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Why should I be good? Salvation is free!

Updated on August 18, 2014

Why should I be good? Salvation is free!

Christians are generally concerned about being good and trying to be pleasing to God. Many give up and "hope" that God's grace will be sufficient to "cover" their sins and short comings. What many Christians don't know is that God's love and salvation are not dependent on our good works. On the other hand the bible has some harsh things to say for those who remain in sin and give up in the effort to overcome sin in their lives and practice good works.

This book unlocks the principles of the Word of God and shows just why each Christian should be good, stay away from sin and develop a life of holiness and good works. We can call these principles those of the overcomer. When Jesus wrote to the seven churches of Asia in Revelation chapters 1-3 He gave some stern warnings to the members of those churches and explained that He would give a differential treatment to those who overcome.

This book can be purchased on

Why should I be good? Print Edition
Why should I be good? Print Edition

Why Should I be Good? Salvation is Free!

Print Edition

Just published from Create Space

If you are interested in getting a free copy of this book send a message to: and ask how you can get yours.

I will gift each inquirer a kindle edition on (must have an account) and upon leaving a complete and fair review I will send the paperback version postage paid.

Resources concerning grace and salvation - Grace or good works?

This book is a beginning discipleship manual, highly practical and results and progress oriented.

Why should I be good? Salvation is free! - Saved by grace and rewarded by works, Calvinism with holiness
Why should I be good? Salvation is free! - Saved by grace and rewarded by works, Calvinism with holiness

This book talks about the journey from frustration to joy in Christian Ministry.

Strengthening the New Christian: Consolidating New Believers: Updated and Revised (The Vine International Basic Courses Book 2)
Strengthening the New Christian: Consolidating New Believers: Updated and Revised (The Vine International Basic Courses Book 2)

This book shares the basic principles that a more mature Christian should be passing on to younger Christians

The parable of the Sower: and other mysteries of Christ's Kingdom
The parable of the Sower: and other mysteries of Christ's Kingdom

This book is a reprint of the 10th chapter of Why should I be good? Salvation is free! It discusses the aspect of rewards and discipline during the kingdom reign of Christ during the Millennium.

Spiritual Maturity: Spiritual Growth for Reigning in the Kingdom of Heaven: Spiritual Growth for Reigning in the Kingdom of Heaven (The Vine International Basic Courses Book 1)
Spiritual Maturity: Spiritual Growth for Reigning in the Kingdom of Heaven: Spiritual Growth for Reigning in the Kingdom of Heaven (The Vine International Basic Courses Book 1)

Did you know that . . .

God created Adam and Eve and gave them a very specific command. He told them to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth. God’s original plan for man was for him to rule over the Earth. God’s plan for believers is also that they learn how to rule over their own lives and life's circumstances. This implies understanding how God made us, spirit, soul, and body. The teachings of the N.T. are directed at teaching the Christian how to be transformed and rule over his own life. This is done by knowing how to treat each aspect of the 3 parts of man. Through Scripture we learn how to activate our re-created human spirit, how to be transformed in soul and disciplined in body, how to walk by faith and use spiritual gifts . Herein lies the secret to spiritual growth and maturity that results in a walk by faith and an adequate preparation for the return of Jesus.

This course will teach you:

How to fully understand the plan of salvation

The plan of salvation is not part of God’s original purpose. The plan of salvation is merely a course correction because of the fall of man. God’s original plan was for man to rule over the earth but because he got distracted and fell into sin he became disqualified to fulfill God’s original plan. Therefore God elaborated the plan of salvation to restore what man lost in the garden so that he could continue with his original purposes and hasten the return of Jesus.

How to walk in the spirit

You will learn that at the fall, man died spiritually and thus was no longer able to walk in the spirit. There is only one way to be used of God and that is to walk in the spirit. Unfortunately most Christians can hardly recognize how a walk in the spirit differs from the natural walk of the soul. To walk in the spirit implies a walk by faith and not by sight, by the revelation of the Spirit rather than the pondering of the mind or the feelings of the emotions. The New Testament commands us to walk in the spirit, to pray in the Spirit, even to sing and to worship in the spirit. Nothing that we do for God is acceptable to Him unless we do it by walking in the spirit. Those who walk in the spirit do not depend on their intellect, their circumstances or their feelings.

How to be transformed

The Bible commands us to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. God’s Word teaches us how to be transformed in our emotions, our thinking and our desires. A transformed life implies a transformed soul. A transformed soul implies a renewed mind, renewed emotions and a renewed will.

How to walk by faith

The Bible also teaches us how to walk by faith by teaching us that whatever is not of faith is sin. In order to walk by faith it is necessary to walk in the Spirit since walking by sight is the same as walking in the flesh or according to the soul.

How to recognize the gifts of the Holy Spirit

In order to fulfill the purposes of God we must be able to do things that only God can do. Therefore we need gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is only through the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we can get the work done in order to prepare for the return of Jesus.

How to practice spiritual gifts

In order to practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit we must know how to identify spiritual gifts and how to apply them to our ministry. God gives spiritual gifts to all His people, and encourages us to seek after the best spiritual gifts as well as walk by faith.

What will happen at the return of Jesus Christ

The return of Jesus will occur on two distinct occasions. The first will be when he comes to rapture those who “have overcome”. The second will be when he returns in glory to set up his millennial kingdom and earthly rule during 1000 years.


In five words or less what is the most important priority of God concerning HIs people? - What is in the center of God's heart?

That I be good?
That I be good?

I asked this question on my Facebook page "Why be holy if salvation is by grace?" and to date 316 people answered the question:

In five words or less complete this sentence: God's central purpose is . . . .

Forty-five different answers were given. Here are the top five:

• To have a relationship with us - 127 votes

• To glorify Himself - 30 votes

• To redeem man through his Son - 24 votes

• Whatever pleases God - 16 votes

• To be worshiped by us - 14 votes

Forty-five answers from 318 people! That shows a lot of misunderstanding on what is most important! What about you?

In 5 words or less complete this sentence: God's central purpose is . . . .

See results

Amazon books - More resources about salvation, grace and the life of the Christian Overcomer

The following is a list of books available in paperback and Kindle version.

Why should I be good? Salvation is free! - Saved by grace and rewarded by works, Calvinism with holiness
Why should I be good? Salvation is free! - Saved by grace and rewarded by works, Calvinism with holiness


The grace of Calvinism reconciled with the holiness of Arminianism

Why should I be good? Salvation is free!

Calvinism with holiness - Saved by grace, rewarded by works

Have you ever asked yourself: Why should I be good aren’t Christians saved by grace? If so, then this book is for you!

There are two main theological lines of thought concerning salvation: Calvinism and Arminianism.

• Calvinism emphasizes God’s sovereignty

•Arminianism emphasizes man’s responsibility

•Calvinism claims we are saved by grace

•Arminianism claims we are saved through our own holiness

•Calvinism values imputed holiness

•Arminianism values practical holiness

•Calvinism claims eternal security

•Arminianism claims eternal rewards at the bema seat

•Calvinism implies that some are chosen for salvation and others are not

•Arminianism implies that it is up to us

•Calvinism risks superficiality

•Arminianism risks pharasitic judgment

Deep down inside of us we all ask a legitimate yet not very religious question: “Why bother with holiness if we are saved by grace as Calvinism assures us?

If you believe like a Calvinist, that believers are saved by grace apart from holiness which Arminianism claims as a necessary requirement then you must be able to answer the following questions . .

• Why would anyone strive after holiness?

• Why bother with holiness since defeated Christians will be saved by grace just as those who live in holiness?

• Why strive so hard after holiness? I can still get to heaven without it.

If you believe like an Arminian that believers are saved through works of holiness which Calvinism claims is not a necessary requirement then you must be able to answer the following questions . . .

• How much holiness is sufficient to be saved?

• What is the dividing line between having one sin short of hell and one sin long of heaven?

•How can anyone fulfill everything that the bible seems to require for salvation.

•If the Apostle Paul feared being disqualified from heaven, how can we stand a chance of making it to heaven?

Are you clear about the basis of your salvation, and are you good enough to be saved and keep your salvation?

This book reveals how losing salvation for lack of holiness is inconsistent with Bible doctrine which affirms that man is saved by grace. Holiness is necessary but the need for holiness is a separate issue in preparation for the bema seat of Christ.

This book does not promote laxity in the pursuit of holiness but motivation to make something of your life in Christ! Holiness is not a requirement for eternal security! Scriptures referring to rewards and punishment are often wrongly applied to salvation and damnation. It is a mistake to think that holiness is somehow tied to salvation. Christians need to be holy and blameless, but not to be saved! We are saved by grace through faith and not by holiness.

Every true Christian desires to be holy. The problem is many just don’t know how, some doubt that it is even possible, others wonder what difference living in holiness makes. This book makes an appeal to holiness by discussing what happens to Christians who have no good works when they face Christ at the bema seat.

The concept of the overcomer is introduced in this book and states that unlike Christians who are merely saved by grace, the overcomers will also inherit the kingdom of heaven as a reward for their holiness. Part of this reward is inclusion in the rapture when the great tribulation and the events of the end times begin to intensify.

The Eden Identity: Daring to live according to our God-given identity (There is more to life)
The Eden Identity: Daring to live according to our God-given identity (There is more to life)

In the beginning, there was no human crisis of identity. The first identity crisis arose after the fall of man. It is clear from scripture that God created man to rule in life and to enjoy his existence as it reflects God's image and likeness. If Adam and Eve had not sinned and all the generations of their offspring remained faithful to God's command not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, perhaps we would still be in the Garden of Eden, free from identity crisis, daily walking in God's presence and enjoying the experience of his Sabbath rest.

The reality is however, that man fell. The first couple fell. Yet, across the centuries and millennium, God in his sovereignty and infinite wisdom has offered not only solve our identity crisis, but to restore our exalted Eden identity and go even further in bringing us deeper into relationship with himself.

In this book, you will discover all of the ramifications of the restoration of the Eden identity and will yet discover further depths of the blessed unity that God offers through the death and resurrection of his Son.

Although God is willing to do marvelous things in and through your life, if the perception of your identity that your life experiences have assimilated within you are not in line with his Word, your ability to realize his plans for your life will be tremendously limited. As a result, you will fail to experience the abundant life for which Jesus suffered on the Cross and your influence as a Christian witness will be tragically limited resulting in needless loss for God’s kingdom.

Through this book, I invite you to take a voyage “back to your better future” in the restoration of your Eden Identity.

The Eden identity is founded upon the teachings of the Bible. The first chapter identifies five different levels of identity revealed in Scripture. The first level that the book identifies was taken from the book of Genesis where in the beginning the Bible says that God created man in his own image defining man as God's creation or as his creature. Man is superior to other creatures in that he is the only creature created in God's image and likeness.

The second level separates what the Bible calls the natural man or those who have not yet been born again and the spiritual man or those who have passed through the new birth and have become God's sons and daughters.

The third level touches on what the Bible calls the "adoption as sons" which simply means that a child of God has matured into an adult capable of taking on the responsibilities of representing his father's name.

The New Testament also identifies a further level of identity, which identifies God's sons and daughters as his coworkers. This level addresses the reality that God does his work on the earth through his coworkers who happen to also be his sons and daughters.

The final level of identity expressed through the Scriptures addresses friendship with God. God ultimately wants to progress his creatures, children, adult sons and coworkers to serve him as dear and close friends.

Chapter 3 presents the three roots of human identity. Most people in the world operate from a slave identity. They are subservient. Others operate out of a sanctimonious identity; they are the religious and judgmental among us. The third root, the one from which God desires that we think and act is the sanctified identity, which speaks of operating from the revelation of what God has made us to be advancing through the five levels addressed in the first chapter and recognizing that our identity is intrinsically bound up in God himself.

Chapter 3 addresses the crisis that God's people suffer as freed slaves and reveals the importance of casting off the "slave spirit" in order to properly serve God and experience the abundant life that Jesus promised.

There is more to life: Recovering what we lost in Eden
There is more to life: Recovering what we lost in Eden


In the Bible there are two words that have been translated into the English word "life". One is bios, which means biological life and the other is Zoe which is the life of God.

The Bible teaches us that God is eternal having no beginning and no end. Therefore Zoe means eternal life, or the life of God, and a life that has no end.

When the Bible talks about death, one of the main meanings is separation. Physical death is when the human spirit leaves the human body. Spiritual death is when the person is separated from the life of God.

The Bible teaches that it is appointed for man once to die and then to face judgment. This future judgment is part of what we could call life after death.

The Bible says that man was created in the image of God. This is the main difference between men and animals. Being created in the image of God indicates that there is something more in man than is in any of the animals. Man also has a spirit. So when a person dies their spirit separates from their body and we call that physical death. However the person continues to live spiritually since their spiritual existence is eternal. This is also what we call life after death.

There was a time when there were no angels, no men, no planets, no galaxies, nothing except God, yet he filled the entire universe. The purpose of God existed before the creation of the universe and still exists today and will exist forever.


Tragically many people interpret God's purpose as a reaction to the fall of man. Not to diminish the importance of salvation and redemption, but we must not think that God's eternal purpose is to merely save man. Salvation is not the final goal, but merely a course correction.

Evangelism and missions are very important, but they are not eternal. God’s eternal purpose existed before man's fall and will continue to exist after the Lord returns. God is one yet He exists as three, so we say that he is triune. Knowing that we were created in God's image, we understand that God the Father's purpose is for man to enjoy the same kind of life that he enjoyed with the Son and the Spirit and that he have a body to express his divine life and words to the world thus, he created man in His image and likeness.

To possess eternal life means to have the life of God. We can say that eternal life is represented by the relationship of the three persons of the Trinity, which is also called the House of God. God would not enjoy this life in isolation; he decided to live among his creation. God wants us to be partakers of His nature. We receive His life and thus live the same life that He lives, a life devoted to each other, the life of his body the Church. The real life of the Church must be the life with which the triune God lives. In Genesis 1:26 we read that God created man in his own image to have dominion, thus we see that there is a close relationship between image and dominion. God has included you in all of this!


Man sinned, lost the image of God and the authority attached to it. But, thank God, the image of the Lord is being restored in each of us individually.

Our focus has often been solely on the appearance of Christ in us, we are born again; have fellowship with the Father and receive the blessings of redemption. But to be in Christ is a corporate dynamic. We must abide in Him if we are to bear fruit. We abide in His Word and the fellowship of the Spirit, but abiding in Him also means abiding in the Body, the Church.

God's intention is to form a body that will become the full expression of Christ on earth (Eph. 1:22-23).

The head without a body is incomplete and a body without the head is useless. The body expresses the intent of the head. The head gives an order and the body executes it. The function of the church as the body is to express Christ.

House of Miracles: How to host a weekend encounter with God in your small group
House of Miracles: How to host a weekend encounter with God in your small group

House of Miracles operation manual. How to host an Evangelistic Weekend encounter retreat event for consolidating new members in the small group structure of an Evangelical Church.



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