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Affordable Tackle - From Anglers Like You & Me

Updated on March 29, 2013

Strike King Hack Attack

Strike King Hack Attack
Strike King Hack Attack

Losing A Lure... Is Like Losing Your Wallet...

Alright, it's not quite that bad - but honestly, I've become increasingly more aware of the bait/lure that's tied to the end of my line these days - simply because I know how much money I spend on tackle. I feel like I have an "escrow" account at Bass Pro Shops, and it's truly starting to bother me. It's starting to affecting what lures and baits I throw, and when I throw them... and that's not good. Only environmental and weather conditions should dictate what kind of tackle I use.

So if you are anything like me... then you're tired of overpaying for name brand fishing tackle. You know what I'm talking about - names like: Strike King, Terminator, War Eagle, etc - all charging a premium price for a simple hook & lead head. The price is even more painful when you think about the possibility of breaking one of these lures off on rocks, timber, or weeds - and you KNOW that's bound to happen.

So don't do it anymore!

Affordable Tackle - From Anglers Like You & Me

I don't have the time or patience to make my own lures, nor do I trust myself to do a good job. I also can't stand the idea of investing money in the equipment necessary to make this tackle, or even the space in my home to make them. Soooo.... I've started scouring the web for affordable alternatives to the name brand tackle we've all come to love, and much to my surprise there are a ton of options out there - and you'll never guess where: eBay.

Avid anglers everywhere have "popped" up on eBay, with their own custom lures and takes on the popular products you already have in your tackle box. They are offering near replicas of the products you and I use every day, for a quarter of the price. These aren't knock-offs, or counterfeit products - these are hand-tied, homemade products, made in basements around the country by folks who are just as passionate about the sport as you and I. So do what I've done, and dump the name brands & give your fishing counterparts a chance to have their products in your tackle box. You'll save yourself a ton of cash in the process!


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