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10 Most Memorable Quotes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Updated on April 23, 2015
Zlatan Ibrahimovic juggling the ball in PSG jersey.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic juggling the ball in PSG jersey. | Source

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a really unique footballer but above all else he is a character and without any doubts, he's one of the best strikers in the world. Just some players can match up with Ibrahimovic, such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Well, maybe also Edinson Cavani and Radamel Falcao...Anyway, Sweden national team captain has seen a lot in his career and there always have been a controversy around him. He loves to be in the middle of spotlights! As a result Ibrahimovic is a popular target for the press, he says what is on his mind and cares little for the consequences. Not many footballers bring so much interesting material for journalist. Ibrahimovic does that really often and he feels good about that. Attention surrounds him all the time... Everyone loves to quote Swedish striker, some of his quotes are really popular and memorable. I would like to show some of them to you. Here are some of the most memorable quotes from Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Quote #1

“It was the fault of David Trezeguet, who made me do one drink of vodka after another. I slept in the bathtub. Now I hold my vodka much better.”

Ibrahimovic rarely gets drunk, however after the Juventus title win in 2005 he was encouraged to enjoy a few Vodkas… He didn't felt well after such celebration with his older teammates. It's hard to imagine drunk Zlatan, but seems that sometimes such can happen. Especially, when there's a good reason for celebration!

Quote #2

“Guardiola was staring at me and I lost it. I thought ‘there is my enemy, scratching his bald head!’. I yelled to him: ‘You have no balls!’ and probably worse things than that. I added: ‘You are shitting yourself because of Jose Mourinho. You can go to hell!’. I was completely mad. I threw a box full of training gear across the room, it crashed to the floor and Pep said nothing, just put stuff back in the box. I’m not violent, but if I were Guardiola I would have been frightened.”

There aren’t too many players or manager in the game today that can find a criticism of Guardiola, Zlatan is an exception to that rule… He wasn't happy about his time in Spanish grand. He simply couldn't find the common language with Guardiola, that's why he left Barcelona really quickly.

Quote #3

“An injured Zlatan is a pretty serious thing for any team.”

It's hard to disagree with that. Ibrahimovic always takes the leading role in all teams he plays for. Injuries happens rarely, but still they can create a lot of headache for every manager.

Quote #4

“Then Guardiola started his philosopher thing. I was barely listening. Why would I? It was advanced bullshit about blood, sweat and tears, that kind of stuff.”

Barcelona once again... Ibrahimovic wasn't happy about long speeches of Josep Guardiola. It's easy with Zlatan - he don't like to speak about game, he loves to play and bring a lot of goals to his team.

Quote #5

“Come to my house and you’ll see if I’m gay… And bring your sister.”

Never joke or question Zlatan Ibrahimovic about his sexuality, especially if your a female reporter. That can turn into something serious. Zlatan can simply invite you to his house and prove that he knows how to love a woman... I'm sure he knows how. It's a really memorable quote from Ibra! Probably, one of the best he had.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Milan's jersey.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Milan's jersey. | Source

Quote #6

“Nothing, she already has the Zlatan.”

Ibrahimovic was asked what present he bought for his wife’s birthday. A typically confident response from Zlatan. Really, what could be the better present, then Swedish football superstar and idol of millions? Original present from Zlatan, isn't it so?

Quote #7


When he was asked by a reporter: “What kind of football does Zlatan Ibrahimovic play?” Ibrahimovic had the obvious answer. He never tried to be like someone, he always tried to be himself. Zlatan. That's the way everything goes for him. Zlatan-Style!

Quote #8

“Zlatan doesn’t do auditions.”

Arsene Wenger invited Ibrahimovic to trial to Arsenal in 2001, answer from Zlatan was simply stunning... It's hard to imagine someone else, who could reject the offer from Arsenal and Arsene Wenger at their prime... Arsenal was really a title contender back then, a leading club in England. But, probably just Ibrahimovic could do such way and reject such offer.

Quote #9

“Jose Mourinho is a big star…He’s cool. The first time he met [my wife] he whispered to her: ‘Helena, you have only one mission. Feed Zlatan, let him sleep, keep him happy!’ The guy says what he wants. I like him.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic loves Jose Mourinho, they both have controversial characters and they understand each other well. Here's the memorable quote about The Special One and his first meeting with Ibrahimovic's wife.

Quote #10

“I have played many games this season and now I feel tired, almost worn out. Seeing that at Milan there are two injured strikers, the situation is not very easy for me. I have to thank the Sweden coach who allowed me to rest a little bit this week.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic felt himself really tired in November 2010... That was just a beginning of the season, but Zlatan doesn't care about that at all. If he feels tired, he won't be silent about that.


Those were the top 10 of the most memorable quotes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He's still playing, now for Ligue 1 side PSG and I think there gonna be some extra quotes coming up in the next few seasons. He's still the Zlatan. He scores and he talks a lot about his career and about his future. Zlatan-style! We can only hope that Ibrahimovic will not retire early. He's one of the most interesting and talented footballers in the world and it would be sad to say farewell for such a great footballer. It's exciting to follow his career and performances, because age isn't a factor for him. Just look how he plays for PSG this season. He scores one goal after another and it's almost impossible to stop him. His talent is amazing, rare diamond of modern football. Keep goin, Zlatan!

Highlights of Swedish striker

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    • profile image


      5 years ago


    • kenyaentrepreneur profile image

      Daniel Long 

      5 years ago from All Over

      I love Zlatan!

    • pmarinov profile image

      Blogger at Best 

      6 years ago from Detroit MI

      Zlatan is scandalous but an awesome player!

      Great hub! voted up and interesting!

    • ultrasoccer profile image


      6 years ago from Ukraine

      Very scandalous legend:)

    • gios the martian profile image

      gios the martian 

      6 years ago

      Zlatan is a LEGEND!


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