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Staying postive!

Updated on May 1, 2011

We have every reason to think optimistically just as we have every reason to think negatively. we are all prone to becoming depressed, hopeless and crushed in our day to day experience but a Christian have a million reason to be full of optimism even in the face of a terminal illness like cancer.

The scriptures tell stories and teaching of undisputed healings. these undergird our optimism and direct us on how to overcome diseases that have plague our body. Taking a look at the new testament, it is clearly seen that healing is a posibilty, if not a liklihood. We believe that if Christ can be raised from the dead, God can and will heal us of diseases. This may sound vague but thats what we believe and what serves as the source of our optimism in the Christain doom.

For many in the world who would name Jesus as God but who do not truly know him, i call them the nominal christian-christains in name only and agnostic in their religious practices.agnostics believe that there may be a God who is unknown and unnamed.

To the unbeliveing believers, you can mirror the practices of faithful Christians, and as you do, you are quite likly to experience positive results, including healing. Think positively. God loves you. The extent of his love for you has been revealed through Jesus Christ.


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