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Sailboats for Sale - A Buyers Guide

Updated on October 30, 2014
Sailboat for sale
Sailboat for sale | Source

A Shopping Guide to Sailing Boats for Sale

A guide to shopping for your ideal sailing yacht plus a selection of various sailboats for sale tailored to your needs. From new dinghies with sails to various large used ocean vessels, see what you need to consider before you buy. These new selections here are some of the cheapest and lightest options available today.

I love the seaside, it's the sound of the ocean surf as it washes up against the shore and the salty smell of the ocean breeze coming in from afar. It reminds me of when I was young and my favorite days were spent by the seaside where white sailboats littered the horizon. I never dreamt that owning my own brand new, personal watercraft could be so affordable & convenient, but dreams can easily come true with the newest super lightweight offerings on the internet.

Starting at under $1000 that's pretty cheap, and at less than 100lbs I can almost pack one along for the next hike. What a great gift for a water lover with dreams of one day owning their own yacht.

Sailing Dinghy for Sale

One of the great features that I love of the Topaz Race X Sailing Dinghy which sets it apart from other models of similar size and cost is the presence of a Mylar mainsail, asymmetric spinnaker and Dacron jib.This model is over 12 feet in length and 4.75 ft wide. It is made of TRILAM Polyethylene and seats 1-2 persons.

How to Buy - Things to Consider When Buying

Buying a sailing boat can be a big investment, therefore deciding on which sailing vessel to get shouldn't be taken lightly.

First you need to decide on its main purpose, this will help you decide on your absolutely needed features and what options you can do without.

Will the main purpose be for :

-Sporting & racing

-Recreational and cruising

-Business or making money

-Travelling from one point to another

Now think of what you absolutely need, for instance a two-seater vessel would be unacceptable for accommodating a family of four.

The Tribute sailing vessel from Nauticraft is an impressive 13' in length, 54" wide two seater sail-craft, perfect for spending time on the water with a companion who shares your passions.This sail-craft features a Dotan kickup rudder system. This recreational vessel features a rotomolded polyethylene daggerboard and hull.

More Considerations Before Purchasing

-Budget : Slightly used boats often cost considerably less than their brand new counterparts.

-Weight : For instance there are super-light option that can be easily transported on the top of your vehicle or even compact enough to be carried by one person.

-Size : length of hull, width and general spaciousness

-Seating capacity

-Hull material

-Optional or additional features

New Boats for Sale

These new ocean vessels are fun & suitable for sport and recreation with others or solo. They are all considerably lightweight which makes traveling with them very convenient.

Topaz Dinghy Sailing Boat

Although not quite as light as the Aquaglide above, this is still one of the most lightweight models you will find - only 88lbs. Roomy enough for two and great for persons who are learning to sail for the first time.

Sailboats for Sale

Now that you have a clearer idea of what to look for, one major decision you must make is used vs new.

Cost will be a big factor in this decision.

New sailboats are more expensive however the upside is no worries about cost of repairs and inspections and maintenance costs should be generally lower initially.

Additionally new vessels have the added benefit of a manufacturer warranty.

Deciding on which new sailboat suits your needs is generally easier than deciding between used vessels. For tips on buying a used sailboat, see bottom video.

See the 2013 Aquaglide Multi Sport in Action

One of the most fun packed, versatile convenient and lightweight models available today.

The 2013 270 Aquaglide Multi Sport is aptly named.

This is one of the most versatile sailing vessels I have ever seen, not only is it a sailing boat, but it can convert into a kayak, towable or windsurfer.

This sailboat is extremely lightweight (a mere 60 lbs) and very compact - excellent for carrying in the car, on a plane trip, or even over your shoulder.

This is also one of the cheapest options you'll ever come across at under $800 for a brand new model.

Used Boats for sale

Below are various used sailing vessels that are available for purchasing for a limited time including :

2005 Beneteau 323

1997 Prout Manta Catamaran 39ft

1986 Island Packet 31 cruiser 34.4ft

1982 Jeanneau Sailboat 49ft

New & Used

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Buying it Used

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What Would you Look for in Your Ideal Sailing Yacht?

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