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NFL The No Fun and No Creativity League

Updated on August 13, 2009

I've always been more attracted to the NFL more than college football but it has always bothered me how college football is more fun and creative than the NFL. Ever since I can remember I've heard people giving me this crap that option plays WILL NOT work in the NFL but as soon as the Dolphins unleash the Wildcat its all anybody can talk about. So your trying to tell me that everybody can run some form of the Wildcat but an option run game won't work in the NFL? Yeah right, what the problem is, is that nobody has the guts to attempt it.

I'm a Lions fan and I've seen what happens when you try to force players into a system that they don't fit into, i've seen it happen with the West Coast offense and I saw it happen with the Tampa 2 that earned us an 0-16 season last year. But think about it, usually when a coach gets hired its because the team hasn't been good for a while and usually that means they don't have a good quarterback. Every year we have these system quarterbacks that set the world on fire in college but don't even get a chance in the NFL because they didn't play in a pro style offense, well why not run a college offense?

You pick up a good fast rookie quarterback that has played in the option his entire college career and I bet you give NFL defenses fits. People always say that the 3-4, Tampa 2, and 4-6 defenses were so feared because opposing offenses didn't see them that often so they didn't have as much practice against them. Well thats the same logic here, if your the only team running an option offense its going to be hard for the opposing defense to prepare for you. Not only that, if you have a winning season, your now an offensive genius and you've just revolutionized the NFL because every other team is going to try to copy your success but your defense will still have a leg up on the competition because they see the option offense every day in practice.

The lack of creativity really hits home with me because I'm a sports management major and one day hope to be an NFL coach. My offense of choice is the spread offense and the shotgun run game, but that's not all. I've got a hybrid of the two in my mind that will be a completely no huddle offense I call The Blitzkrieg.Its aggressive, its high powered, lots of scoring, its just plain fun for the offense and its different that's why I love it.

It drove me crazy to see Graham Harrell go undrafted because of his system quarterback label especially when a large part of what I've studied stems from that Texas Tech offense. I guarantee that I could have picked Harrell up in the seventh round, put him in my system and had every NFL team kicking themselves because they didn't give him a chance.

Of course I can't just be a little different though, I have to be completely different, my favorite defense is the Nickel 3-3-5. Thats with three defensive lineman, three linebackers, and unlike the normal three corners and two safeties I'm opting for two corners and three safeties. In my opinion it just gives you so much versatility, it can be blitz heavy which is how I intend it to be but it can also be conservative when it needs to be.

I hope that I get my chance to coach in the NFL one day, if not me, somebody who thinks along the same lines as I do. The NFL needs something different, they need people who aren't just going to follow what works, they need innovation. Trust me it will be better for the game, better for the players, and better for the fans.


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    • richbrown80 profile image

      richbrown80 8 years ago

      good hub bro, America is build on innovation, and so is the NFL, it just seems that teams don't innovate enough