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What If?

Updated on April 3, 2011

Is This One Big Dream?

Ha I wish. Seriously tho what if everything we're experiencing is just an extremely vivid dream?  For some this would be a relief, it'd give them a second chance at life give them the chance to be able to do things differently and actually make something of themselves. For others, not so much, it's a depressing thought because they live a good and happy life and having to start over and get it all back wouldn't be fun.

For me it'd be a little bit of both. It'd be nice to erase some of the mistakes I made throughout my seventeen years of life. On the other had those mistakes play a big part in who I am today. Lets assume for a second that somewhere in my life I had a terrible accident that I shouldn't of walked away from but did. Now what if me just 'walking away' is actually me going into a coma and dreaming that I just got up and was fine. What if that's what being in a coma is? Just one long dream of us living our lives and upon our death bed we 'wake up' so to speak.

With that in mind I ask myself why try for something that could possible not matter at all? My answer for that is because even if this is a dream might as well  make it a good one, am I right? Dreams. Dreams are really quite strange if you think about it because its basically making up an alternate event in your head. How's that even possible? We are just organisms and our brain is like a circuit board that shoots off neurological signals which makes up our movements, thoughts, and emotions. That's extremely complex and if by some random chance that we, as a species, are a random make up of atoms and molecules that evolved over time to be able to have such complex feelings, thoughts, and reactions then in my opinion we will be able to give machines the exact same thing. Artificial Intelligence is possible sure it might be a little bit down the road but with the technological advances we've already made I bet I'll live to see at least the begging of this project.

Inception. I also believe this to be possible, being able to link human beings together in a dream world. Why not? We all have the ability to dream so there has to be away to link peoples minds together for the purpose of enjoying dreaming with multiple people. If we did discover this though i have to ask the question as to why we'd ever wake up from our dreams? If a select group of friends and myself were able to spend eternity together being able to do whatever we want, whenever we want then what's the point of living in a crappy world where I don't have control of the events that occur around me. That's my question for you, would you rather live this life you live know or have the chance to start over a new or spend an eternity with a few close people doing what you want?


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