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A Look At The 2012 NHL Hockey PlayOffs. Secound Round Matchups

Updated on May 1, 2012

2012 NHL PlayOffs.Conference Semi Finals.

The first round of the 2012 NHL Hockey playoffs came to an end, and now it is time to open the door to the secound round. The Conference Semi finals has some great matchups. What Teams will win this time around?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs is great, there is never a dull moment. Let’s take a peek at the match ups for the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Eastern Semi-Conference Match Ups.

(5) Flyers VS. (6) Devils

(7) Capitals) VS. (1) Rangers

Flyers VS Devils

This is one good NHL hockey match up that any real hockey fan could admire. These two NHL teams are rivalries that play with the same style of hockey. I think this series is all about Goaltending, and physical presence, the team with the better goaltending will win this battle.

My Pick

The Flyers

Capitals VS Rangers

Can the Washington Capitals Come up with yet another huge up set, over one of the best teams on the East. The caps are coming off a huge 7 game over time win that sent the big bad bruins packing. Will the Rangers face that same fate? This series will come down to Goals being scored, rather than being stopped. Rebounds and shots on net are something to look for in this series, the team that can do that will come up on top.

My Pick


The Western Semi-Conference Match Ups

(8) Kings VS. (2) Blues

(3) Coyotes VS.(4) Predators

Predators VS Coyotes

Well the Predators are hungry and coming for the Coyotes, I see the fast passed, and physical play of the Predators will over whelm the Coyotes, and send them packing.

My Pick

NSH Predators

J, Quick


Kings VS Blues

Both these teams are very good, I believe the edge in this series comes down to goal tending. The Kings Have great Goaltending in John Quick, but the Blues has the better offensive power that can boost a team to the championship. All I can say about this series is Special teams, the team that performs better in those situations will be the victor.

My Pick

L.A Kings

East VS West?

What Coast Will Win This Years 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Championship?

See results

Top Players In The 2012 NHL Plyoffs

Goals Scored
D, Briere
J, Stall
A, Mcdonald

Goalie Wins

J, Quick
M, Smith
B, Holtby
H Lundqvist

Final Thoughts On The 2012 Semi-conference finals

Congratulations to all the great NHL teams that have passed the first round in the 2012 Playoffs, which can also be the hardest round to pass. I can’t wait to see how this Round of the Playoffs Fan Out. Good Luck to all the Players and teams.


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