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Anderson Silva At UFC 112

Updated on April 14, 2012

Anderson Silva's Performance!


UFC 112 will go down in history, as one of the most controversial evenings ever in the UFC history. UfC 112 was the first ever mixed martial arts event in Abu Dhabi and it was the UFC’s Middle Eastern debut. Also there was the Main event of Anderson Silva VS Damian Maia for the title. Silva was awarded a unanimous decision, but he spent most of the 25 minouts dancing and taunting Maia.  Silva refused to engage his overmatched opponent.

I feel real bad for Maia because when Silva decided to fight he left Maia bloodied and very bruised. All 11,008 paying Abu Dhabi  fans booed Silva and charred Maia the whole fight. The crowd even started chants for Geiorge St-pierre during the fight. Fans also boo Silva at the post-fight in-ring interview. Silva tried to apologize to the crowd but nobody bought his shenanigans when he tried saying that Maia diss-respected him and that he did dent know what got into him at the fight.

Silvas History Repeats Its Self

Silva has done this before at UFC 90, and at UFC 97, where he fought Thales Leites and Patrick Cote.( if you want to call it a fight) all Silva does is dance around the ring and strike at his opponents when they let there guard down. I believe that Silva is not as good as every body thinks he is, but his game does work . Silva likes to get into fighters minds and take them off there game plan.

Silva likes to take pages from the world famous book “ The Book Of Five Rings” ( Miyamoto Musashi). Musashi was a great samurai and he would use guerilla like tactics to fight and beat other samurais. Musashi would show up late to battles and use unique weapons, in order to get the other samurai off his game plain and defeat them. Just like Anderson Silva. Musashi would go on and become a Ronnin and he would write a book about his techniques and mid set for his students.

Final Thoughts

 Silva has  not only got  Dana White angry but a ton of other mixed martial arts prize fighters angry with his performance at UFC 112. Silva does not feel challenged so he will be moving weight divisions, to heavy weight and light weight. Some future match ups could be against George st-pierre, BJ Penn, or even Frank Mir. At the post fight confrenc meeting, White exposed his embarrassment with Silvas tactics and white apologized, and promised to make it up to the UFC fans.

So what is next for the UFC and Silva, Will Silva leave the UFC and sing a deal with Strike Force.? Will Dana strip the belt from Silva and make him fight in other weight classes. I am not sure and nobody is, we will just have to sit back and watch.

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    • captainchris profile image

      captainchris 7 years ago

      I believe we should consider that Silva did not break any rules,let,s just wait for a fighter who would come out with a more ingenious tactics to pin him down.

    • profile image

      Dave  7 years ago

      I still think on his day no one can stand infront of silva without being mamed for life but 3 times a charm I think after watching dana on u tube if silva does this shit again champ or not he will struggle to fight Again in the ufc