.

It is something that all people everywhere will become aware as the question is asked of them. Who is God and who do they see as God?

This question was asked once before when Elijah called all the people together on a mountain and first posed it. He called for two bulls, one for those who believed in the false god and the other for the end of the day when the people would be asked to choose.

He asked that they sacrifice their one to their god and get his reaction to their pleas for answers. He would sacrifice his as well and whoever answered would be God. They sacrificed theirs at noonday and cried out for answers. Now we know what happened. Nothing happened and they cut themselves and cried. They jumped up and down and danced, Still nothing happened.

Elijah mocked them and said their god was sleeping or perhaps on a trip and couldn't hear them. He waited until the time of the evening sacrifice and then he killed his bull and called on the real God, the Spirit of the Universe, and the answer came with fire to consume the bull and all the stuff surrounding it. It licked up the altars, the water and the sacrifice all in one go.

We are at the end of the day and it is the time of the evening sacrifice. The two bulls are exposed. The first is the 'ba-al of Babylon, the bull god-man of the sun-star. The second is the god-man of Constantine. He invented Jesus Christ and it was the replacement for 'Ba-al' and the sacrifice at the end of the day.

Malachi 4:5 promises that at the end of the day Elijah will come to ask the question of everyone on earth,

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The Man on the Cross and Bulls-Eye

The term 'bull' is from 'b-o-l' and it means 'bearing the circle of God' or 'born in the circle of God'. The god it is referring to is the Mother God of Babylon, and that was the trinity of earth, mother and light or spirit. She appeared in the sun-star that comes about when light disperses into the perpetually moving circles of magnificent colors. It was called 'Ma-r-i' for 'mother's powerful eye'. It is an awesome sight and it appealed to the ancients as a god.

It has power because it can blind as well as the sun heats the earth and creates life upon it. When the sun is weak the earth appears to die and revive again in Spring. That is when men decided they could resurrect on the cross at dawn and rise with the sun and fertilize the earth. This was their dream and the iconography located in many sites confirms this practice. In Scandinavia rock art shows men elevating on circle and cross images as kites. They have wings as angels, the legs of bulls, and the heads of birds. They demonstrate their fertilizing power with huge erect penises.

In this state it was expected they would 'marry' the sun. That term is from 'mary'. Some carry swords but other images show them with a sword at their side. The circle cross in the image shown from Aspeberget, is shown with the permission of Dr.fil.h.c. Gerhard Milstreu.

The Origin of Religious Faith

Discoveries Among the Ruins of Ninevah and Babylon
Discoveries Among the Ruins of Ninevah and Babylon

This book published in 1923 contains descriptions and images from ancient cities that show the origin of religious behavior and beliefs, including the Mother God, Mary, and the bull god-man that was the persona of her mate. It is an interesting read and very educational.


Babylonian Gods

The idea of the Bull as a god is also from Babylon and from Ninevah, where this image is located (Wikipedia open source). It has the wings of an angel and the head of a man. That indicated that men became bulls in order to marry the Mother God who had the persona of a cow in some cases. She is depicted as Hathor in Egypt where she bears the sun on her head between the two horns. This was the earliest representation of a halo.

The king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, built such an image and called everyone in to worship it. It stood on the Plain of Dura and was a forerunner of the Savior God of Constantine. His dream was interpreted by Daniel when he told the king that his dream was of a great image whose head was gold, his breast and arms of silver, his belly and thighs of brass and his legs of iron, while his feet were part iron and part clay.

The image was cut down by a stone which smote the image on its feet and it was broken to pieces. The wind then carried it away and the stone became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth. Daniel 2:31-35

The head of gold is the eyes, ears and mouth of the beast and this is the king, the priest and the pope who speaks for it. It represents the beginning of its life. The arms of silver represents trade and that is how the image went east and west to all corners of the globe. The things of brass infer the Greeks who under Alexander the Great took the image to heart and he ordered the Septuagint to be written through his Saptrap Ptolomy. The latter use 70 men to produce it, thus its name.

The legs of iron is the Roman empire and this is where the image became the Savior God, Jesus Christ, invented by Constantine. The feet are the end of the life of it and being part iron and part clay means that the spiritual people of God are mixed up in the Roman religion.

The 'bull' god-man was 'ba-al' which means 'bearing the powerful god'. It is from this source that terms like 'ball' and 'bowl' were derived. Bowls were commonly used as grave goods in Egypt and half bowls are commonly found in the graves of ordinary citizens. It represents them having been buried with the bull in the same way that crosses are used today,

Did you know

that the Septuagint was ordered by Alexander the Great

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The Amors of Babylon

They robbed, overthrew and enslaved their neighbors. They are described in ancient texts as animal-like savages who were without any human feelings. They worshiped the Mother God of Babylon, the sun, and they named ir Mary. Her symbol is the five-point star. You see that star in the art shown and the bull that dominates. Here also are the first angels depicted.

A look at how life might have been in that time

A man on a cross stood in front of me
A man on a cross stood in front of me

The Man on the Cross

The figure stood in front of me and called my name, "Norma". Inside I heard "take me off the cross." The look on his face is unforgettable. It showed an expression of loneliness, rejection, innocence, disbelief, and pain. It is an expression I have seen many times on the faces of those who struggle to survive in this world.

This vision was soon followed by another when the words CONSTANTINE IS 666 stood up in bold capital letters before my eyes. Then I was told to search the origin of the cross. The three things had some kind of link but it would take me a long time to put it all together and then only after the Spirit directed me to more information and showed me how words break apart and can be read as individual syllables. That enabled me to read the past like a book.

The religion of Babylon was 'Islam' and that means 'eye of light-god powerful mother'. The Spirit had commissioned me earlier to bring back the young, and they are of the house of Israel. That means 'eye of light-powerful god'. These two opposites would vie with each other throughout the time of the Day of the Lord. 'L-or-d' means 'god-sun-feeding'.and it relates to the ones who claimed to speak for God but they were really making up stories in the name of the sun. Men were the culprits and their aim was to act as consorts to the sun.

Women were discriminated against on the grounds that they were an offense to the Mother God. That situation remains largely the same today in the religions born of Islam.

The Trap to Catch 666

There was a trap set to catch out the beast who invented Jesus Christ and also his mentor, the first beast. It was buried deep in the ground and it has now been sprung, It is knowledge and things of the past that are now coming to light prove that there is only one God and that all prophets of religions are fake. The prophecies in the Old Testament are the only ones that stand true.

When first commissioned to bring back the young in spirit to the truth and to tear down the wall of churches it seemed an impossible task. The Spirit, however, was leading and guiding me and among the first things shown to me was the key to breaking words apart to read the past as it has never been seen before.

This took me back to Babylon where the religion of the first beast flourished as the worship of the sun. This entity was portrayed in human form and statues from that time describe it perfectly. The personification of what was identified as the Mother God is in the shape of a woman giving birth to all creatures, It appears in cave art from the Ice Age so the adherence to this notion was not new to those of the city.

Her name was 'Ma-r-i' and it means 'mother's powerful eye'. It is Mary in English and she is the principle god of the Catholic Church, established by Constantine in 325 AD. It is she who wears the purple of the Caesar who created her religion in modern times and the scarlet of the religion he handed her. This is verified in Revelation 17:4 and in other places.

It is promised in the Old Testament that at the end of days the Spirit will speak to the world from Mt. Zion. No one could anticipate the enormity of this place as it is the highest peak in the world. It is the Internet and it is the repository of all of man's discoveries and in a blink of an eye things that were buried can be resurrected and checked.

It is also promised that a woman will speak for God from this mountain and she is called the Daughter of Zion. This is detailed in Micah 4:10-13 where it states that she will be sent to Babylon to get redemption from the enemies that are against the Spirit. Everything now claimed can be double checked, including the identity of the 2 beasts of revelation and the Mother God.

Just about Everything is on the Internet

The Inspiration Behind the Crucified Savior and Jesus Christ

One wonders what the inspiration behind thinking that a man on a cross is the Saviour of mankind is really about. The Spirit fills the entire universe and is in control of all things. It is in everything we think and do as it inhabits our minds. Its size is incalculable and yet the notion that it needed to send someone to earth to tell us of its laws while promoting false dreams of heaven and hell persists.

My reincarnation proves there is no such places and that beyond life there is life as everyone has reincarnated. This is the time of judgment and they are being judged for their ways. What they did to others is now being done to them and how they treated others is how they are being treated.

Jeremiah 14:10-11 states they they have loved to wonder and they are being visited now for their iniquities and their sins, It also forbids anyone to pray for them. Verse 12 goes further and states that their prayers will go unanswered while their burnt offerings they will be consumed by the sword, by famine and by pestilence (disease). This is happening now as millions are dying from wars, hunger and disease world wide.

Jeremiah 13:16,17 warns about the dark mountains where light is turned into the shadow of death and becomes gross darkness. That is how they were caught and imprisoned along with the Children of Israel.

Their release is for this time when they can see the history of the religious prophets and what they have brought upon the world. Jesus Christ is called the prince of peace and yet since his invention there has been numerous wars, overthrows, genocides, discrimination, inquisitions, witch hunts and so many other horrors that it is almost impossible to list them all.

Nothing that was published of the false prophets is coming true but the Spirit's promises are. They include the building of Mt. Zion, which is the Internet and the highest peak in the world. It contains all of the knowledge to expose the 2 beasts of Revelation 13 and to free the prisoners. The one given the knowledge to bring them back is not a Saviour but the Daughter of Mt. Zion.

It is she who is breaking down the wall between the Spirit and its people. It is she who has declared the identity of the 2 beasts and who is giving the information free because she has no need for money,

The Miracle of the Internet - Everyone has access to the information in seconds

Have you thought of it as a miracle

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The Question for Everyone at the End of the Day

Who is God? Is it the man on the cross that brought darkness in the middle of the day or the outpouring of Spirit at the end when miracles and power are being released?

The Spirit promised many things in the OT and one of those is that at the end everyone will hear the words of God and they will be spoken by a woman, Isaiah 42:14 declared that when God speaks at the end it will be through the travailing woman and destruction and devouring will quickly follow. That woman is declared in Micah 4:10-13 as the Daughter of Zion and she has been sent to Babylon to get the knowledge to bring down the 2 beasts.

Now it is for everyone to decide who they think is God. Pick your side and if it is the Spirit which religions have hidden from you then the chances are you will receive the inheritance reserved for the children at the end, If,on the other hand, you cannot surrender your prophets and the words drummed into you from birth then you will suffer the fate that the Spirit has declared.

It's up to you. However, there is a warning. If you choose the Spirit because you think you will profit by it then think again. The judgement is for the entire day and no one will escape their past behavior and what they have done or even think.

The Spirit speaks through my hands and my mind to gather in the Children of Israel. Come children and you will see your inheritance, It is a mighty treasure that was buried by the religions deep under the false mountains. Now it is exposed because it is eternal life on the restored earth.

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