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10 Great Amusement Park Rides and Attractions New in 2017

Updated on April 18, 2017

It is that time of year when the new amusement park rides and attractions are officially opened and are ready to be enjoyed. I have a list of 10 of the best new attractions and rides being unveiled this year so you won't miss out on these new rides when you plan your vacation this summer.

1. SeaWorld Orlando - Kraken

This is not a new ride exactly, but SeaWorld Orlando has updated this great coaster with a new virtual reality experience. When you put on virtual reality goggles and you will be immersed in the world of sea monsters through the power of virtual reality. This is a fun twist that makes the ride feel new but if virtual reality is not something you enjoy you can also ride without the goggles and enjoy the traditional coaster experience.

2. Disney California Adventure- Guardians of the Galaxy

Disney has reimagined the Tower of Terror into a new ride, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission-Breakout. Riders help Rocket Raccoon to rescue his fellow Guardians in this fun new ride experience. This experience fits in with several other updates based on Marvel characters and moves and is worth a visit this summer.

3. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Wonder Woman

This new ride, Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California looks like a must ride experience. Up to 40 riders sit on a large spinning disc that will then swing to a height of 147 feet and reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour. If this is half as much fun as it looks like then they might have a winner. This looks like it might be a don't eat before you ride experience.

4. Dollywood - Drop Line

Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee has added a new thrill ride for this season, the Drop Line. This is a 200 foot free fall tower that allows you the chance to take in the beautiful mountain scenery but only on the way up the drop is too fast for site seeing. This is a fun new addition to a great park.

5. OWA - Rollin' Thunder

This not just a new ride but a whole new park! OWA in Foley, Alabama on the Alabama coast will feature this coaster as a signature attraction. The Rollin Thunder is similar to the Thunderbolt (picture above) that reopened in Brooklyn back in 2014. This looks to be a great ride and a fun new park to enjoy this summer.

6. Casino Pier - Hydrus

After the super storm of Sandy devastated this area and we saw the sad image if a roller coaster being dragged out to see it is awesome to see Casino Pier back and Hydrus looks amazing. Seaside Heights, New Jersey looks like a must go destination for this summer. The new Hydrus coaster will drop its riders 72 feet into a vertical free fall at 97 degrees and at a speed of 45 miles per hour. During the free fall you will experience several inversions including a loop and a cutback. Looks like a jersey shore kind of summer!

7. Universal Orlando - Race Through New York

Universal in Orlando has added a 3-D virtual Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon ride experience and while the ride looks like fun its the wait time before the ride that makes it really unusual and worthy of our list. They have replaced the typical cattle call waiting line nightmare with an entertainment lounge with rag time entertainment and the hashtag panda from Fallon's Tonight Show routines. While you wait you can be entertained and they even added a charging station to the lounge. I might not even care about the ride and just enjoy the waiting!

8. Sea World San Diego - Ocean Explorer

Sea World in San Diego is unveiling its newest attraction, Ocean Explorer, a 3 acre multiple attraction creation. An underwater mini submarine ties the attractions and space together as riders enjoy an interactive digital display that explains the different species as you pass through the various aquariums. Sea World promises that you will come eye to eye with giant octopus, colorful jellyfish and huge spider crabs. Unless you are afraid of seas creatures this attraction is not a thrill seeker paradise but a nice new addition to the Sea World visit.

9. Walt Disney World - Pandora - The World of Avatar

This is yet just one more reason to head to Florida this year as Walt Disney World in Orlando is opening the new attraction Pandora - The World of Avatar. The visuals of this attraction look stunning and this "world" will actually feature two attractions to enjoy. The first is Avatar Flight of Passage where you soar through the mountain banshees. Then, second is Na'vi River Journey which is a family boat ride though the gorgeous bioluminescent forest. Again these are not exactly thrill seeker attractions but they are looking like something worth experiencing.

10. Kings Island - Mystic Timbers

King's Island in Mason, Ohio is debuting its 16th roller coaster this year and it is a huge wooden coaster that is 3,256 feet long that takes riders through ravines, up steep cliffs and across water as the ride was designed to encompass the natural land around the park. This ride has 16 different airtime moments and passes through a mysterious shed as well. King's Island is always a great visit for any roller coaster enthusiast and with another ride to add to the list this is roller coaster heaven.


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