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Miracles and Your Spirituality

Updated on October 4, 2014

The Presence of God

God is real. It is not a man, it has no sex, and it is here with us at every second of our existence.

The details herein are based on factual information and a knowledge of the Universal Spirit that many may no longer have connections with. Whether you believe in miracles or not you may find this story interesting.

In my experience the world's view of divinity is grossly distorted, utterly confusing and packed with lies. The Spirit of the Universe, who is the real creator and controller of all things, is available to its own when they turn to it with an open mind, a willing heart and enough humility to know whom they are dealing with.

The following is a brief guide on how we are led and what happens when we listen to that inner voice.

An Open Mind and Willing Heart

Miracles Do Happen

While some experience spiritual healing few understand it and the majority are skeptical that it can and does happen. There are also the knockers. Those who poo poo everything and say "it can't happen because there is no God."

It has taken me a lifetime of research and dedication to understand why this is the case. My other lens on religious myths goes part of the way towards explaining it.

But there is so much more to know. For instance how much the Spirit works in our lives and why we suffer pain, misfortunes, misery and other evils that religion would have us believe are from the 'devil'.

For me there is no devil or hell, just as there is no heaven, angels, saints or anything else that man has so cunningly invented to give himself power and control over others. My God is a mighty spirit, an intelligence that knows everything that will happen and that has a grand plan that is being played out in all that we do.

But to clarify that statement it was necessary to research the origins of these things. Where they come from and why they persist is a shock because it seems that a large percentage of the population is totally misguided.

Picture the worst torture one can experience and it is probably burning. Burning people alive was a great form of torture during the 15th to 18th centuries. Part of the torture was to put metal face locks on victims to prevent them screaming. So burning forever in so-called hell was implemented by religious stalwarts to make people conform to their way of thinking. These people denied the Spirit and any connection people have with it.

But picture also this. To feel pain you need nerves, living ones. It is a well established fact that the dead feel no pain so eternal punishment or pleasure is a dream of ignorance. They did not know about nerves in those days or how they function to carry messages to the brain. If the brain is dead there is no pain.

That is verified by the following incidence concerning spiritual healing that occurred a number of years ago when my interests were focused on bringing spiritual knowledge and help to people. It could only happen when my mind was given over to listening to the messages from the Spirit while closing out the noise of the world. The biggest noise we hear is money and that was also taken from me so that only the Spirit could be my provider.

This admission might make some uneasy but its true. A few years earlier my direction was to give up everything and trust only in God, well the Spirit that is. How this came about is explored on this web site.

The truth of how God works in our lives was driven home through miracles that were unknown to me at the time. My first lesson in them came as somewhat of a shock. It was part of a giant learning curve that has continued for some 25 years.

A miracle is when the Spirit works to make a change in our lives or to affect a person so profoundly that they will remember it for the rest of their life and talk about it with others.. As a spiritual person it was no surprise when I was told to pray for my son's broken finger. It had been broken twice before and the bone in his thumb was split lengthwise so it had never really healed properly. You can see the reason for this in the X-ray.

The bone second from the end and closest to the hand was split lengthwise. The tendons on either side pulled the two pieces apart making it difficult for healing to take place. He could not apply pressure to it thus restricting his ability to hold things or do much physical work. Fortunately it was his left hand and a simple knock broke it again.

This particular day I was with a friend when the call came from his school to come and pick him up because he had broken his finger. The Spirit spoke "This has happened for a reason, lay hands and pray."

The power was so strong that I could barely find my way to the school. On arrival it was obvious that this was a serious injury. The finger was hugely swollen, badly bruised and hanging loose from his hand. Taking him home he sat him in the chair while the injury was rebuked in Jesus name. (That is the name of the Spirit - see below What's In a Name).

As we watched the swelling went down, the bruising faded and the thumb jerked back and forth and finally locked in place. From that moment on he has done things with that finger that he had not been able to do since it was first broken. Within an hour of my picking him up he was back at school beaming from ear to ear and showing his teachers and peers his finger.

That was not the only miracle that day as the cat had a huge abscess on her neck. The Spirit told me to pray for it too and within a minute or so the sore was weeping puss and she licked at it until about an hour later when there was no sign of it.

Visions Prove The Grand Plan

We Can Know The Future

How many times have psychics predicted the future. Jeanne Dixson predicted JFK's assassination and even gave the initials of the assassin. Thousands of others have given accurate predictions of events that happened in the future and, aside from those well publicized, there are many thousands who never publish their visions.

When visions were given to me over many months in the late 1980's I wrote them down into a hand written book, photocopied the pages into several copies and hand delivered them to all major religions and institutions in Canberra. Somewhere I still have a copy of that work but not a single person got back to me.

At that time I had no voice, no means to get a message out except via this means. Remember the Spirit had taken me away from all money and support. Why? Because there was more for me to do and it would take me another 20 years to fulfill it. The visions were but the start of this great period of research that would give me the answers to everything you could ask.

In fact the depth to which I was taken to understand where religion and language come from was incredible. Never would it have entered my head that one day the very first sounds of speech would be known to me, nor that it would be up to me to expose the role of 666. At that time his name and number were also completely unknown to me.

The visions started with passages from the bible. One day while walking in the hallway I was suddenly standing in a field of dried up nothingness. The ground was cracked as it does when completely without moisture. To my left appeared a huge dam. Suddenly the wall cracked and then burst releasing its contents over the parched land. The water soaked into the parched earth and up came little shoots of green all over the plain.

Instantly in another vision I was standing in a desert. All around me were hills of parched sand.when suddenly there was a trickle of water and it grew into a creek or river. It flowed around the base of hills and pockets of green sprang up like oasis. The trees grew.

In an instant the visions were gone and I was back in the hallway - stunned. The message was rather clear on how dry earth and desert can become flourishing fields of growth when moisture is added.

Then told to get the bible it opened in my hand and this book, which had always been unreadable, suddenly came alive. The passages below leapt from the page where it had opened of its own accord.

Say unto them that are of a fearful heart, be strong, fear not: behold you God shall come with vengeance,even God with a recompense, [he] (distorted by copiers) will come and save you.

Then the eyes of the blind shall be open, and the ear of the deaf unstopped.

Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing; for in the wilderness shall waters break out and streams in the desert. Isaiah 35:4-6

When the dam breaks the Spirit will reclaim them. But first they should understand what it all means.

The ground represents the people of the earth. They are bone dry of spirit because they cannot hear or see the truth. They go after man made things to excite them and to run their lives. But when they know the truth the dam will burst and there will be water in the desert of human existence.

Do You Believe in Visions? - Or are they just imagination?

Have you ever experienced a vision or a voice talking to you when there is no one there?

My Books Reveal Far More Information

The evidence is astounding and irrefutable

Get my recall information on reincarnation A Return To Life and the reason why the world is cheated of the facts as taught to me by the Spirit in this book How 666 Stole Jesus. You can get them through these links.

The Huge Dam

It withholds the water of the spirit

It took a long time to understand the visions and the words accompanying them but finally with more teaching it came. The waters are the 'spirit power', some will feel it as they read these words. It is the power that was damned up by religion and hidden from view so that the spiritual people of God lost contact. They dried up and took on the things of the world and became parched ground.

One day a minister in the Anglican church described a vision that a fellow colleague had. He was sitting in the choir above the church when he saw a man standing in front of the altar. He had his hands behind his back. Then a large mass of people came to him begging for healing. He did nothing.

Suddenly he turned around and his hands were bound behind him.

This explains how the power has been withheld and it was something that many others could see as well. The dam is a huge construction fed of lies and it will only break when the truth is known.

Day after Day They Came and I cried

In the end begging for them to stop

The visions were like movies running inside my brain while a commentary took place beside it. It was like my brain was divided into two. When they happened my strength declined and for the most part I knelt or sat on the floor leaning against the lounge as they took over.

There was unprecedented floods invading the land, huge waves washing on shore and thousands drowning. There were tall buildings suddenly collapsing down without a bomb in sight. Children were being kidnapped on a massive scale, even from hospitals and from their beds. Men of strange appearance were running around with guns and bombing innocent people everywhere.

There was famine on a scale that made me sick, disease and plague invading entire countries, fire and devastation on a massive scale, people dying of hunger and thirst everywhere. Then there were those trapped in cabins or behind bars where they were set alight and others who were too weak to resist the terror.

Day after day they came. The frown on my forehead was so deep it hurt and it remains today as testimony of what those sights did to me. There was so much more because on and on they went until I begged the Spirit not to show me any more.

My eyes were almost continually red from crying for the suffering and my children, then teenagers, were more than a little shaken by what was happening.

Was this to be the future for man?

The Spirit reinforced the visions with passages from the bible and by healing anyone who came asking for it. In one vision I saw the Berlin wall come down, about six weeks before it happened. A friend was with me at the time and I told him what I had seen.

OK. If this is all to happen I begged to know why? It was not long before I was taken on a journey of discovery that would prove the Grand Plan of God and how it is coming to pass. The future is not only known but was determined from the beginning of be a giant wake up call for the spiritual people who have been caught up in the lies. They are the ones trapped in cabins and behind bars who are being burned to death.

In a vision given some time later I saw a wall, a huge barrier that no one could get through. There was no way over it, no way under it and no one could go around it. It stood like a massive fortress and behind it were the people of the Spirit. But that was some time after the Spirit visited me and ordered me to tell the world what I know.

The lies are untempered mortar that built the wall and when they go the wall will fall in a torrent of anger, hate, aggravation and misery that only God can create. Its the time of retribution.

The Spiritual Are In Jail

The Vision Explains It

Perhaps the most telling vision of all was that of a man leaving a city. He turned off to his right and went into the wilderness and there he built a new city that appeared to be like the one he had left. Then he went back to the turn off and put up a detour sign with a barricade to stop anyone going to the first city.

Millions came and they followed the detour sign and came to his city which look grand and beautiful from the outside. However, when they entered the city they found themselves trapped behind bars that they could not escape from. I entered the city and passed through it and they put out their hands through the bars and begged me to release them. They were calling out the name 'Jesus'.

Later it came to me that people caught up in Christianity call out the name Jesus. They know the name but not who it belongs to. They seek freedom but remain behind the bars built of lies and their own imagination. Bars that promise eternal hell for dissenters. Their guards are the very priests and pastors they look up to.

Then the bible opened and these words came out of it.

But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil and none saith, Restore.

Who gave Jacob for a spoil, and Israel to the robbers? did not God, against whom we have sinned? for they would not walk in right ways, neither were they obedient to the law. Isaiah 42:22-24

Millions have some memory or link to reincarnation and spirituality

New book explains spirituality and its power

Deja Vu is a spiritual event that involves the future. You arrive at a point where you know you have been before. It happens to a large number of people and it is from the Spirit.

This could not happen unless one had been there before or, at the very least, had received a psychic vision of the future.

Because the future is planned and fits the pattern laid out by the Spirit the future can be shown. Things act out in visions and when we arrive at that point in the future we know we have been there before. This could not happen unless the future was already known.

The author has experienced this many times along with numerous visions that have also come true.

We may arrive at a place we were at in a previous life, such as a town or country. When that happens we may know the streets, remember faces, orientate towards a certain building, meet an old friend, and so on. They all contribute to the deja vu experience.

It happens because we are controlled by the Spirit of the Universe and live to a plan where everything is known beforehand. It is the Spirit getting through to you that causes visions and insight into the future.

Builders use designs to shape a construction. Sometimes they destroy and rebuild it when it does not turn out right. So we die and are rebuilt so that we may turn out right in the end. We are the clay in the hands of the potter. You have heard that surely.

Builders also decide the function of the site, who will live there, and so on. They allow others to have an input to a certain extent but always in keeping with the plan. So it is with the great Creator but how good is the plan.

To my astonishment the origin of language and religion was shown to me, as prophesied in Micah chapter 4. It is stated there that at the end of days a woman will expose the man and that she will go even to Babylon to do it.

The name and number of the man called 666 was shown in a vision and it has now been proven and published in a book 'How 666 Stole Jesus' in August 2008.

The Spirit showed me the way religions grew from each other and from sun (son) worship. You need to read the e-book to understand how and why it came about.

In every word we speak is a record of the past and a history of human progress from the time of our ancestral hominids.

The Spirit allowed that record to remain for this time when, like any archaeological find, the pieces can be joined to form the overall picture. A picture that will bring all religion, all hatred, and all opposition to the Spirit undone.

It was not meant to happen before now because once the spiritual people of God are returned there will be no need for the world to continue. It has to end to get rid of all the rubbish.

Astronomers know that if a single planet is even half an inch out of alignment the universe would collapse and planets collide with each other. As with life the mystery of how it happens is beyond human thought.

The physics of creation is a great force governed by incredible thinking, as demonstrated in the design.

Nothing happens by accident as we learn the rules behind that force.

They are the same laws that governs an apple falling from a tree, water flows, volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. Newton's first law of physics nailed it 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.'

So when something happens it makes something else happen. Energy is exchanged and a reaction occurs that leads to other reactions.

It means nothing happens unless a chain of things happen to make it happen. That chain of things began in the beginning of creation. How long each of us lives, the color of our skin, hair, eyes, etc. were all predetermined. So too how we appear to each other is part of the force.

That everything should be governed by this simple yet extremely complex law is itself incredible. That we should know about it and measure things by it is even more incredible.

But there is more.

It extends to the world of the supernatural.

You see it controls how and when we die and prepares the next life, if we are to return. It shows us the future so we can write about it. It allowed us reading and writing skills so we can read about it. It allowed the Internet so you can read this site.

It is the force that causes someone to board a doomed vehicle and others to miss it. That sends someone out into the path of an oncoming vehicle, that creates cancer in our bodies, or stops the beating heart.

That same force sends us back into life with a certain number of days to live. We cannot alter that and when the time is up things happen to bring about our end. Timed perfectly to the minute.

This fact alone undermines religious dogma built on an earth centered heaven and hell ruled by devils and spirits. Before the technology to see into space ancestral humans thought we were surrounded by ocean extending upwards to form sky.

But that would not comply with the law. The sky would fall down and we would have been drowned long ago. Yet the same thinking still governs many religious principles.

Celestial bodies floating on the waters of the heavens led to boats designed as the crescent moon.

Mankind learned to worship the celestial bodies as gods and invented human shapes for them and then designed their earthly buildings as they imagined the sky kingdom to be .

Kings lived as 'suns' on earth in palaces. They were adorned with jewels that reflect light so thy appear glittery like stars. So people shifted their focus from the heavens to the earth for leadership and spiritual guidance.

It is because of that plan that the future can be known. As knowledge increases religious fanatics become more violent in their opposition of it and many a thinker is jailed, exiled, or executed, because he/she acts against the principles of religion.

Among them Galilei Galileo, who was imprisoned and tortured for inventing the telescope. He declared that the earth is not the center of the universe and that other stars exist and, therefore, other galaxies.

Now that the size of the universe is known, well can be guessed at, so too can we posit the size of the Spirit that created it. It is no man and without genes or sex. It stands, therefore, that Spirit has never fathered a child and that a lot of misconceptions about the after-life are based on fanciful tales and ignorance.

As Galileo was silenced so too have others suffered the same treatment because their discoveries opposed the ancient beliefs that are still with us. Even today men are outlawing the science of genetics and evolution because they want to stick with the story of creation in the bible.

If people cannot be roused from this type of ignorance then is it any wonder that the world is reaching the point when man and all life forms as we know them are suffering.

This work is designed specifically to try to change people and to wake them up to the tragedy we face.

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      5 years ago

      Another amazing lens.

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      6 years ago

      Another one of your lenses that wows me. Thank you!

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      6 years ago

      Interesting reading!

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      Laurel Johnson 

      6 years ago from Washington KS

      What a wonderful lens!! Fascinating.

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      8 years ago

      Lovely! I am going to have to feature this on Coincidence or Providence

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      8 years ago

      Reading this: "Deja Vu is a spiritual event that involves the future. You arrive at a point where you know you have been before. It happens to a large number of people and it is from the Spirit." And, really connecting ... I have many times experienced deja vu and I describe myself as an in tune spiritual being. Very interesting reading!

    • Davidfstillwagon profile image


      9 years ago

      Very nice lens! 5*

    • almawad profile image


      9 years ago

      "My God is a mighty spirit, an intelligence" - I think the same - it is not something imaginable for humans - it is not an old man ,nor a male one since having gender means being unperfect ...

    • AppalachianCoun profile image


      9 years ago

      We also know God can do miracles in the name of Jesus.


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