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Why our Nation is in Peril - from a Christian Perspective

Updated on October 24, 2008

If this gets your attention, may you be moved to act.


My friend Carol sent this to me and I encourage all to read it. It is a profound teaching and some of it may be lost on those lacking spiritual maturity. I would still encourage reading it in it's entirely however, to glean what one can, and I'm confident most of what is presented will make sense, be seen as an 'interesting perspective' at the very least. It correlates what is happening in our society today with prophecy and ties in historical examples.

This is encouraging for us that belong to God; knowing who He is and what He is capable of, yet to me, I also see it as further confirmation it is high time the Body of Christ gather and repent of pride, apathy, first love having gone cold, and cry out to God for deliverance and restoration. When I say restoration, I'm again talking about a place of Him being our first love and priority which also results in love instead of fear, self-lessness, peace, confidence, boldness, joy (despite our circumstances) and power. This is not a battle of flesh and blood after all. Perhaps it's time we organize, or participate in, a community prayer gathering in each of our respective areas.

With Love -


Below is quoted text from Francis Frangipane.

"Jesus gave the last hours of this age a poignant headline. He called this period "The Great Tribulation." The word rendered tribulation means "grievous affliction or distress; pressure or burden upon the spirit." As we move closer toward the end of this age, we should expect that catastrophic distresses and pressures on man shall increase.

Added to the increasing stress of our times is the decreasing desire of government and society in general to restrain moral decadence. We live in a time when a significant portion of our society is in open and defiant rebellion toward God. The prophetic words of Psalm 2 are being fulfilled before our eyes: World and local leaders "take their stand and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His Anointed" (verse 2). As they renounce moral values, their militant cry is, "Let us tear their fetters apart and cast away their cords from us!" (verse 3).

Jesus warned of this day, saying, "Because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold" (Matthew 24:12). If you are one who has resisted the increasing darkness, you know how intense and multifaceted the battle is. Whether you are fighting to remedy an injustice in your community or just trying to keep your family together, barely do we make headway in one area before five other areas are breeched.

In spite of breakthroughs occurring in several cities, many good people have grown weary. They are just going through the motions. The prophet Daniel warned of a time when the enemy would "...wear down the saints of the Highest One" (Daniel 7:25). To emerge victorious in this day, we must climb into the reality given to us by God in Psalm 91. There is a place of replenishing life - a fountain of eternal life where we can abide. The Bible calls this place the shelter of the Most High.

Elijah: a Man Like Us

Elijah was a man with passions like ours, and he fought in a spiritual war similar to ours. In his battle for the soul of Israel, he stood against the wiles of Jezebel and her husband, King Ahab. Yet his most intense battle was not against visible foes but against personal discouragement.

As bold as Elijah was, he lived as a fugitive moving in and out of caves and places of hiding. Jezebel had murdered nearly all of the Lord's prophets, replacing their godly influence with the dark, satanic oppression accompanying the priests of Baal and the Asherah. A new initiative, however, had come from the Lord: Both Elijah and the prophets of Baal were to build altars, each to the deity they individually served. The God who answered with fire would be acknowledged as Lord over the nation.

King Ahab and all Israel came to the confrontation. Try as they may, the priests of Baal could draw no response from their demonic idol, Baal. In dramatic contrast, at Elijah's prayer, fire immediately fell from Heaven and consumed his sacrifice. This was Elijah's greatest victory. And when the Israelites saw the display of God's power, they bowed to the ground saying, "The Lord, He is God; the Lord, He is God" (1 Kings 18:39).

But the Lord was not finished. After Elijah had the priests of Baal executed, he went to the top of Mount Carmel, and, kneeling face down, he prayed seven times for rain until the Lord brought a great downpour that ended a devastating three-year drought. On this one day, both fire and rain miraculously fell from Heaven!

Perhaps if this tremendous day had occurred at almost any other time in Israel's history, the nation would have repented, but it did not. Baal worship should have ended, but it continued. In fact, nothing changed. Instead of the revival that Elijah envisioned, the opposite occurred: an enraged Jezebel vowed to kill the Lord's prophet, spurring Elijah to flee into the wilderness. There Elijah collapsed, exhausted and despondent, beneath a juniper tree. "'It is enough; now O Lord,' the weary prophet prayed, 'take my life, for I am not better than my fathers'" (1 Kings 19:4).

Elijah had offered the Lord his very best effort. This day had been the culminating event of his life. Elijah had prayed that Israel would know the Lord was their God and that, in response, the Lord would turn Israel's "heart back again" (1 Kings 18:37). Yet, like the prophets before him, Elijah could not trigger revival for Israel. Discouragement overwhelmed him. He had had enough.

Have you been to the point of spiritual or emotional exhaustion where you too have said, "It is enough"? Perhaps you were frustrated by your own inability to effect positive change in your family or you've fasted and prayed for your church or society but no visible change occurred. You gave your all but found little success. Disheartened and weary like Elijah, all your resources were spent.

Elijah laid down and slept. As he did, an angel touched him and said, "Arise, eat" (1 Kings 19:5). At his head were bread and water. Elijah, weary with life itself, ate and withdrew back into sleep.

Once more the angel touched him. "Arise," he said "Eat, because the journey is too great for you" (verse 7). For all our visions, plans, and programs, the journey before each of us is also "too great." Indeed our journey is divinely designed to be too great for us. The Lord has no plan where we succeed without Him. Life is so constructed to drive us to God.

Back to Our Foundations

"So [Elijah] arose and ate and drank, and went in the strength of that food forty days and forty nights to Horeb, the mountain of God" (1 Kings 19:8).

The Lord gave Elijah strength, not to send him back to battle but to bring him back to basics. If we become more consumed with our task than we are with our love for God, our lives will eventually become brittle and desolate. To restore our souls, the Lord brings us back to the essentials of our faith. Indeed, He might even stop our labors completely and direct us to the simpler realities of prayer, time in the Word, and worship. He reminds us that, of all He calls us to accomplish, His greatest commandment is to love Him with all our "heart...soul...mind...and... strength" (Mark 12:30). Without this focus, we lose touch with God's presence; we are outside the shelter of the Most High.

The Lord brought Elijah to "Horeb, the mountain of God." In Hebrew, Horeb means "desolation." [Hebrew: Charab - to make desolate.] The barren environment mirrored Elijah's soul. Yet to God, Horeb was actually a place where the issues of a man's heart were flushed to the surface. There is no theater at Horeb, no acting. It is the place of unembellished honesty and core-to-surface transparency.

How Did You Get Here?

Perhaps Elijah's greatest virtue was his zeal. Indeed, twice in his communication with God, Elijah speaks of having been "very zealous" for the Lord. But zeal unaccompanied by wisdom eventually becomes its own god. It compels us toward expectations that are unrealistic and outside the timing and anointing of the Lord.

To remain balanced, zeal must be reined in and harnessed by strategic encounters with the living God. Otherwise we become frustrated with people and discouraged with delays. We step outside our place of strength and spiritual protection.

Elijah had come to Horeb and lodged there in a cave. Soon the Word of the Lord came to him: "What are you doing here, Elijah?" (1 Kings 19:9). This is one of the most important questions God will ever ask us. His question probes the reality of our spiritual state: "How did your service to Me become dry and desolate?" God wants us to know that when we fail to esteem Him as our first love, we will always find a desert awaiting us.

Our primary purpose in life must be to abide in Christ. Otherwise we can become so consumed with the deteriorating condition of the world that we fail to see the deteriorating condition of our own soul. In His love, the Lord stops us and forces us to look honestly at our heart: Is this existence that I now live the abundant life promised me from Christ?

Let's speak candidly. We have nothing to prove and no need to pretend. We can abandon the internal mechanisms of defensiveness and pride. If we are disappointed, we are free to express it; if frustrated, we can admit it. We must simply and truthfully evaluate, without rationalization, our true spiritual condition.

Lord, reveal to me my heart. Bring to the surface of my consciousness those disappointments and heartaches, as well as my sins and failures. Remove the cargo of oppression from my soul. Help me, Master, to lie still as You perform heart surgery on me.

Transparency is the outer garment of humility, and humility draws the grace of God to our hearts. Is not intimacy with God the very thing we most neglect? And is not the Lord alone our source of strength in battle? If the enemy can distract us from our time alone with God, he will isolate us from the help that comes from God alone.

Let us, therefore, approach the living God without any garment other than transparency.

A Fresh Anointing

As the pressures of this age escalate, we will soon discover that yesterday's anointing will not suffice for today's battles. The Lord brought a new beginning to Elijah's life at Horeb - one that would ultimately release a "double portion" of power to Elijah's successor, Elisha. Under this new anointing, Jezebel would be destroyed, Baal worship abolished, and the only period of revival the northern tribes ever experienced would begin.

To reach a similar place of breakthrough, it will take more than the momentum of our own zeal. We should not be surprised if God calls us to pass through our own Horeb.

How will we recognize this place? Horeb is the voice of personal desolation; it is the desperate compelling of our heart to possess more of God. We must now listen carefully to the voice of God. For it is at Horeb that He brings us deeper into Himself. It is here, under the canopy of His compassion, that we discover the purpose of our brokenness: our desolation is, in fact, a time of preparation.

The Lord is about to bring a new beginning to you. When you return to the battle, you shall war from the shelter of the Most High.

Lord Jesus, apart from You, my life is dry and desolate. Forgive me for trying to do Your will without abiding in Your presence. I desperately need You, Lord. This day, I commit my heart to return to my first love. Teach me, Lord, to consider intimacy with You the greatest measure of my success. Let me see Your glory; reveal to me Your goodness. Guide me, Oh Holy Spirit, into the spiritual fortress of the presence of God. Amen.

Francis Frangipane


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  • profile image

    mikeq107 9 years ago

    Your very welcome :0)


  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Mike for the visit and the encouraging comment! I receive it -glory and praise to the Lord!

  • profile image

    mikeq107 9 years ago

    I'm praying His kingdom come and will be done on earth as in heaven, that us believers would rise up, under the anointing of His Spirit, moving in wisdom, courage, power and strength.

    Christine ;0)

    That is it right there in a nut shell.....great Hub mike ;0)

    I`m so glad you listened when he called you out !!!! and your are doing and going to do great things in his name!!!!

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Rob for visiting, commenting, sharing your thoughts. I hear, understand and agree with most of what you are saying.  We are in good hands - because of that, we can experience peace.  I don't know how those without Him can experience the same.  I'm not praying for more time, I'm praying His kingdom come and will be done on earth as in heaven, that us believers would rise up, under the anointing of His Spirit, moving in wisdom, courage, power and strength.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  • Rob Jundt profile image

    Rob Jundt 9 years ago from Midwest USA

    Christine, this is a very powerful message. I have a few friends who are not practicing Christians who seem very open to THE MESSAGE during these times.

    With all the signs pointing to more difficulty ahead, we must always be ready to defend our faith.

    Scripture reminds us how the ways of wicked men will be used to smelt the pure from the unpure.

    My prayers are for further zeal and obedience. We as Christians are in the world (therefore we have to abide by God's ordained rulers) but we are not of this world. This is the lens we have to see through.

    All the trials we see today, in some fashion, God's people Israel faced when they forsook the living God.

    We in America have forsaken the living God. I'm convinced of this. Have our sins reached the most high to the point of judgment? I think so.

    Can we pray for more time? Yes... Are we guaranteed? No!

    The sovereignty of the almighty God will not be shaken. I often struggle with the fear we face in this world coupled with the knowledge that everything affecting us has already been filtered through God's will for our ultimate purity.

    Fear is one of the evil one's greatest weapons. We need to stand firm in our convictions.

    God's word tells us the ending.

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    HI Ty -

    Thanks for visiting and commenting although I can't take credit for most of the content of my post....I gave a word in church a few weeks ago that was along those lines, without so much depth and detail, and without using a Biblical illustration or example. A few people affirmed it was right on.

    Thanks for sharing that word that was given to sounds very fitting from what I know of you.

    God is good, all the time.


  • Tyhill27 profile image

    Tyhill27 9 years ago from Red Deer, Alberta

    Hi Christine, that was wonderful! I would expect you to use the story of Elijah, and I don't think it could have been presented by comparison any better than what I read! How true it is that we are in our own story with our own problems and issues that face our day very much the same way. I have certainly felt the pressure of the hard times. I must admit that I to have come to desolation. But like Elijah we must never lose faith! About three years ago I got a written word of God and I believe it with all my heart and keep it in a safe place. This is what it says,Tyrel, God desires for you to remain strong and steadfast, His desire for you will come to pass. He is raising you up to be a warrior – the battle is great, but He will uphold you. So remain strong and steadfast in Him. Praise the Lord God Almighty. I believe this for you too Christine. Although I’m sure God has spoken to you.

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    HI Eddie and AllShookUp - Thanks for commenting (further ASU) and sharing.

    You both have beautiful hearts and I appreciate your love for Him and desire for others to experience Him in their lives as well. I hope seeds have been planted ASU....I can relate to the ache and frustration....sounds like God has given you His heart for the lost as well.

    Eddie, I agree with her comments about you.

    Bless you both.

  • allshookup profile image

    allshookup 9 years ago from The South, United States

    eddie, it's hard to see anything but kindess and meekness in you. Traits of a true Christian. I'm honored to know you.

  • profile image

    Eddie Perkins 9 years ago


    You are right in quoting the Word of God – that is what God promised to bless. (Hebrews 4:12)

    I certainly believe we should witness in the power of the Holy Spirit. My dream is to see a World Wide Web Witness. w.w.w.w. where believers share their salvation testimony without their distinctive denominational doctrines and have them all linked together.

    I also believe there is a place to stand up for the truth – when the Holy Spirit nudges me to do so and gives me the Word and Power to witness. Acts 1:8

    However, I’ve seen argumentation in the flesh do more harm than good. It never convinced the enemies and it turned away the ones who were open to hearing. It seems to have something to do with “pulling up the weeds”.

    As for taking it personal, it is only natural when someone attacks the lovely Name of Jesus. I had a man curse that beautiful Name in my presence one day, then tell me to “preach to him”. I responded: “My Lord told me not to cast my pearls before the swine”. He was silent. Less than a week later, he came to me and asked me to pray for him.

    You have not made any mistakes that the others of us haven’t made. The important thing is for us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirits leading.

    I appreciate your kind comments. ~ eddie

  • allshookup profile image

    allshookup 9 years ago from The South, United States

    Eddie, You are right about the forum. I have been guilty of going there trying with all that is in me to get those people to see God's love and how to get to Heaven to the point of typing the Romans Road to Salvation and explaining it and how to pray when asking for forgiveness and accepting Christ as Savior. Only to be called a liar. I have since backed off of the forums. I put the Word there word for word. Because I didn't want them to feel that it was my opinion, but God's Word is where the information came from. I pray that someone will come along and read the posts and be touched by the Spirit. I feel there are people out there searching for God, whether they know it or not. So, my prayer is that one of them find something useful that I typed in there maybe. I have been guilty of trying to defend God when they have called Him ugly names. I took it personal since He is my Lord and Savior. But, that was the flesh. My heart knows that God doesn't want me to argue, but only to state things. Being forgiven, I have moved on away from those types of things. As always Eddie, good post and I have to say your meekness comes through in all of your posts. I admire that.

  • profile image

    Eddie Perkins 9 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing. We all need a wake up call from time to time. It is so easy to become focused on "doing" instead of "being".

    Even in trying to "do good" for our Lord, we can easily forget that we can't do anything for Him. If it is truly His work, He must do it through us because it is a spiritual work. We can do nothing without Him.

    As I see it, that is the problem when we try to argue with the unbeliever on hub pages. They are blinded by Satan, They are dead and we are not able to restore blind eyes or raise the dead. That is God's job, not mine. 

    There, I did it again. Sorry. This is a great hub and I appreciate you sharing. ~ eddie 

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Einron, Sir Dent and All Shook Up (love the new picture, it actually being of you ASU....).

    Back to point, glad you appreciated it and I agree, Francis Frangipane did an awesome job delivering that word.

    Look forward to the hub you're working on Sir Dent, and like VP, I love your symbol of hands lifted in praise and worship....hope you don't mind if I borrow it from time to time!  It is also evident you love His Word!  Me too although there are days when I miss out...could use a little more discipline!

    AllShookUp, I too can identify with Elijah....been receiving a teaching lately about the new wines we are to honor and respect the old wine skins, and there is a place for them, but room for the new also has to be made.  Perhaps the reason so many churches these days are having different worship service "flavors" available if you know what I mean.  I think prophetic people do 'naturally' encounter more frustration but you are right, we just need to bow down before him. Be in the Word (as you know, He is the Word who came in the flesh!), pray, be still ....and as I believe Einron stated, Jesus is the Bread of Life...these are all ways we can commune with him.

    Blessings to all three of you!

  • allshookup profile image

    allshookup 9 years ago from The South, United States

    I really needed this hub this week. I'm thankful you took your time to do this. I think it's hard not to feel like Elijah, at some point, for most Christians. To feel you have worked as hard as you can and you become so tired and feel that you have accomplished nothing. I have been there. It's those times when you are face down in prayer, when you are totally spent, that you can feel His touch and know that you have made a difference for Him. And you can gain strength in that.

    I'm so thankful to have our Source to be there at all times to give us what we need when we need it. Blessings.

  • profile image

    SirDent 9 years ago

    It is an awesome message well written and presented for ease of undersatanding. I read something earlier that kind of opened my eyes to some things. I will most likely be writing about it very soon. But it is in Matthew chapter 24.

    Mat 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

    The rest of the chapter is pretty amazing and prophetic also in a way that I hadn't seen before. Glory to God! \o/ I just love His Word!!!

  • einron profile image

    einron 9 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

    Well written and to the point. Thank you.

    Elijah was human and he showed his weakness but was touched by an angel in his dispair and he did eat and recovered. We must continuously partake of the Holy Communion (eat of the flesh of the Lord to regain strength) To partake of the Bread is to renew our belief in the Lord Jesus who is our strength.

    God bless both of you.

  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Thanks Ben and Sam! Glad we are in one accord!

  • soyelude profile image

    soyelude 9 years ago from Lagos - Nigeria

    This is very apt and succinct. This is indeed a divine wake-up call! Thank you Chrissy for the awakening.

  • Ben Bush profile image

    Ben Bush 9 years ago from Central Texas


    Very appropriate words for our time.

    Thank you for posting this.


  • christinekv profile image

    christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

    Glad you appreciated it Gma, it sure does seem timely, doesn't it? Thanks for saying we need to be prepared for His return, to that I say, "Amen."

  • G-Ma Johnson profile image

    Merle Ann Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

    Very well presented and a very wisely spoken piece. I do feel the people of our world are all feeling desolate, deprived and wondering...with the fighting, the terrible weather, fires, earthquakes, businesses folding , people losing their jobs and houses, the government is so terrible..the laws of God are just being ignored...2012 is soon to be here and I do believe that the Christ will return at this time...and each of us needs to be prepared for His return...This is like a wake up call...Thank you /chrissty for this hub...G-Ma :o0 hugs