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5 Facts About Silver Medalist Lucy Davis

Updated on October 1, 2016

Lucy Davis Chats with Journalists


1. Lucy Davis - Growing up in California

This Los Angeleno in her twenties is the quintessential California girl with blonde hair pulled into a pony tail. Raised near the Pacific Ocean ,in the community of Brentwood, Davis attended a prestigious private high school and graduated from the West Coast Ivy League - Stanford University.

I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Olympian Lucy Davis at the Longines Masters Los Angeles. This year, the world class horse jumping event is located in Long Beach, next to the beach with views of the historic Queen Mary. Davis brought her horse Cassis with her to this elegant horse extravaganza.

With all American good looks, Davis started riding horses as soon as she could walk. Her grandfather Robert Barron Frieze and mother Kelly Davis inspired her at ride horses at a young age. "My grandfather worked in the racehorse industry as a jockey's agent until he was 75 years old," Davis shared with me, as we stood in the Prestige Village area inside the Long Beach Convention "Center.

Davis rode horses in Sullivan Canyon "between Brentwood and Pacific Palisades" during her school age years and before she went to college.

Before Stanford became a world class University, it was once a horse farm that produced champion racehorses. Davis excitedly packed up her possessions to move into the dorm and brought her horses with her to live in the Red Barn a.k.a "The Farm." She rode her horses in-between classes and joined Stanford's elite Equestrian team. The barn became her new "home away from home."

Lucy's Horses Travel First Class


2. Getting to Rio

Lucy Davis graduated from Stanford University in 2015. While attending the university, she rode almost everyday and skillfully reached new heights at multiple international equestrian competitions. She was one of the 10 Americans selected to participate in the trials for the 2016 U.S. Olympic show jumping team. Fortunately, Davis was not one of the five cut and went on to secure a silver medal in Rio.

As an Olympic rookie, she brought her newer horse Barron to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A little over three years ago, Davis bought Barron and named him after her grandfather, who inspired her to be a rider. Together they became champions. "Some horses get jet-lag, just like people, so we went a week early to rest up and prepare for our Olympic events," said Davis.

Longines Masters in Los Angeles


4. Majored in Architecture at Stanford University

Davis majored in Architecture with an emphasis on civil and environmental engineering. She is a science and numbers gal who also likes creative design and art history. She would go to the barn in the morning to care for and ride a couple of her horses, attend a couple classes, go back to the barn and then to her dorm at the end of the day. "I miss Stanford," said Davis. "It's a great University."

Lucy Davis' horse Cassis


4. Longines Masters

Coming off the high of the Olympics, Davis enthusiastically agreed to participate in the premier international equestrian event taking place in Long Beach on September 29 through Oct. 2. It's a chance for Californians and those from around the United States to see and cheer for Davis and her Team USA teammate Kent Farrington victories.

She left Barron at home in Belgium to rest after their victory, and brought another horse to the Longines Masters Los Angeles, Casis. Longines Masters is the number one show jumping competition in America. This year it arrives in Los Angeles first, then Paris in December 2016 and Hong Kong in 2017.

Each leg of the Longines Masters is a cultural and foodie event with activities designed to offer support to local and international charities.

Lucy Davis riding on the beach


5. After the Olympics for Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis lives and rides in Holland now with her horses Barron, Cassis, Nemo and Curtis. She moved there to work and train with Eric van derVieutens.

Davis and one her Stanford University friends and rider have created an app for your smart phone. "It will appeal to horse people looking for information about horse events and culture.

This talented blonde duo will unveil the app at the Longines Masters Los Angeles.

Davis will continue to compete with her horses and hopefully participate in the next Olympics with her horses.

This talented duo will unveil the app at the Longines Masters Los Angeles.

2016 Olympic Star Lucy Davis


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    • profile image

      teaches12345 14 months ago

      Thanks for sharing this interesting story on Davis. She must have inherited her love of the sport from her grandfather. It is always inspiring to hear how these champions focus on their goals.