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Attack to Uppercut Aimed at Jaw

Updated on July 30, 2016
Fig. taken from Indian Wing Chun
Fig. taken from Indian Wing Chun | Source

Attack to Uppercut Aimed at Jaw

This is a very simple counter, easy to apply and exceedingly effective when applied smoothly and correctly. If you fail to obtain smooth movement your counter is bound to fail although it will enable. You to avoid the actual blow. As your opponent aims an uppercut at your jaw withdraw your hips away from him as far as is required actually to cause his fist to miss your stomach and jaw; if necessary take a short step back with your left foot to ensure that you do not get hit. Now as the blow passes by you harmlessly take a long smooth step in with your left foot, bringing up your left arm and catching his blow by blocking his forearm with your own left forearm but allowing and assisting its movement to continue upward.

Curve your body forward and push his arm on upwards and backwards in a circular movement to his rear and bring your right hand behind his arm and clasp your own left-hand with your right exactly the same way as.

Now continue the movement to his rear. Stepping past him as you do so with your right foot and you will find that his body will be bent back until the point is reached when you can either break his arm or throw him violent to the ground. It roust be noted that your opponent's arm is moved in a circular action to his rear. First it is taken upwards in continuation of his blow then it reaches its peak and continues backwards to the rear, finally moving downwards as you step in and curve your body. This circular movement must be maintained if your counter-attack is to be successful.

Wing Chun India


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