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Looking At Some MMA Promotions From Around The World

Updated on October 29, 2013

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world, with all types of people participating in it, which leads to more and more mixed martial art fighting promotions. There are so many mma promotions, that it is very hard to keep track of all of them.

What is a mixed martial art fighting promotion? A mma fighting promotion, is a company that handles and organizes sectioned mixed martial art events. The UFC (ultimate fighting championship) is the perfect example of a great mixed martial art promotion. Below are more great mma organizations, like the UFC. Take a look at some excellent mixed martial art fighting promotions.

Rampage VS Liddel


Elite Xtreme Combat

Elite XC, is a United states based Mixed Martial Arts Organization that promotes great mma boughts. From Los Angeles California, Elite XC was founded in December 14, 2006, and had their first major MMA Promotion on, February 10, 2007.

The first Elite XC MMA Promotional Event was in Southaven Mississippi, at the Desoto civic center, with Renzo Gracie VS. Ken shamrock in the headliner. You already know that about what

Elit XC Info

Showtime,Pro Elite
Wiliam Kelly


The UFC is very popular among fight fans, and there mma promotions can be viewed around the world. Some people say that the UFC houses a lot of the top ranked mixed martial art fighters around the world. There are 8 weight class with a champion in each class.

UFC got there start in Denver, and held there first ever mixed martial art promotion in 1993, witch was known around the world as the blood sport, do to the lack of rules, and no holds bard style matches. The UFC was the first MMA Promotion on the block and some say that the UFC started the sport of mixed martial arts. A fight Fan can view UFC mma fight promotions on cable TV,PPV, and also around the world, the UFC is a world wide recognized mixed martial art promotion, with a great reputation of hosting some of the best fights that ever took place in Mixed Martial art history.

UFC 147, Chale Sonnen VS Anderson Silva 2!

Who Will Be The Victor At UFC 147, Chale Sonnen VS Anderson Silva 2.

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Countries that love MMA

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The Bellator fighting championship is one of the most popular mixed martial arts promotion in the United States. Founded In 2008, and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Bellator is known for there tournament style bracket, in witch the mixed martial art competitors have to win and keep wining in order to fight for the Bellator Championship.

There are 8 fighters in there respected weight class, and the fighter who wins his fights moves onto the next round. The winner of the Bellator mma tournament earns a title shot, and gets a check for $100,000 dollars. Bellator is Known as a MMA Promotion “Where Title Shots Are Earned, Not Given.”

Bellator Info

Bjorn Rebney
Sam Caplan

International Fighting Championships

The International Fighting Championship is a very good mixed martial arts organization, that promotes great MMA events. The IFC has done great work with Athletic commissions around the united state in order to inform, and help legalize the sport. The IFC was founded by Howard Petschler, who started the organization in order to help Mixed Martial arts as a sport earn its creditability,and gain main stream media.


Some say that Strikeforce is the secound most poppular mixed martial art fighting promotion,under the most famous UFC promotion. CEO Scott coker joined forcess with Zuffa LLC, and call San Jose California home. StrikeForce was founded in 2009, and Fedor was there most famouse fighter.

Mixed Martial Art Fighting Promotions.Who And What Are They? A Look At The MMA Organizations That Run The Sport.

The mixed martial art mma fighting promotions that i speak of in this hub are excellent, and they are all great influences on the sport. MMA promotions try very hard to please fight fan and bring the best competitors to their venue. A MMA Promotion is more then just entertainment, they also inform the world of what I think is the greatest sport in the world.

Mixed Martial Art Promotions

  1. Strikeforce
  2. UFC
  3. Bellator
  4. IFC
  5. Elite XC


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