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Woodruff Herb

Updated on May 19, 2014

Galium odoratum

Woodruff is an herb which can be used in witchcraft when you want to turn over a new leaf. This herb is associated with the planet Mars. The leaves are what you would use as an incense. This spring I conducted some ritual magick in order to move on from my past. I selected the herb Woodruff as I did my working on the Aries new moon. I lit up a self igniting charcoal disk to burn this dried herb on.

Folk Names For Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff, master of the woods, woodrove, wuderove, woodruffe, wuderofe, herb walter.

Sweet Woodruff Prosperity Spell

This is a magick rite which is best performed in the month of June. June is the month that Woodruff is thought to attain the height of it's magickal powers. This ritual is very simple. You merely collect collect Woodruff blossoms at nightfall prior to the dark. These blossoms should not touch the ground, for they will lose their potency. These should be dried. They should be hung from a ceiling or a reasonable height so they will be up out of the way. They should be dried and cut up before the July full moon. Once the moon is full the herb should be buried beneath the soil. Include 1 dollar and a copper coin with the burial.

Magickal Correspondences

Gender: Male

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Witchcraft Uses: Purification, clearing away stale winter air, changing your outlook.

Woodruff is sometimes used to celebrate Beltane. This recipe will be a wine beverage to drink when celebrating this Sabbat.


  • 4 Cups of White Wine
  • 1 Cup of Dried Woodruff
  • 1/2 Cup of Sugar


  1. Pour wine over dried Woodruff.
  2. Allow to soak for a couple days in the refrigerator.
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