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10 Luchadors Lucha Underground Should Sign

Updated on October 7, 2015

Now that Lucha Underground has been picked up for a season 2, we can all relax and focus on the future. Such as, who will be added to the roster this season. These are my Top 10 Luchadors I'd like to see in Lucha Underground this season.

10. Shynron

He made a name for himself in the Chikara promotion, and won the "Rey de Voladores" at King of Trios 2014. He's only been wrestling for 5 years, but he is the most innovative luchador I've ever seen.

9. Matt Sydal

A very talented wrestler, who is most remembered as Evan Bourne from WWE. But now he is "Reborn" as Matt Sydal. He's wrestled around the world, and is at the top of his game. Recently, he defeated Fenix at PWG's Battle of Los Angeles, so that could be a possible feud to start with. He never puts on a bad match, and he'll be able to keep up with the Lucha Underground Luchadors.

8. ACH

This ROH star is my favorite high flyer. He recently wrestled in AAA's Lucha Libre World Cup with Cage & Moose. This guy is so entertaining in the ring, and can do some amazing things. Put ACH with The Mack & Killshot, and you have the next Trios Champions.

7. La Sombra

This very charismatic, 3rd generation luchador recently got unmasked by Atlantis in CMLL's 82nd Anniversary Show. He's a very popular heel in CMLL, and has wrestled around the world. He's wrestled in NJPW against Jushin Thunder Liger, Kota Ibushi, and beat Shinsuke Nakamura for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship. He was the first Mexican to hold the IWGP IC Title.

6. Kota Ibushi

Amazing luchador/Puroresu wrestler. He's a really fast wrestler, who uses strikes & high flying moves. He's wrestled around the world, and with many independent stars. He'd be a great person to introduce some New Japan Pro Wrestling to Lucha Underground, and to rival The Bullet Club or La Sombra.

5. Psycho Clown

Three words: Creepy Clown Vignettes. There are so many interesting storylines you can do with this character. Maybe he can align himself with Dario Cueto, or even Vampiro. Also the eventual addition of Los Psycho Circus would be fun to see.

4. The Young Bucks

Combined The Rockers, The Hardys, with a little bit of DX & NWO, and you have THE YOUNG BUCKS! One of the most popular tag teams today. Bringing in The Bullet Club (with AJ Styles) to Lucha Underground would make them instant heels, and they play the villains well. They recently lost to Aerostar, Fenix, & Drago at Chikara's King of Trios 2015 What better way to come to LU for revenge.

3. AJ Styles

An experienced wrestler who has wrestled around the world, and will bring fans from ROH, NJPW, and TNA. He'd be a great character to put in as a heel with The Young Bucks. There are so many great stories you can tell with the Bullet Club invading LU. Also AJ Styles is one of the best wrestlers in the world today, and he just keeps getting better.

2. Myzteziz

You may know him as Mistico in CMLL, or The REAL Sin Cara from WWE. He is one of the most popular luchadors in Mexico today, and I think he's the best luchador out there. Bringing him to Lucha Underground would show the American audience that WWEs Sin Cara can't even lace up Myzteziz boots. He could be a great babyface to rival Pentagon Jr. or Mil Muertes.

1. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey is one of the most recognizable & popular luchadors today, and would bring a lot of American & Mexican fans to Lucha Underground. Rey Mysterio Jr. was a part of the WCW/ECW showcase of luchadors aka cruiserweights in America. He recently rejoined AAA, along with Alberto el Patron & Myzteziz, and they've been bringing a lot of attention to the promotion all year long. Rey is a natural babyface, and can provide great feuds with any of the evil luchadors in the Temple. If this happens, this would be Lucha Underground's biggest signing, and could be a possible game changer that LU needs.

Which luchador would you like to see in Lucha Underground this season?

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