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Jesus, the light of the world

Updated on April 4, 2011

Red, white, tall, petite, intricate, simple, traditional, antique, modern or wooden. Whatever the style maybe, I just adore lamps.

I would never pass on the opportunity to look and admire the beautiful lamps displayed in the department stores or specialty stores, and if I find a good-enough reason to buy and bring home one, I definitely would.

Lamps create a distinct ambience. It sets the tone to what could be a romantic evening between you and your spouse. Sometimes, it enhances up a drab corner in your house or your office--if you're the type who'd have one in your workplace. Best of all, it sheds light to an otherwise dark atmosphere, however dim it may be.

The Word of God is the "lamp unto our feet, and the light unto our path." As I study His Word, I realized how "personally-involved" God is in our everyday lives. The truth about this is best pictured by a lamp, whose light is just enough to light our next two to three steps. In the dimmest place, that lamp so brightly shines on where you're walking...guiding you step by step by step all the way til you get to your desired destination. You held on to that lamp with your life because without its meager light, the darkness will swallow your world. How intimate God is to us, never giving us "too much brightness" for us to see the end of our destination without Him holding us.

It is not important whether you know where your future will bring you. What is more, if not most important is the "now-time" with Jesus that even though the path you're treading seems blurr or dark or scary, you know that the next few steps are but safe. I guess thats how God intends our lives to be. Totally dependent of Him for the futre, but perfectly enjoying our today and now-moment with brightness that beautifies our drab life, our seemingly dark and unforseen future. His Word sets the tone for an intimate relationship with Him and perks up a boring part of our life.

I love lamps. Specially that which gives light to my spiritual journey to eternal life : His Word, the Bible.


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