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winning nuggets for goal getters.

Updated on December 17, 2015
  • Financial game is the expressway to financial grave.
  • Until a sense of mission is applied; a life of impact is not guaranteed.
  • The depth of your gratitude determines your altitude.
  • The use of your brain determines the rate of your gain.
  • Hard work is the sure escape from hard life.
  • Meditation gives birth to knowledge and knowledge compels divine manifestation.
  • When you refuse to change, you end up in chain.
  • Praying without planning is playing without knowing.
  • Impact is a product of insight.
  • Until you become a committed thinker you don’t become a commander.
  • It is light in you that determines the life in you.
  • A discovery is the guarantee for a recovery.
  • The quality of your knowledge is what commands your result.
  • Until you change from slothfulness to diligence and from time wasting to time investing, a life of impact remains a daydream.
  • New revelation produces new result and new result gives birth to a new lifestyle.

  • It is the giving grace that makes the journey of life great.
  • God is all you need to have all your needs met and faith is all it takes to get God to work, but understanding is all that faith requires to come alive.
  • Kingdom financial stewardship is the gateway to unending blessing.
  • The level of your wisdom determines the level of your wealth because wealth is an offspring of wisdom.
  • A departure from iniquity and a return home is the sure foundation for prosperity.
  • Environment is the backbone of every great dream and meekness enhances its manifestation.
  • Until your purpose for living is discovered, abuse is inevitable.
  • Every committed reader is a committed leader. It takes the wise to be connected but it takes the meek to be instructed.
  • Focus is the master key to the Golden door of success.
  • There is no mountain anywhere. Every man’s ignorance is his mountain because those that know their God shall be strong and they shall do exploits.
  • You can never be in control without self-control.
  • To stay above is to think above.
  • Your alignment determines your attainment.
  • To be lawless is to be lifeless.
  • Until your pride is broken, your greatness is not in view.
  • God is good and does what is good, so if it’s not good it’s not God.
  • It is the spirit of man inside that determines the joy of the body.
  • In every human situation, there is a kingdom wisdom solution.
  • Until your meekness is proved, your greatness is not in view.
  • The price you pay for life today determines your value tomorrow.

Absolute dependency on God is the ultimate key to an unending breakthrough.

  • Meditation is simply the act of rational, logical and analytical thinking, so go for it.
  • It is your praise that brings you up to His presence and in His presence, His plans are delivered.
  • You can’t have the mind of Christ and not be minded in the world.
  • It’s your vision that makes money available.
  • The quality of your information determines the quality of your exploit in life.
  • You must be exposed in the kingdom to avoid been decomposed in the world.
  • Until you capture a reading lifestyle, you don’t have a glorious future.
  • Without a departure, arrival in your calling is impossible.
  • Until there is a change in mind, the outside glory cannot be seen.
  • The thought of the mind determines the future of your destiny.
  • It is your fellowship that determines your leadership.
  • He who doesn’t know how to think may not know how to thank.
  • A quality work with God is the master key to secure a better tomorrow.
  • It takes a serious approach to secure a better tomorrow.
  • Your portion is established in the word and made real by faith.
  • The quality of your thought is determined by your knowledge and it affects your attitude.
  • Without a heart for God, you can’t make a mark on earth.
  • Double attention to Gods word will earn you double blessing, so give it what it takes.
  • Every increase in your life is a result of the seed you have sowed.
  • Taking the deeds of God for granted makes you to be grounded.
  • It is the leading of the Lord that makes great leaders.
  • The quality of your idea determines the rate of your accomplishment.
  • It is your mental picture that determines your actual future.
  • Nobody can motivate you until you motivate yourself.
  • Life without purpose is equal to pressure without reason.
  • Your choice to succeed is what generates in you the force to succeed.
  • The quality of your joy determines the limit of your revelation.
  • An accomplishment is a product of spiritual commitment.

  • When God directs you, He makes a director out of you.
  • Wisdom is one thing that puts you in command of everything.
  • You will live as long as you want and want as long as you live.
  • The price to pay for anointing is holiness, obedience is the key and obedience requires humility therefore humility is the pathway to greatness.
  • Until you ask, you are not permitted to receive an answer.
  • Your relationship with God determines your thought.
  • Until you connect with God, your journey in life is never great.
  • If you refuse to press, you are sure to be oppressed.
  • The true manifestation of the Glory of God is a product of planning minus ignorance.
  • You are not a failure until you start looking for who to blame.
  • Fruitfulness is a product of faithfulness.
  • Thanksgiving is paying the price for advancement.
  • Until a task becomes a must, it never gets done.
  • God cannot commit himself to whatever He has not commanded.
  • Man is not a product of circumstances but s product of the choices he made.
  • Walking in the spirit does not automatically suspend the relevance of your mental faculty, rather it is upgraded to enhance spirituality, productivity and effectiveness in life.
  • Your failure is at the mercy of your alignment in the word of god.
  • Until you obey the scriptures, your future remains a day dream.
  • Your worth in this life is as a result of your contribution to mankind.
  • Blinded mind is worse than blinded eyes.
  • There is nothing conceivable by man that is not obtainable in God.
  • Your level of mental renewal is what determines the level of honor you will enjoy.

  • No one is born poor, neither is anyone born rich. Your choice determines what you become.
  • Your faith determines the event of your life.
  • If you are not inspired, you are expired.
  • The foundation of human depravity is sin; the escape is righteousness.
  • Without a role model, you can’t play your role at the best.
  • Your mind capacity is what determines the limit of your destiny.
  • If you can’t see ahead, you can’t become a head.
  • It is the level of your obedience that determines the level of your command.
  • Spiritual idealness leads to spiritual calamity.
  • It is your sense of value that determines the flow of virtue.
  • Until you become a warrior, you don’t become a conqueror.
  • Caring for the prophet takes care of your cares.
  • When you give, you open to supernatural creativity, God tells you what steps to take to get your needs met.
  • Until you devote a giving lifestyle, there is no way you can experience an open heaven.
  • Your task is what ultimately defines your act.

  • Every high flyer in the kingdom is faith made.
  • Until you are depressed, you cannot be oppressed.
  • Without a mission, a vision cannot have meaning and without action, a dream cannot become a reality.
  • Success is not a gift; it is an attainment. It is not willed on people, it is earned.
  • If you think enough, what you have is enough.
  • If you sow your seed on the wrong soil, you will reap nothing, it is planting in the right place that guarantees your reaping.
  • To be joy-less is to die barren.
  • Financial integrity is the gateway to financial dignity.
  • Until you prove God with your giving, His abundance cannot be proved in your life.
  • Taking needs and meeting them is what makes a leading leader.
  • Money is a defence and defence refers to authority, for your voice to be heard you cannot afford to be poor.
  • Your love towards God is fake except it is expressed through giving.
  • Knowing the way to where you are going is what makes a star.
  • Faith without obedience is fake and it is bound to fail.


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