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10 Top Dog Sports: Having Fun With Your Dog

Updated on June 30, 2011
Ella is playing with her frisbee.
Ella is playing with her frisbee.

Most dogs are happiest when they are playing with you. Most dogs behave better when they are tired. Taking up one of the dog sports that suits your own interest and your dog's abilities can provide an outlet for your pup's energy and can become an important bonding exercise for you and your dog.

#1. Agility: an obstacle course that a dog runs through with your guidance. Your success is measured by your companion's speed and accuracy of the completion of each obstacle.

#2. Shutzhund: a discipline that is mostly of interest to owners of German Shepherds and Rottweilers. Each team of handler and a dog is scored in three parts: obedience, protection and tracking.

#3. Herding: a dog is scored on it's ability to control livestock.

#4. Rally-O: a obedience competition, where a dog and a handler work together earning points by completing pre-selected tasks such as backing up, heeling, staying, etc. all with a limited input from the handler and a swift response from the dog.

#5. Flyball: a group of dogs and handlers compete for a speedy retrieval of a ball by the furry companions.

#6. Frisbee Dog aka Disk Dog: handler is throwing a frisbee, dog is catching a frisbee!

#7. Dock Jumping: dogs jumping off of docks into water, striving for height and distance.

#8. Carting: large, working breed dogs pulling carts.

#9. Mushing: a group of dogs pulling a sled under the direction of a handler.

#10. Bikejoring: a discipline that evolved from mushing training into dogs pulling a bike.

These are just some of dog activities to consider to explore with your companion.


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