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Your World Is a Reflection of Your Beliefs

Updated on April 9, 2013

What the Law of Attraction Really Means

You’ve done the affirmations and mastered the art of holding an intent for several minutes at a time, but all of your wishes haven’t been fulfilled yet. Maybe your problems are getting worse and you’re ready to throw in the towel on this manifestation thing. So why are your actions not producing results? It’s because your actions are empty without a fundamental change in beliefs to back them up.

Mirrors Everywhere

Let’s say your mother was critical of you her whole life. She rarely gave you compliments or told you she loved you. She made you feel unworthy, and this belief stuck with you until adulthood. When you finally moved out of her house, you thought you’d be free of that constant criticism, but it didn’t take long before a boss, a friend’s mother, or a nosy neighbor took her place. You may have escaped your mother, but because you still held the belief that you were unworthy of good things, someone in your life still had to reflect that back to you.


On a spiritual level, we make contracts with the people in our lives. You may think that negative people and drama follow you around wherever you go, but the truth is that they are just playing their part to show you the beliefs you hold. If you believe that all men are aggressive and controlling, those are the men who will respond to your online dating profile. If you believe that all banks are out to rip people off, your bank will hit you with unnecessary fees. If you believe that all bosses are power-hungry jerks, guess what kind of person you’ll be working for no matter how many times you switch jobs. This all happens on an unconscious level, so instead of being angry at everyone who is seemingly out to get you, be grateful and take a hard look at who you are attracting in your life to determine what your beliefs are.

Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Once you identify and change these beliefs that are causing so much drama in your life, the world around you will reflect that change. All you have to do is surrender limiting beliefs to your higher power and ask for a more positive belief to take its place. You may be wondering how this is different from saying affirmations 100 times a day. The difference lies in your sincere wish to transform yourself from the inside out--not merely saying empty words in an attempt to force a change. Humble yourself before God (or whomever your higher power is) and ask to be released from the burden of that negative belief you’ve been carrying around. Ask for something better, whether it’s a relationship, a job, more money, or improved health, and trust that the universe knows how and when to deliver it to you.

See the Change All Around You

You’ll notice small changes pretty quickly. Happier, more positive people will come into your life. The ones who bring you down will either move on or stop bothering you. If you do not notice dramatic changes in your life, you may need to dig a little deeper to discover more beliefs that need to be surrendered. We’re all connected, so when someone makes you angry or sad, point the finger at yourself rather than them if you want to create lasting changes in your life.


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