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Your Success Energy

Updated on April 19, 2017

Access Your Success Energy

You finally have everything in place and you are ready to get going when something stops you. When it comes to blocked energy a lot of people have different descriptions of it, writers call it writer's block, different tribes call it witchcraft and Christian churches call it the devil. It can be very frustrating to try your hardest to get something going and have all those efforts ridiculed by an interruption that not only stops you for the moment but threatened to end everything completely, with it being frustrating it is also easy to blame someone or something. I find my heart beating in anger and frustration whenever I encounter an obstacle to what I want to do, especially when I approach a project with positivity and enthusiasm, a child like feeling directed into a new activity, to have my joy taken away like it means nothing really hurts. This was happening a lot, I had to stop and pause and ask myself why must everything be a struggle? I mean why can't I just do what I said I would do and have that go according to plan? What is this thing that's standing in the way of my plans? It hurts, from small things like small internet connection to serious stuff like getting sick.

Life cycles involve night and day

The first thing we have to learn is that night comes and the day comes, this is where we see that things can be bad and things can be good. Our energy gets blocked when we allow the night to create a lasting impression on us, when we believe that it has taken over then we fall into its trap of locking away our energy into the darkness, because we believe It has a power, the truth is, all we have to do is dance in the rain, find the joy inside ourselves that can overpower the darkness, not that the darkness must go away, but that we can remain joyful in it, we can still be a light in darkness.

Have faith in your path

We need to trust that our endeavors have a legitimate claim to exist, such that we can defend them and trust them. When you start something new be it a project or lifestyle, create it with an understanding of yourself, that you have the right to create it, and it has a place in this world to live, grow and touch other people. One of the lessons I learned after my first business collapsed was that I did not see it as a way of life and light in the human race, I underestimated it and it lost its life, because everything you do gets its life force from you, and that life force is faith. With faith it can happen it can jump through many hoops. Your energy can get blocked if you do not have faith in something if you question its legitimacy.

Right now

This is the state of mind of success, there is no energy that remains in one space, so whether it is moving into the positive or negative it is moving, and it is moving RIGHT NOW! And that is what you have to control, you need to control where and how it moves, the energy feels blocked only when you give up this control. This can make you feel out of touch, out of reach, but when you understand the law that everything takes place at this very moment, you come back into a state of mind that allows you to influence the direction of your life. Ensuring that you do not have blocked energies, get in touch with the present, live in the now, that will help you influence your current state and influence the projects that you want to start or finish.


Consistency inspires perfection, it forces us to forever improve our ideas and grow them, we are not just doing one thing over and over again we are also getting a second look at what we have done before and how we can improve it, therefore when we want to ensure that we do not have blocked energies we need to be continually looking at what we are doing and grow our projects by sticking with them and enforcing their existence, whether this is required every day or week is completely up to us, but we must be consistent.

Be stubborn

Enough is enough I have to get to the bottom of this, the universe is made up of energy, and everything we see, feel and do is energy, our thoughts and plans are energy, our actions are energy, whenever we start something we extending energy that we conceived into our minds previously, and these little blocks that we encounter are an extension of the counter energy we had towards what we wanted to do before we did. So get this, it is a witch or the devil, its you and your energy, if you wonder why something goes smoothly and others are a bit of challenge it is because you meditated a challenge into what you wanted to do, you do this by doubting, by being afraid, by questioning and in extreme cases mentally and emotionally preparing yourself for the pain that you might encounter. Then when you start the journey you start the journey with energy baggage, that keeps popping up here and there with this and that.

What do you do then? Practice. There is no quick fix to bad habits, practice believing what you ate suppose to do with love and joy, be true to your starting point energy, be true to the feeling in your gut, and when you feel yourself drifting into negative thought and negative emotions being yourself back and start over. Seriously start over, re-imagine what you want to do and review what you want to do and slowly approach your plans with certainty. The certainty is what ensures that other energies don't enter your plan, when these energies don't come through then you have the joy of doing what you set yourself out to do. Then start recognizing and being grateful for the results, acknowledge yourself as an achiever, someone who is able to get things that are supposed to be done, done. Write it in your journal and keep record of the things that go really well, and allow yourself to believe that you don't have to struggle


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