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Wiccan Altar Supplies

Updated on January 20, 2014

Must Have Supplies For Wiccan Altars For Spells And Rituals

As a Wiccan you will need several Wiccan altar supplies that will help you in your regular rituals. When you're just starting out, you won't have many things, and you might not even know for sue what witchcraft supplies you will all need.

There are two ways to go about it: either you start buying and gathering your supplies bit by bit as your time and money allows, or you buy the minimum that you need in one go in a witchcraft starter kit, which will cost you a bit more, but will give you a head start in practicing your ritual.

There are many great wiccan starter kits to get you going and they don't cost all that much. In fact, you might save money with a kit as opposed to trying to find every single bit one at a time (sometimes at huge prices).

For example here is a starter kit for Wiccans that you can get right away. It contains candles of all colors, candle holders, 6 magic herb packages, essential oils for your rituals, a potbelly cast iron cauldron, an athame, an altar tile, the necessary altar cloth, real sea salt and sea shells, a ritual feather, an abalone shell, incense and charcoal. These are the perfect supplies for any Wiccan altar without going overboard.

Wiccan Outdoor Altar

Wiccan Outdoor Altar
Wiccan Outdoor Altar
indoors Wiccan altar
indoors Wiccan altar

What All You Need For Your Altar As A Wiccan

My friend is a Wiccan for many years and I've seen her altar over and over again in her home. If you want to practice at home by doing spells and rituals, you need an altar for your daily work. These are the things that my friend has on her little table:

* First of all the table is best to be made of wood or metal. Also while small is good, it should be big enough to fit all the tools and supplies needed for the daily work. Basically the altar is the link between you as a Wiccan and the earth itself.

You can easily set up the altar inside the house or outdoors, as you can see in the image above. I do prefer indoor ones, but it's really a matter of personal preference (and of course, if you're living in an apartment building, setting it outside is not really recommended).

* The altar cloth is used to avoid spilling anything on the table. In addition if the cloth has one of the Wiccan symbols on it, it strengthens the link.

* The wand helps focusing your power to one particular area. Of course the wand is not magickal as in Harry Potter books or movies, however they can be used for healing or for many other purposes.

Unless you're buying your wand, if you create your own it's best if you do it during the new moon because this way the wand is like a blank page with no imprints on it at all.

* The athame is basically a double bladed knife with the length no bigger than 9". It should not be used to cut anything material. It is only used to draw magic circles and in spells. If you ever cut anything real with it, you should get yourself a new athame.

* The goblet of wine (or juice) is used in the various rituals and celebrations. Once the ritual is over, any unused wine or juice should be disposed of to give to spirits and to the earth.

There are many other tools and supplies that Wiccans use, such as a dish of salt, a candle with its candle holder, incense, a cauldron, but once you have the basics, you can build up your altar over time - or you might decide that you only need a few supplies at best.

Here is another Wiccan altar used indoors with a few different tools included.

Image credits: Creative Commons Flickr

Custom Designed Witchcraft Starter Kit

If you don't want to wait until you build up your altar bit by bit, tool by tool, here is a starter kit that has everything you need to get started doing spells and rituals right away.

Altar Cloth

purple altar cloth
purple altar cloth

Purple Pentacle Altar Cloth

The pentacle altar cloth is one that most Wiccan use. While some cloths don't have a pentacle on them, it is best if you get one with the symbol already on the cloth, like this one here.

Made of 100% rayon with fringes, this cloth will make any Wiccan altar proud.

How Do You Feel About The Idea Of A Wiccan Altar?

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Altar Table

wiccan altar table
wiccan altar table

AzureGreen Large Pentagram Altar Table

This Wiccan altar table is my favorite. Made of the beautiful sheesham wood, it has an inlaid pentagram carved. I personally prefer altar tables with a pentagram because it reinforces and strengthens the positive energy of the pentagram.

This is perfect if you don't have a large place for your rituals, as the table is not overly big. Let's face it many flats, apartments and condos today are awfully small, so finding a great place for your ritual can become at times quite cumbersome. With this small table that you can put practically everywhere, you'll have just the perfect place for your Wiccan rituals.

Round Tree of Life Altar Table

New Age Imports Round Tree of Life Altar Table
New Age Imports Round Tree of Life Altar Table

Here is another favorite of mine, I love this tree of life design on the top which gives the right energy for your daily rituals and spells.

The table is small (only 6") and it fits pretty much everywhere, even in the tiniest of flats or apartments if you do the rituals at home.


Altar Candles And Candleholders

Set of 11 Spell Chime Candles

Set of 11 Spell Chime Candles (11 different colors)
Set of 11 Spell Chime Candles (11 different colors)

Set of 11 candles. These unscented candles can be used for ritual, prayers, blessings, or to warm up any ambiance. Each candle burns for approx. 2 hours and measures 4" tall x ½" thick.



Natural Black Obsidian Divination Crystal Ball With Stand

Amlong Crystal 2" (50mm) Natural Black Divination Sphere Crystal Ball with Stand
Amlong Crystal 2" (50mm) Natural Black Divination Sphere Crystal Ball with Stand

When it comes to ritual work, part of it is divination with a crystal ball. Not all Wiccans use it, but if you learn crystal gazing, you will have access to a very powerful tool that comes from within.

This is a beautiful pure black obsidian crystal sphere measuring aprox. 2" (50mm) in diameter. This is not glass, but pure natural black volcanic rock, polished to a mirror finish. Perfect for divination.


Wiccan Chalice

wiccan chalice
wiccan chalice

Wiccan Chalice Silver Plated Pentagram

The Wiccan chalice is an important tool on any witche's altar.

This is a beautiful Silver plated Chalice with the pentagram symbol. It can fit any altar size. A pentagram is engraved on opposing sides of this food and drink safe chalice.

It is silver plated and easily cleaned using common silver polish. Standing 5" high, with its spiral rope styled stem, this chalice is perfect for altar use or even just for decoration.

Wiccan Pendulums

Amethyst Wiccan Pendulum
Amethyst Wiccan Pendulum

Amethyst 6 Faceted Wiccan Pendulum

The Amethyst can be used to increase psychic awareness, to sharpen the 'sixth sense'. Because of this, many people keep a crystal with their I-Ching, tarot, or Rune tools. It is considered a very spiritual stone.

This smooth amethyst pendulum is counter balanced with a six sided point on this opposite end of its chain. Let the qualities of the Amethyst gemstones aid you in your divining by enhancing / complimenting your intention behind the task.

It comes with a 6 1/2" chain chain and a small amethyst ball at the very top for extra balance and purpose.


Deva Diva Fairy Queen Athame
Deva Diva Fairy Queen Athame

Deva Diva Fairy Queen Athame

The Wiccan athame should not miss from any ritual altar. This double edged ceremonial dagger is NOT for any physical cutting. It is used for channelling and directing psychic energy during magical ritual work.

With butterfly wings and a delicate, sensual demeanor she is the is the embodiment of the titillating glamour of the fairy folk. Coming with a sheath that allows you to fix the Athame to your belt, this piece is perfect either for your woodland ceremony or for that ritual you craft over your altar at home.

Magick Wand

Pagan Rosewood Wand

Pagan Rosewood Wand
Pagan Rosewood Wand

The wand is a very popular tool in Wiccan rituals, one that should be not missed from the Wiccan altar.

With deep red, brown, and black coloring, Hondorus Rosewood is perhaps most famous for its use in fine woodworking and it's perfect for making Wiccan wands from it.

When you buy your want, just like buying any other tools for your altar, you need to charge them with your energy.


Did You Know

Instead of using an athame you can use a magic wand that you craft yourself. And for a free alternative, until you build up your altar with the basics, you can simply use your fingers to direct the energy. Many magicians (not only witches) are using their index finger instead.

Witchcraft Tools Your Athame Your Wand Your Finger

Pentagram Tile

Pentagram Altar Tile
Pentagram Altar Tile

Pentagram Altar Tile

The pentagram altar tile is an integral part of any Wiccan altar. It is used to enhance the magic ritual.

Basically you place the tile on your table on top of the altar cloth and use it to charge or bless your items.

This is a heavy weight, metallic disk with a carved out interwoven pentacle at its center. Ideal as a small altar pentacle.

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Welcome to my Wiccan Altar Supplies lens. Please leave your comments below.

Wiccan Altar Supplies Guestbook

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    • riverdark profile image


      5 years ago

      These are wonderful, quality, authentic items that are a true gift for anyone serious about this Path.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i am planning on when my roommate n i find a new place where i will have my own private space to practice to start over & get all new altar supplies. im going to keep some of my things that i have, but most will be space, new supplies. just wish we had a supply store close by, we have nothing around here.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      We are just starting out, so this is great. Our shop closed down a few years ago now, very sad. Blessed be.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice selection. We used to sell altar supplies on E-bay and did very well. There are a lot of people that do not have access to a metaphysical shop in their area and would love to shop here.

    • kislanyk profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Cyprus

      @Frugal Bride: Yep, they're in my Wiccan Books For Beginners lens (linked just above the Guestbook)

    • Frugal Bride profile image

      Frugal Bride 

      6 years ago

      I have the biggest urge to shop for supplies right now! I want that celtic pentagram table so bad. Do you have any recommendations for Book of Shadows?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Fascinating info. One of the wonderful things about Squidoo is the wealth of info that is available here. Thank you for creating this lens. I especially liked your video.

    • lexxsweet profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm actually writing a lens now about my dream altar, but I've seen many of these things before... It's lovely that they are so readily available.

    • WoodlandBard profile image


      6 years ago

      wow, all this stuff, I had better start a wish list :-)


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