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Yantras for Success in Every Sphere of Life

Updated on December 13, 2012

Types of Yantras

Yantra in sanskrit means machine or tool which makes a work/task much easier which is otherwise difficult or sometimes even impossible to do. So, 'Yantra' is an aid to help in solving a purpose. It is a symbolic representation (geometric figures) of some specific natural force or power.

Yantras are primarily used for meditation or concentration on geometric figures (which is said to help mental abilities and brain power) along with this they are also used in home and office to worship for a specific purpose. A Yantra is energized by following sacred spiritual rituals.

There are different types of Yantras and associated Mantras which are used for various purpose. There is a Yantra for virtually every purpose.

Yantra's are often used to remove all obstacles that are creating problems in reaching a goal even after persistent efforts and hard work.

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Why use Yantra?

Reasons for using Yantra

Yantras can be used for a number of reasons, depending on purpose and feelings. Different people have different philosophy for using Yantras. Some of the reasons for which people use Yantras are:

1. People often use Yantra for spiritual purpose.

2. Hindu use it for worship of deities.

3. Astrologers recommend Yantas to reduce malefic effects of a planet.

4. Students use Yantras to improve learning.

5. Bachelors use Yantras to find a suitable partner.

6. Businessman use Yantra to accumulate wealth.

7. Patients use Yantra to get healthy.

8. Architects recommend Yantras to reduce malefic effects of design (Vaastu Dosha).

9. Job seekers use Yantra for success in finding a good job.

This list is incomplete because 'Yantras' are used for various reasons. In brief Yantra is used to solve the problems which have otherwise no clear cut answers.

Basic Classification Yantras

Major Groups of Yantras

Yantra is basically used for spiritual purpose, common classification of Yantra based on the purpose for which they are used are:

1. Worship of Deities Most people get a Yantra of the deity they worship like Shri Yantra, Laxmi Yantra, Ganesh Yantra, Hanuman Yantra etc. There are also Yantras for Ten Deities (Ten Supreme Knowledge i.e. Das Mahavidhyas).

2. Yantras for Astrological Remedies Yantras are also used for astrological remedies. Yantras help in pacifying a planet which is currently giving negative results or to promote good results from a planet.

3. Yantra for Vaastu Dosh Vaastu Dosha is a problematic architectural design which creates negative energy for the harmony of a residence or office. Some Yantras are specifically used to remove these problems in home or office.

4. Yantras with Numerology Some Yantras are used for specific purpose based on numerology.

These four major groups contain most types of Yantras that are used for spiritual purpose to solve a problem or to improve a solution.

Ganesh Yantra

Yantra to Overcome All Obstacles

There is a saying 'Man Proposes God Disposes', which is commonly used by all of us? Why? Because we all face problems in everyday life whether its education, love, family, career or business, there are always some problems or obstacles, which we feel are obstructing our way to success. There can be several reasons and explanations of these problems.

Ganesh is the No. 1 God to be worshiped by Hindu's, whether it's a home or office or a ceremony Ganesh is the first deity which is worshiped before anyone else. Ganesh is known as a source of energy, enthusiasm which can overcome all sort of obstacles and problems that we are facing.

Ganesh Yantra is used to enhance education, knowledge, wisdom and to create an auspicious environment. It is used to overcome all difficulties and problems.

So, if you want success and believe in Yantra's use Ganesh Yantra at your home/office and worship it and see what it can do in your life.

Mangal Yantra - Yantra to Overcome Stress

Mangal Yantra protects from external forces, stress etc.

The Health and Protection Yantra
The Health and Protection Yantra

Protects from stress of debt and hypertension


Picture of Ganesh Yantra - Removes Obstacles and Problems

This is a picture of Ganesh Yantra which can be used for meditation or pooja, if you cannot find a real Ganesh Yantra on a metal plate.

Ganesh Yantra 11 x 14 Color Photograph (11-65)
Ganesh Yantra 11 x 14 Color Photograph (11-65)

This is a color photograph of Ganesh Yantra which is protected by a plastic sleev, which can be kept anywhere or on a wall for meditation. Ganesh is known to remove problems and obstacles from one's life, business, profession or anything.


Yantra Vs Rudraksha

Which is better Yantra or Rudraksha

People who seek ultimate knowledge use both Yantra and Rudraksha. Rudraksha is very common and is purely associated with spirituality and astrology. They are limited in number and type whereas there is a long list of Yantras.

There are Yantras associated with a number of God and Goddesses as well as based on the purpose they solve. Yantras were traditionally created manually on an auspicious day on either leaves with special ink or on copper, silver or gold plates.

Some Yantras solve a specific purpose and when the purpose is solved they are immersed in river/flowing water. This is not the case with Rudraksha.

Mrityunjaya Yantra - Yantra for Health & Spirituality

Just like Mahamrtyunjaya mantra, Mritynjaya Yantra helps in overall progress.

Sri Yantra

Worldly Desires and Wishes

Sri Yantra or Shree Yantra is one of the most important, auspicious and powerful Yantra, which is placed in almost every Hindu household, business center and workplace. It provides power to attain every worldly desire related to health, wealth and fame, money and prosperity, good luck etc.

It brings wealth both spiritual as well as material, which means it brings a positive change in life to sort out all problems, gives new insight, removes negative energy fields.

It is Yantra which is good for peace and harmony in every home and family.

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Get a Shree Yantra for your home or yourself, it is available in various forms for specific uses.

How to Use Yantras to get desired results
How to Use Yantras to get desired results

How to Use Yantra

Using Yantra's to fulfill Desire or Get favorable Results in Life

Yantra's are available in different shapes and sizes, some are to be used over body, in arm or wrist or as necklace, while other (which are bigger in size) must be placed in place of worship along with other deities.

If you are using a Yantra for a specific purpose only, then it must be floated in river water after getting desired results, in case you got the Yantra for family welfare and ever lasting peace and harmony, then you can always keep it in place of worship.

Yantra is said to start showing results within 40 days but it is not a mechanical device which works on physical plane its more or less connected to spirituality or our psyche.

Search and Buy Yantras for Your Specific Problem - Results from Amazon Online Marketplace

A good way to search and find the best Yantras for your own specific problem or use is Amazon Marketplace, which is a reliable online shopping place, here you'll not only find Yantra but many other ways to get what you want.

Do you believe in Yantras - and there mystical power.

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    • Jadelynx-HP profile image

      Tracey Boyer 

      6 years ago from Michigan

      I had not heard of them before, but I plan to look into them. Thanks !

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      sir I am suffering with kalasarpa doshs due to this still i have settled in good job in family as well as in financialy even though i am suffering health problems for which kindly inform the correct yanta for to solve all my problems my DOB IS 08.11.1955 AT 8.10 AM PLACE VIJAYAWAD AP INDIA


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