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What Women think while watching Wrestling

Updated on March 21, 2015

Thoughts In General

Why don't they let Daniel Brian ever win? The crowds demands are what makes the stars. For example Mick Foley. He came out a heel but the crowd got behind him,and he became a star. I caught his comedy show and enjoyed it very much. I saw a flyer about it by chance, tickets were $30 but I felt like I got my moneys worth. He was funny and still was Mick Foley, (we are not worthy).

Why do they always come out with their hair all wet and dripping? Do they want the opponent to know they just took a shower since they get so close to each other. Do they try to end the match before their hair dries? I looked the question up on Google and saw that I was not the only one asking. The best answer was a picture of Hunter with his dry bleached blonde Rick Flair style hairdo. An even better one was of Dolph Ziggler with dry, frizzy hair. No more explanation needed. However it did make since when they said it looked better when exaggerating a hit by your hair flying around in response, and it gets rid of the 1980s glam rock look.

Randy Orton makes a better good-bad guy then a bad-good guy. People want to like him.

Do they give Paul Heyman the microphone when ever they need to stretch out for extra time?

When is Shamus coming back, and why did they stop calling him the Great White? Did people think it was racist?

Brock Lesner sure does much better when he pre-tapes his speaking parts.

Isn't Stephanie a little old to be wearing those shoes?

The Undertaker

I do not think that Taker was supposed to have lost his match with Brock Lesner, (you know you have say that like Heyman does). I think he was going to continue his streak giving his credibility to each superstar that lasts through a match with him. He would keep being one of the main events in Wrestlemania and stay the superstar he is. I think Brock did not respect him as a ring general and did what he wanted to do, and that was to hurt the Taker.

You can see during the match after being thrown down on his head repeatedly that his look changes. He spends the rest of the match just trying to get back up. The look on Paul and Brock's face was not acting, it was real. Not even Paul is that good of an actor, and Brock is not at all. They did not play Brock's music after he won, but they did play Taker's when he walked up the ramp. Because they already had it ready to play.

Everybody was stunned, including me. And I looked just like the people in the audience with my mouth opened and my hands on my head. We were not the only ones that did not know what to do. It looked as if Brock was giving Taker time to get up but still had to keep the match going. The referee had no other choice but to count to three when he did not kick out at two. Then he got the hell out of the ring. Brock looked around stunned to realize he just won, Heyman, always the opportunist, had a look on his face that changed as what just happened sunk in. And, nobody came to ring, to the Undertaker, to his defense, or have the respect to help him up and to the lockers. Or in that case, to the hospital. If he was going to give up his streak, it would be to retire, and since he is going to fight Bray Wyatt in April, he is not doing that. Just my thoughts, remember I said this was a woman's thoughts on it.

WWE Superstars

I like being part of the WWE Universe. When I first started watching wrestling it was Kevin, Kerry and David Von Eric, Bruiser Brody, and the Freebirds. Now I like Reigns, Bryan, Ziggler and yes, Cena. Of course my favorites are all three of Foley, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Warrior, and even Triple H, Gold dust, AJ and Wyatt. And I miss C M Punk. Back then there were old ladies in the audience, now there are Moms, Dads and kids.

Raw and Smackdown .

Don't you hate it when the audience in the back ground get so excited when they see themselves on the big screen. I understand the first time, but every time? And put the signs down after you have shown them 8 or 9 times already. I would have a sign that says "What Buzzards?" on one side, and on the other "Where is Taker?".

The shows were so much better when Triple H and Steph would come out to cheers and bow downs saying we are not worthy. We gave them respect and looked forward to our heroes getting even and a victory. Instead he replayed the already done, hate the boss who never looses, just like Vince did. We already fight with our own bosses in real life, it would be nice to see someone win over on the mean old boss man, since we can't.

I think the extra hour of RAW is made up of more commercials, not more airtime.

Why wont someone tell the guys that wear the little tights only that they should wear underwear underneath them to keep them from puckering up in their butt cracks?

Why did "The Game" shave his head?

Why don't they bring Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy back? We like characters.

Kane is more ugly without his mask.

These are the thoughts of what one woman thinks while watching wrestling.

More to come

As I have more thoughts about the shows and superstars, and if anybody reads this, I will continue to post my thoughts and feelings.


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