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Taloor (Houbara Bustard) Bird Hunting – Hobby of Arabian Sheikhs

Updated on February 27, 2012

Eagle in action


Taloor ((Houbara Bustard) ) is the name of bird found in desert of Sindh. Basically this bird migrated from Siberia in winter season and stop in desert of Sindh due to favorable climate and food. This bird is more or less look like a local chicken.

For the hunting of this bird UAE Sheikhs are coming to Pakistan Sindh desert through special charter flights of C130 and other planes on Kadanwari Airport specially built for this purpose although some private companies also using this air port for their charter flights.

In the middle of desert Sheikhs developed Zoo to secure nature of desert with out disturbing its natural shape. In this Zoo you can see different types of Deers, Rabbits, goats, ships, buffalos and Falcon’s. This is a very well planned zoo and fully barricaded with fence. The food for all animals produced in fields, these fields are the part of Zoo. The owner of this Zoo Shekh Salman also developed Gardens’ of dates and oranges. Uniqueness of these gardens is that you can see straight line of the trees in any angle. We have visited this zoo with my friends accompanied by Shaikh Salman. We drive for three hours in this area to see different views.

Sheikh entertains us with Rose tea and barriers locally grown. The barriers have very good taste and also good for man strength.


Base Camp

In middle of desert Sheikhs develped a base camp with most of the faclities avialbe in it. A buitifull mosque is built for prayer. Recreation hals and zoo for desert safary and for viewing natural animal life of deers.

Night sitting

Night relaxing setup

In base camp there is place with wood fire glowing during the night and around the fire comfortable sofas are placed. We served wit Gava with dates

With Eagle


There are 10 to 15 Eagles in base camp. I have also held an eagle on my hand with all safety protection. These eagles covered with tunix like horse while in hut and resting. For hunting this cover on eyes removed and eagle target the toolr in no time.


Zoo near by base camp

Sheikh Salman develped a Zoo on a huge area in which you can see hundred of Deers of different types, Rabbits.

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    • profile image

      malik 15 months ago

      pakistani goverment should ashamed for this act why they allow them to kill the innocent birds

    • profile image

      feroz 16 months ago

      Faraz is right.

      Atif we don't need friends at cost of our dignity and honor. They don't give us any cheaper oil or gas. This is only media stunt. Read Sartaj Aziz statements at time when we refused to help Saudis in Yemen War.

      They also go in india for your info please and what happens there is the same story as mentioned by Faraz.

    • profile image

      jan khan 2 years ago

      it shows how impotent people desparately depend on these poor birds to regain their strenght :O

    • profile image

      Tahir 3 years ago

      What's the food for taloor? i need to confirm, can any one reply

    • profile image

      inayat ur rehman 3 years ago

      I love to go on taloor hunting in southern region of KP..Although transit of taloor is rarae there,however some time we get a chance to shot taloor. In many cases we see taloor passing by alone or at maximum a pair.I wish to join shiekh sb for taloor hunting.......

    • profile image

      jalal pashtoon 3 years ago

      respected sir,

      we have conserved approximately more than 200 MARKHORES and some other kinds of species of animals in Baluchistan since 1993. and we don,t have more resources for protection, kindly you may visit and do something for these animals.

    • profile image

      malik mehar 3 years ago

      It is shameful for the govt of pakistan who is allowing sheikhs to kill the inocent bird who is at the stage of extinction.

    • profile image

      Adnan 3 years ago

      You and this Sheik should be ashamed of themselves for killing innocent birds and/or other animals. Imagine yourself being those birds and someone is hunting you.. Secondly, it is berries, not BARRIES. Moron!