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We Still Don't Have a College Football Playoff Yet?

Updated on December 27, 2010

2010 And Still No College Football Playoff


The State of College Football


Why can't college football even consider on having a playoff forman? People have been talking about a playoff system now for the last 20 years or so. Like in 1990 when Georgia Tech and Colorado split the title. Or like some of the great teams of the 1990's Florida State, although they won the title in 1993 they were left out in other years but clearly had a argument on being one the best teams at the end of the year. College football only give the elite conferences a chance to win. The only non bcs has won a title is BYU who won the title in 1984 beating a 6-6 Michigan team in the Holiday Bowl. I can go on and on about teams getting left out of a chance to play for a national title. For instance, this year's BCS Title Game between Auburn and Oregon both teams have been screwed. The Ducks were left out of the 2001 BCS Title Game when Miami(FL) destroyed a Nebraska team that had lost its last regular season game to Colorado (62-36). Oregon finished the 2001 season #2 after destroying Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl 38-16. Also that year LSU won the SEC Championship and beat a one loss Illinois team in the Sugar Bowl 47-34. College football doesn't reward teams for getting better doing the season especially if you lose early, like in 2008 USC lost to Oregon State in week 3 in Corvallis and the next week Florida lost to Ole Miss in Gainesville. Both teams won the rest of there games but USC never got ahead of Florida as the Gators went on to win the title in 2008 beating Oklahoma 24-14. 2008 Texas is another team that has a serious gripe being left out of the Big 12 Title Game finishing in a three way tie with Oklahoma and Texas Tech. Auburn has the biggest gripe of all getting left out in 2004 after going 13-0 and beating a Virginia Tech team that really played 2004 BCS Champions USC tough in the season opener the game was much closer that it 24-13 ending. So let's all stand in agreement or send me a comment that college football needs a playoff. Forget what the so called experts my say that they don't want to see a playoff. Would you rather see some college football playoff bowl games or some long college football bowl season dragged out and only one bowl game really meaning something and that is the BCS Title Game. I sit and dream of a college football playoff it would be like the passing of the healthcare bill. College Football is the only sport that doesn't have a true playoff system to determine it champion and I don't want to hear that every week is a playoff game that is bull.  The only way we can have a playoff game situation every week is more and more bcs conference teams play each other in non conferences clashes through out the year.  That means every bcs conference will need to put at two or three bcs conference teams along with the elite non bcs conference teams as well too if you really want to crown a true national champion.


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