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What are the Akashic Records?

Updated on June 29, 2011

What are the #Akashic Records?

  • The residing place of all souls
  • The Cosmic Memory Storehouse
  • A  place outside of time

Journey to your Akashic Library
Journey to your Akashic Library | Source
Fee unconditional Love Meditation
Fee unconditional Love Meditation | Source

The residing place of all souls, The Cosmic Memory Storehouse, is a place outside of time. As I see it, here I am on planet earth, as we call it, I live my daily life and interact with others around me. Well the belief held by many is that only a small part of my soul is within my physical body and that planet earth exists in one dimension for me as a soul to have experiences.

My body is not capable of containing all of my soul, so where is the rest? Part of my soul is supposed to be floating above me, my connection which is called my Higher Self. Why can I not see all these higher selves, floating around? because they are at a higher vibration. Just as you cannot see, T.V. or Radio waves, without a receiver. Well, ok., where is the rest of my soul the main part?

Now we come to the Akashic. Your higher self is said to be the link between you and the main part of your soul. Your Higher Self acts as an information filter between the two, your main soul is connected to all the other souls of not only  all of us humans on this planet, but all the souls of our world. It then feeds out into the cosmos connecting to all that is. Now, because it is in another dimension, we cannot see it with our physical senses, just like the radio waves and because it is outside of time, it would, therefore, follow, that the information contained is past - present and future.

So the amount of information stored there must be infinite. Now many believe and have demonstrated with some amazing results, that they can connect with the Akashic records and bring back information. Using meditation to achieve an out of body experience that allows them to travel to the dimensions outside of time and

place and view small portions of information that they are able to target and have on many occasions verified  this.

This also brings into question, those many people, myself included, that believe they have experienced past lives.

Surely, those memories, I believe, are from some of our souls memory, down loaded to our higher Self from the Akashic records. If there is an all encompassing memory bank  (The Akashic Records), that those memories are coming from, our souls memory, the majority of which resides in the Akashic Records, that we as individuals are connected through our Higher Self to our souls that reside in the Akashic Records.

This would then strengthen the argument that all things are connected. Giving meaning to the belief we are all connected to each other through our souls and that to reach that better understanding we only need to strengthen our connection with our higher self. I believe the key is within using meditation to lift our vibrational alignment and suggestion to bypass our critical mind set and allow that strengthening connection to take place.

Bernard Misell

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