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The Club Crash

Updated on November 28, 2009

Early Morning Crash

One of the hottest golfers in the world Crashes in the early morning hours. Why this happen remains in a cloud mystery. Most sources claim the reason for the crashing of the 2009 Escalade is a domestic quarrel. The cause of that domestic conflict centers around a snowballing rumor about an alleged affair between Tiger and model Rachel Uchitel. This information is presented by the famed National Enquirer. The Media keeps a spotlight on the entertainment figures who are hot. This is how the remain in business. Remember when Tiger Woods won his first green jacket? There was a person who made a derogatory statement, the statement made headlines. Only because people were curious about the statement Now they are making headlines claiming an alleged affair.

Now that the rumor has started they need to spice it up. What better way to do it. Tiger wife becomes an unwilling player. The stories claim Elin chases Tiger out of the house in the early morning hours with a golf club. Elin then smashes the window of the Escalde after as some sources claim "beating his azz". As the legendary Jerry Reed once said " When You hot you are ". At this Point Tiger is Smoking Its nothing more than entertainment. People are ready and willing to listen to rumors of an affair of famous couples. Then they can use them as an example when they make misjudgment. The story in my mind is nothing more than inflated gossip use to make so-called news and keep the masses distracted. Famous people should remember the same writers that praise you on the way up will demonize you when they think you've become larger than life. Here are some examples: Micheal Jordan, The Williams Sisters, Muhammad Ali, Garth Brooks. The names I mention sold millions of news paper and magazines. This is nothing new for the media.


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