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5 Reasons it doesn't matter whether God exists

Updated on June 14, 2012


Should we really be focussing on what is practically history in a time where war, poverty, famine, disease and homelessness is nigh?

Here are 5 reasons for why I believe God's existence, at the moment does not matter.

I subsequently believe that religion for now, also does not matter.

Is this really helping?
Is this really helping?

1. It takes time & effort

Religion takes time. Effort too.

  • Churches
  • Mosques
  • Synagogues
  • Pilgrimages
  • Prayer
  • Confessions

all take up time.

  • Male & Female Circumcision
  • Abstinence
  • Fasting
  • Not eating particular foods (beef -hinduism, pork, crab - judaism etc)
  • Spreading religion (Jehovah's witnesses, mormons, missionaries)

all take up effort.

When we have up to 3.5 billion people suffering from malnutrition, should we really be spending time fussing over traditional beliefs, food cleanliness and praying for people, when we could all be putting in our effort and time into actually helping them?

Should you really be reading this hub right now, comfortable with an internet connection when you know that there are people suffering all around the world?

How is going to church every sunday helping the 100,000,000 people who are homeless in the world?

My argument is that at this current time, when we still have huge world problems, should we really be distracting ourselves with religious beliefs? Would it not be better to shelve religious beliefs until we sort out humanity first, before moving onto cosmology?

Would the world not be better if the 6 billion religious people committed the time and effort they did to following guidelines of their religion to thinking about or physically aiding (via volunteer charity work every sunday morning for example) the less privileged?

This does not just count for the religious too, those without faith that spend their evenings pondering the existence of gods or our cosmology might also want to consider that their intellect and free thought may want to be channelled into something more useful for humanity.

In summary, with point 1. I do not want to discredit the likelihood of religions existing or the beliefs of the non religious. I do want to point out a contradiction in man made organised religion however. Religious people often consider themselves as moral beings made in the image of God or made so that would better the world. But actions speak louder than words. Every minute not spent putting effort into helping humanity, results in a worse humanity than we could have had.

Over 9 million people die every year because of hunger and malnutrition. 5 million are children.

Your efforts and aid each sunday that you would have otherwise spent in a church or similar could have saved at least one of those people.

As a human being, I ask you, what did you really expect your prayers to do?

2. It's Unfair

I see it is as unfair that some people have the luxury to sit and ponder life's purpose and it's existence whilst other people are struggling to stay in it. Have you ever considered that it is because you have no life threatening problems (fear of disease, murder) or life changing events such as going to prison, that you find yourself thinking about life's larger mysteries? If that is you, then I ask you whether it is more moral to set your life goal as helping humanity and humans than thinking about these problems. What do you think you would achieve if you prove or disprove God?

Why cannot we see our priorities?
Why cannot we see our priorities?

3. It's not practical

Spending all of this time on the existence of God and his purported wishes for mankind's behaviour is not even a worth while task in any case. It is much like counting all of the bricks in a brick wall, you will have accomplished the goal. But as far as practicality is concerned, I cannot see it changing the world all that much.

From what I have seen of religious people, I think that some of them would not change their faith even if a different God rang their doorbells and presented himself to them. And even if everyone did, what will it achieve? We would still have to set the goals of preventing pain and suffering for all of our fellow beings.

Why not reverse the steps, prioritise. Sort out humanity first, and then try to sort out our roots.

Cosmology - If there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it's got to be very, very, far away
Cosmology - If there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it's got to be very, very, far away

4. It may never happen

So far, in over 5000 years of searching we have come up with "we can't tell yet". From this alone, we might start to conclude that it may never happen. You might say "it's worth a try". But I once again must bring back priorities. Is it worth a try at the expense of countless lives? Why not make sure that we can live morally and sustainably on this planet for the next 5 billion years (when the sun burns out). That way, we'll have plenty of time to sort out our existentialism. We'll be there, and the question of cosmology certainly will be too.

Working to improve humanity is what Jesus would have done.
Working to improve humanity is what Jesus would have done.

5. It's what God would have wanted

At least most Gods. I would (perhaps boldly) claim that God wants us to be happy. Prioritising and making sure that we all survive and that there is equality within our society is the way to be happy.

No matter which faith you do/don't adhere to, why not make humanity's happiness the key factor in your philosophy. What kind of God would be upset because humans stopped going to church every sunday and instead worked with the homeless making shelters and contributing to happiness? What God would mind you not fasting once in a while so you can concentrate more on a thesis on how to improve sanitation in your local area? Would he be upset if you go on a strike for human rights instead of a pilgrimage?

All in all

All in all I firmly believe that at the moment, God's existence is something that we should not be worried about and for the sake of humanity, we must stop for now at least. Just for summary's sake, here are the 5 points again:

  1. It takes up time & effort
  2. It's unfair
  3. It's not practical
  4. It may never happen
  5. It's what God would have wanted

The summarising point of this entire hub is that it is pointless to spend time & effort on God(s).

  • This includes rules that he has made, because he also made the rule of not letting humans & animals die or suffer. It is indirect murder to spend your time on leisure when you know it can be helping humanity
  • Intellectuals that enjoy spending their time contemplating cosmology should find it more moral to redirect their energy into something that directly aids humanity.

To conclude: Both God(s) and Religion should wait until humanity is fixed.


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    • Seek-n-Find profile image

      Jenna Ditsch 3 years ago from Illinois

      Its been a long time! Greetings to you once again. :-) So here's something interesting: How would you explain this scenario? A friend of mine is out walking around. He senses God telling him to talk to a stranger. My friend senses that the stranger has pain in his back and neck from a car accident. He approaches the stranger--finds out he is an atheist--yet the stranger is could a stranger possibly know about his pain and that he had been in an accident? They talk. Atheist says his pain is a 8 out of 10 on a pain scale. He can't turn his neck all the way or bend down and touch his toes. Then my friend prays. The atheist feels a warm electricity-like feeling flooding through his body. He feels overwhelmed with a sense of love and power. His pain goes away completely--to a 0 out of ten. He can turn his neck. He can touch his toes. He is healed. Atheist believes God--he can't deny what he just encountered--it wasn't an argument that won him (though they exist) but an encounter with the very Being he'd for so long mocked. He is instantly set free from a drug addition. His marriage is restored--and his whole life is changed by this one encounter. Multiply this story by millions of such stories. I love logic and science and intellect and reasoning--it's great. But an encounter with God is all that a person truly needs. The rest becomes secondary when a person is healed, freed, and forever changed. Just wanted to share that. Blessings to you!!!

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 3 years ago from London

      Danny Taylor, I ask respectfully that when you make a claim you at least attempt to back it up in one way or another.

      Other than agreeing with what Borsia has so eloquently submitted, I shall add the following:

      "Its funny when atheists say to believe in god is an emotional decision"

      I'm not entirely sure who is saying this, but I say that to believe in god is an illogical decision.

      "but the anger against religion is what drives your beliefs!"

      No, the anger towards religion stems from the fallacy that underlines it. Whereas Christians typically offer no reason for their beliefs, citing faith or some vague incomprehensible and utterly useless statement such as:

      "once you learn to comprehend it you will understan why it is so obvious this world was created,"

      atheists tend to give some sort of reason such as 'there is no evidence for a god' or 'it is axiomatically impossible for a being to know everything' or 'even if there were a god, which has no evidence for it, it answers no more questions than saying the universe created itself'.

      Given the efforts many atheists make in rationalising their lives and choosing to live in a reasonable way, it is understandable that many find those people that judge what others do based on a book, the validity for which has no basis, as somewhat insolent.

      Lastly, and as a keen enthusiast of science I am intrigued:

      "The best scientists in their field actually believe in a god because of what they have discovered."

      I ask you courteously to name one such 'best scientist', explain why he is 'best' and then outline exactly what it is he has accomplished and how he has come to the certain conclusion that there is a god.

    • Borsia profile image

      Borsia 3 years ago from Currently, Philippines

      "atheism is turning out to be a passing phase as experts will tell you"

      Atheism is the fastest growing "belief" world wide. Hardly a passing phase by any means. Even in the US polls show that as many as 30% of people under 25 no longer believe in a functioning god that has any power in the world, if it exists or ever existed at all.

      Atheism is man coming out from under the dark cloud of superstition to explain the world. It is the natural outcome of education and understanding, which is why theists fear and fight education freed from religious dogma and always have.

      Every god that ever was, from the beginning, was created in the minds of men and exists solely in the imaginations of their believers. Documented only in works of fiction that fall apart under scrutiny. Defended by reading into them things that aren't actually there and calling it "translation".

      Take away these works of fiction and no gods stand on merit or action. Nothing hold them up against the wind of reason or the light of day. This is as true of the gods of today as it was of the ancient gods. It is as true of mainstream gods as it is of the obscure gods of tribes or cults.

      In the end the only logical conclusion is that no gods exist or ever have, the definition and sole premise of atheism.

    • Dannytaylor02 profile image

      Daniel Nathan Taylor 3 years ago from United Kingdom, Liverpool

      One other thing its not faith that makes people believe in god. Its faith that he will act as he has told us he will.

      Evolution has never been able to answer the question of life on earth again if you think that then you are brainwashed.

      Year after year science is making great strides, I suggest you keep up with scientific discovery as its moved on from Darwin.

      The best scientists in their field actually believe in a god because of what they have discovered.

    • Dannytaylor02 profile image

      Daniel Nathan Taylor 3 years ago from United Kingdom, Liverpool

      Haha those comments just prove that you have been brainwashed.

      That type of argument is becoming obsolete as well you will find that atheism is turning out to be a passing phase as experts will tell you, why? Because people have a problem with religion not god and also because society is finally getting over the atrocity of ww2.

      Its funny when atheists say to believe in god is an emotional decision but the anger against religion is what drives your beliefs!

      There is a difference between understanding creation and comprehend ing it, once you learn to comprehend it you will understan why it is so obvious this world was created

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