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Hunting | Outdoor Gear | Sportsman Peeper John Urinal

Updated on June 24, 2015
Sportsman Peeper John Urinal from CCW Hunting and Game Calls
Sportsman Peeper John Urinal from CCW Hunting and Game Calls
Quickly mounts in sidewall of blind or structure
Quickly mounts in sidewall of blind or structure
Uses 3/4" PVC pipe to take urine to the ground
Uses 3/4" PVC pipe to take urine to the ground
Bury an upside down coffee can and run the pipe into a hole cut in the top to keep urine scent from scaring off deer.
Bury an upside down coffee can and run the pipe into a hole cut in the top to keep urine scent from scaring off deer.

A simple solution when the urge hits in the hunting blind

Yes that is correct we are talking about urinals designed for the outdoors. Like it or not guys, you know what happens when you drink a few cups of early morning Joe and hit the trail to the tree stand or blind. It is always so predictable wanting to drain out just when you get all comfy and ready for the big buck to show himself. And when you wee at the base of the tree, well don't complain to your wife when you come home not ever seeing a deer in sight.

This can be either a portable or semi-permanently mounted urinal for the outdoors! We aren’t talking stinky plastic jugs or cans to kick around and spill in the blind or carry home with you either. This urinal mounts through the sidewall of the blind or on a board in the tree stand and drains down through a ¾” PVC pipe underneath the ground.

The Sportsman Peeper John is easy to install, and use. No more holding off that delicious cup of Joe or drinking that bottle of water! No worry about chasing away deer because of your your urine scent! Keep your hunting space clean and odor free with The Sportsman Peeper John!

Easily connects to ¾” PVC pipe, comes with the first coupling. The Sportsman Peeper John Urinal quickly mounts in a 1-1/2” hole and secures with one Stainless Steel screw provided. The urinal comes with a plastic lid. The recommended installation utilizes ¾” PVC pipe (friction fitted) running down into a buried upside down plastic coffee or similar can. Having the can buried prevents the scent of urine from contaminating your hunt site.

You will need to provide a spray bottle to mix a ratio of one tablespoon of bleach to one gallon of water.

To use lift off the plastic lid, and when finished simply spray the bleach water mixture to disinfect for multiple users or to keep urine odors from developing in the blind.

Come on gals, you know that besides the practicality of this inexpensive gift that he will use, you just can't wait to see his facial expression when he opens his Christmas gift in front of all the family to see. He will probably just think it is an elk or moose bugle before the real meaning sets in and everyone else gets it way before him.

Purchase on line at Cottage Craft Works .com for only $12.95 quantity discounts are available.

CCW Hunting and Game Calls is a subsidiary of Cottage Craft Works, providing American made hunting gear and hunting products.


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    • profile image

      Scott Thompson 

      2 months ago

      The only problem I see is deer can smell about 6 ft under the surface so you got some digging to do .


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